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Live Blog – Junior Representatives Round 7 vs Manly Sea Eagles

The Junior Representative competitions continue their climbs towards the finals as we enter Round 7. For the Parramatta Eels, all three grades are locked in fierce competition for a Top 6 finish with the Harold Matthews and SG Ball eyeing a coveted Top 2 berth with just 3 games to play. The Tarsha Gale are on a bye this week while the Matts and Ball make the long journey to the Northern beaches to take on the Manly Sea Eagles. They are joined today by the Lisa Fiaola Development Squad and the U16s Development Squad who close out their programs with the road trip.

Its a warm day at 4 Pines and it’s going to get much warmer as the day progresses. To be fair, Manly’s venue is one of the better venues to watch and call from. I’m sitting in a stand that would normally cost me in the vicinity of $70 to enjoy on NRL match days and unlike last week I am getting shade and a proper seat from early in the morning.

Hopefully we get to follow on last nights two wins over the Silvertails with four victories today.


Lisa Fiaola Team List


1 Kayla Henderson
2 Aysha-Rain Peitersz
3 Tia Matthews
4 Mariah Fasavalu-Faamausili
20 La-teesha Maisema
6 Danielle Seckold
7 Aaliyah Soufan
8 Alaianne Toai-Alaimalo
9 Essence Alo
16 Odesza Toiai-Alaimalo
11 Fontayne Tufuga
12 Leyla Oueik
13 Ryvvr-Lee Alo
17 Keleya White
22 Mauimanuia Segi
10 Ciara Stockham
14 Ava Jones
18 Logan Lemusu
15 Waiara Ellis
5 Maddison Eaton
26 Losaline Sikahele


Match Updates

* Twenty Minute Thirds in this grade

First Third


What a first set from the Eels. The forwards rumble the ball to the Manly quarter in four tackles. The ball is then spread right an the fifth and back left on the last. Good second phase right on the line and it’s a huge overlap on the left side of the posts, Quick hands to Fontayne Tufuga for the try.

Conversion missed Eels lead 4 nil after barely two minutes.

Wow.Fontayne Tufuga  breaks the line around halfway and turns the ball back inside for Aaliyah Soufan who crosses under the posts

Conversion successful by Kayla Henderson

Eels 10 Manly nil no clock here and about five minutes gone.

The Sea Eagles have been hanging on grimly the last couple of minutes and meeting the Eels crash plays with physicality. But a quick play the ball about 15 metres out sees Danielle Seckold take off on her own from dummy half and she’s too fast, crossing about ten in from the right corner

Conversion unsuccessful

Eels 14 Manly nil

Alaianne Toai-Alaimalo and her twin sister Odesza Toiai-Alaimalo are causing all sorts of grief for Manly who just hold on against another Eels raid. They reply by getting to the last and drawing an Eels error from the kick. Scrum feed 40m out from Parra’s line. But this Parra team can also defend and a big tackle forces the ball loose on the quarter. Parra go down field, get to their kick, then get an early tackle error from Manly. Scrum on the 30m line. The ball is moved right off the scrum but it’s dropped as the hooter sounds for the end of the first 20 minute third

Eels 14 lead Manly nil

Second Third

Waiting patiently for the match officials here!!! Clock and scoreboard now working

Parra kick off. Both teams trade sets and Manly do well to hold out the Eels in a left side shift. It falls apart for them with a lost ball soon after and Parra have the scrum feed. A late offload from one of the Eels forwards has the Manly defence all at sea. Parra move the ball with quick hands from right of the posts towards the left corner and Tia Matthews scores. Conversion unsuccessful.

Eels 18 nil after about 6 minutes of this third.

Parra once more advance the ball through the middle after the kick off. This time they hit the right  wing with the shift. Seckold gets to dummy half and gets through for her second try.
Conversion unsuccessful

Eels 22 Manly nil  10 minutes gone

Parra get through the set and run it to ten out on the last. Manly drop the ball first tackle but now Parra return the favour a couple of plays later. The pressure is relieved.

My goodness there is some skill in this team. Even when the play breaks down they are at a different level to their opponents.

A superb offload from Ryvvr-Lee Alo in front of the posts and the play immediately swings left to Fontayne Tufuga who nabs her second try of the day.

Conversion unsuccessful

Eels 26 lead Manly nil with one minute till the break.

End of Second third sounds as the Eels pepper the line. Manly grab an intercept to shut it down and end the play.

Eels 26 lead Manly nil

Final Third

Ava Jones has impressed since her injection into the game. Parra are the first to add points seven minutes after the break. The ball is moved left and Tia Matthews accelerates through the Manly defence. Nobody can get near her as she sprints 50 metres to score under the posts. Try converted

Eels 32 Manly nil with eleven minutes remaining

Now that is something special. Parra get a penalty around halfway. A couple of tackles later Alaianne Toai-Alaimalo has split the line and in an angled run she out sprints the defence to score next to the posts. Converted by Logan Lemusu

Eels 38 Manly nil 8 minutes to go.

It’s all happening for our Eels here. The girls are stretching Manly towards both wings. Great hands now as the ball moves from left to right. The ball is in the hands of Mariah Fasavalu-Faamausili who pins her ears back and slices through from about 15 metres out. She improves the position to close to the posts and Logan Lemusu adds the extras.

Eels 44 Manly nil

Im still typing out the previous try as a pass finds Tia Matthews and she leaves the Manly defence in her wake in another 50 metre run to the line. Logan Lemusu adds the extras.

Eels 50 Manly nil. 4 minutes remaining.

Full time Parra win 50 nil

U16s Development Squad


1 Logan Tolar
2 Nathan Howlett
3 Connor Culnane
4 Daniel Loi Fagalima
5 Kingston Vaitusi
6 Kingston Cruz-Lake
7 Lachlan Gardener
8 Michael Fililava
9 Jesse Urqueza
10 Ryda Talagi ©
11 Sanjae Ulu-Kini
12 Fizz Latapu
13 Mac Orsini
14 Buster Hindmarsh/Raymond Maikhael
15 Semisi Malaugahu
16 Leviticus Funa-Luta
17 Jacob Khalil
18 Jeziah Tua’Au
19 Yusuf Khalil
20 Wesley Pakoti
21 Tailyn-Lake Davis
22 Nelson Moaga


Match Updates

First Half

Manly kicking off here. The teams trade sets and Manly get a piggy back penalty to extend their time in possession. They kick on the last and Connor Culnane fields it brilliantly and looks for the offload. The ball falls Manly’s way and they take full advantage scoring just left of the posts.

No conversions today

Manly 4 lead Eels nil. Six minutes gone.

Another penalty to Manly after the kick off and their half is carving Parra’s defence around the ruck. Is this the half that I noted in an earlier match at Kellyville? He splits Parra’s defence and finds the hooker in support for the try.

Manly 8 Eels nil

It’s a length of the field effort for Manly now. The Eels kick goes into the Manly corner. They catch it and the ball is offloaded to their centre. He pushes away from the Eels defenders and geez he’s got some wheels. Parra can’t get near him.

Manly 12 Eels nil. 16 minutes gone.

Manly lose the ball from the kick off but then Parra return the favour in their set.

Parra get a piggy back penalty this time, and not much is happening in the set in Manly’s red zone.

Sanjae Ulu-Kini gets to dummy half and thinks the opportunity is there beside the ruck. He takes off and crashes over the defender to score.

Manly 12 lead Eels 4. About ten minutes to go.

Manly get a repeat set and they are camped in Parra’s red zone. They hit the right edge of the ruck and their kick and captain can’t be contained as he plunges over for the try.

Manly 16 lead Eels 4  Four minutes remaining in the half

Half time

Second Half

Manly turn over possession for an incorrect play the ball in their red zone and Parra have an early shot in this half. My goodness they are defending well. Parra kick on the last but it rolls dead.

seven tackle set for Manly and it’s extended with a six again call. They run it on the last and it’s their half back again who gets over.

Manly 20 lead Eels 4

A big shift from Manly after the kick off. It’s with their left winger and he hits top gear on his own side of half way. I don’t think the Parra cover will get across and they can’t.

Manly 24 lead Eels 4. About 22 minutes remaining

Connection problems and I’ve lost plenty of match description here. Better cohesion in the Eels attack has seen them add two tries in the previous ten minutes. Nathan Howlett has scored on the right wing and Daniel Loi Fagalima crossed on the left side.

Buster Hindmarsh has had a couple of big moments in both defence and attack.

Manly 24 lead Eels 12

Parra have probably enjoyed their best passages of footy late in this game and they had the Sea Eagles under pressure for the last five minutes but couldn’t quite get an extra try.

Full time Manly 24 defeat Eels 12



Harold Matthews Team List


1 Corey Leigh
2 Dom Farrugia
3 Alma Taatage Seve
4 Lachlan Vella
5 Lorima Rokosuka
6 Junior Fagalele
7 Lorenzo Talataina
10 Jordan Uta
9 Zaidas Muagututi’a
8 Mikayel Tito
12 Anthony Abdow
11 Jezaiah Funa-Iuta
13 Tyson Sangalang
14 Lachlan Coinakis
15 Jack Nicholas
16 Junior Siale
17 Maison Ong
18 Brandon Navarro


Match Updates

First half

We’re only just on three minutes into this game and Parra are looking sharp. They’re on Manly’s ten metre line. The ball heads left and Corey Leigh finds Lorima Rokosuka with a great pass and the left winger improves the position.

conversion by Dom Farrugia successful

Eels lead 6 nil four minutes gone.

More pressure for Manly now as Parra are very quickly back in their red zone. But Parra are a bit too adventurous as Zaidas Muagututia attempts a pass from midfield dummy half to the wing and the ball bounces over the sideline.

Defence required now for Parra. They repel a Manly set in their quarter but now turn it over soon after. The Sea Eagles like their chances next to the ruck but make no headway. Their kick on the last is fielded comfortably in goal and it’s a seven tackle set coming for Parra.

Play advances to the Manly quarter and Jezaiah Funa-Iuta breaks free of defenders. Zaidas Muagututia looms in support and crosses under the posts.

Eels 12 lead Manly nil  17 minutes remaining first half.

Parra now earn a penalty in the kick off set.

Look out! Zaidas has taken off from dummy half and the defence can’t get a hold on him as he weaves 25 metres in an arcing run that takes him back under the posts.
Converted by Dom Farrugia

Eels 18 lead Manly nil. 14 minutes left in the first half.

Parramatta are making great inroads down the middle and Tyson Sangalang is leading the way in this set. The ball heads right but Parra have dropped it on the quarter. Manly’s left centre picks it up and he has some serious toe. Parra’s chasing defence can’t get there and he’s in under the posts.

Parra 18 lead Manly 6. 8 minutes left in the half.

More content lost with connection issues. My apologies. No addition to the scores going into half time.

Second Half

Big test of Manly’s defence coming up early here as Parra earn a penalty 30 metres out. Great hands from Rokosuka off a Leigh pass. A beautiful shot ball from Lachie Coinakis to Junior Siale and he’s over. No, it’s been ruled lost before the line. Manly have the ball but make an error almost I’m ediately. Another shot fired by Parra down Rokosuka’s wing but he’s been given minimal room and runs out right in the corner.

No change to the score, nearly ten gone in this half.

The ball is back with Parra just short of half way.They are looking for more joy down their left edge and Corey Leigh slices through around half way. Rokosuka looms in support and the Manly fullback is looking to cover both. Leigh sums that up quickly, throws the dummy and he’s off for the prize scoring next to the posts. Farrugia adds the extras.

Eels 24 lead Manly 6, 18 minutes remaining.

Parra are back in Manly’s quarter. They’re held up over the line and go again near the posts. There’s no holding Mikayel Tito up this time though as he plants the ball under the posts. It’s an easy conversion for Farrugia.

Eels 30 lead Manly 6 with about 14 minutes remaining.

Oh, now that’s a shame. Parra hoist a towering bomb from long range. Dom Farrugia flies through and leaps into the air to take the ball and score but the ref has called either him or another chaser offside. A spectacular moment denied there.

Things are getting a bit loose here as Parra get expansive but a little sloppy. A loose pass around half way is gathered in by Manly. They rapidly advance the ball into Parra’s quarter. Some good second phase footy is stretching Parra’s defence here. The ball comes right and the winger dives over in the corner. Conversion misses.

Eels 30 lead Manly 10 and there’ll be no time for the kick off.

Full time. Eels 30 defeat Manly 10


SG Ball Team List


1 Apa Twidle
2 Tuvaka Palu
3 Patrick Spence
4 Devonte Vaivela
5 Mohamed Alameddine
6 Ethan Sanders
7 Joshua Lynn
15 Lance Fualema
9 Matt Arthur
10 LeBron Tuala
11 Dom De Stradis
20 Raf De Stradis
13 Charlie Guymer (c)
14 William Lewis
16 Jack Burrows
19 Kobi Hurford
21 Sebastian Piukala
18 Samuel Squire


Match Updates

First Half

Parra kicking off. Manly get to the kick but it’s a shocker and they turn it over to Parra 45 metres out. Hang on the ref has found a Parra mistake and awarded a scrum feed to Manly. More possession now via a penalty. Manly are struggling for any attacking shape however and the lost ball doesn’t surprise. Parra win the scrum but it’s a simple lost ball in contact. Not a good start for either team.

That’s different from the Sea Eagles. The five eighth hits the line and slips a beautiful ball to a support running off his hip. They score ten in from the left corner and add the extras.

Manly 6 lead Eels nil seven minutes gone.

Big chance for Parra here. Manly have knocked on in goal from the kick off. A couple of tackles down the middle is followed by a shift right. Lynn feeds off to Spence close to the line. He’s tackled as he goes to plant the ball, but rolls his body to get it to ground.

Conversion from about 8 metres in from sideline misses.

Manly 6 lead Eels 4 about ten minutes gone

Sloppy play from Parra in the kick off set. They get into Manly’s half but lose possession. Manly hit their left soon after and break away. Their big winger is brought down just short and the Eels are struggling to get back. They go from dummy half and it’s too simple. The ball is down just inside the left post. Conversion just wide.

Manly 10 lead Eels 4. 22 minutes remaining.

Manly get a penalty in their kick off set as Parra flop in on the tackle. The play is just outside Parra’s 20. The ball hits the deck and the ref gives six again. Manly go left quickly but they’ve run an obstruction.

Eels respond with a good drive through the middle. The ball goes left now and we’re a metre short. It’s the last and it looks like Alameddine that’s taken the odds to a dart from dummy half but he’s caught short. Turn over.

Manly hoof the ball with the breeze at the back and it pays dividends as the Eels lose possession just outside their quarter. Very good defensive set here from the Eels and Lynn gets a leg to  the Manly kick then falls on the ball.

Twidle breaks downfield and should have been awarded six to go. They are forced to kick soon after. Manly winger and fullback have collided in trying to field the ball and Parra reclaim possession a few metres out. Arthur finds a charging Guymer who wriggles out of the Manly tackle over the line to force it.
Conversion successful from Sanders

Eels 10 Manly 10 about 14 minutes remaining first half.

Thats more like it. On the back of a near unstoppable Lance Fualema charge to halfway, Parra work play to the left edge. Arthur looks up and sees an opportunity on the blind. Vaivela is through the line and links with Alameddine who crosses in the corner.

Big conversion from Sanders

Eels 16 lead Manly 10

The tries are coming thick and fast now as Parra work play downfield on the back of a penalty. From ten out Sanders hits Charlie Guymer with a great short ball and he powers his way over about ten metres left of the posts.

Sanders adds the extras.

Eels 22 lead Manly 10. 6 minutes to the break

It’s on here now as the Eels are penalised for a lifting tackle and Manly surge in looking to go on with it. A couple of spectators now throw barbs at each other across the stand. It’s a colourful exchange but it’s now back to the play. Manly now have a play the ball without a dummy half so Arthur promptly claims it. Parra get a penalty a tackle later. More pressure for Manly’s goal line coming up but a pass from Twidle to Vaivela goes down and the hosts are off the hook.

Manly get to their kick and Palu fumbles it on the 20 metre line. Just under a minute left as the scrum packs. The Sea eagles manage to get through five tackles and put a high kick across the face of the posts as the siren sounds. Pat Spence flies across from left centre and takes a screamer of a catch to end the half.

Half time Eels 22 lead Manly 10

Theres a bit of talent hanging around the sideline at half time. Blaize Talagi and Richard Penisini passing the ball around and big Sam Tuivaiti looking on.

Second Half

Parra complete their first set with a high kick into Manly’s quarter. There’s a contest and Parra get the rebound. The quick scoop up and pass from Sanders to Vaivela let’s him do his magic as he beats a couple of defenders to ground the ball in the left corner.

Terrific conversion from Sanders

Eels 28 lead Manly 10 just two minutes gone.

Manly have a penalty and are ten out. Their attack takes a couple of wrong options and a loose pass goes over the sideline. Good composure in defence from Parra.

Well I’m not sure how Manly didn’t score just then just as I’m not sure how Parra didn’t clean up the play earlier. Manly open up a passage down the right wing and everybody seems to take air swings at the ball as it bounces into the in goal. Parra eventually take it dead.

Parra survive the next set on the line and get to their kick. Manly trying to get something happening from their 40 metres but turn it over on Parra’s 40 soon after. There must be something untoward about that red line or the number because Parra now lose it on Manly’s 40m line.

Manly again break down their right but Twidle is there in the last line. The last tackle kick from the home team is a good one and earns the drop out.

The most blatant obstruction play has just been ignored by the officials then a Parra hand gets six again for Manly. A crash ball to the centre is thrown forward and the touchie calls it.Parra survive.

Pat Spence breaks into open pastures and finds Sanders in support. His pass back to Spence is knocked down and an offside Sea Eagle falls on it, giving Parra a penalty. A quick tap here but the pass somehow winds up in the hands of a Sea Eagle. The game is having a real loss of quality here.

Correction. That’s a quality set from Parra. Arthur works a string of plays down the middle on either side of the ruck. A chip kick from Sanders into the quarter on the last is allowed to bounce by the Sea Eagles and it breaks right, avoiding two Manly defenders and eventually bouncing to Dom DeStradis who races in next to the posts. Conversion successful

Eels 34 Manly 10

Parra fail to complete the kick off set and not for the first time today tempers are flaring between the teams. Time out cools things down and a scrum is set.

Another loss of connection has lost my call of Manly’s try. It was a dive over from dummy half that came on the back of expansive play down both wings. The conversion was unsuccessful.

Eels 34 Manly 14 13 minutes to go.

As I catch up with that last try, the Sea Eagles get more joy down the wing, this time the left as they cross in the corner. Conversion again unsuccessful

Eels 34 Manly 18 Six minutes remaining

Parra’s kick off finds touch and they are back on the attack from a mid field scrum. Scrum play has them tackled just beside the posts. A wide pass finds Palu unmarked and he crosses for his second. Conversion unsuccessful

Eels 38 Manly 18 two minutes remaining.

Full time – Eels 38 defeat Manly 18


Once again my apologies for some gaps in the call with the connection issues

Eels forever!



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2 huge wins for the Lisa Fiola cup team, hope we see these players move up through the grades and eventually into the NRLW with the Eels. Can’t wait to keep up with all the updates, cheers Sixites.


Thanks Sixties.
Can I suggest you update from that old school valve technology your using for more reliability.
You can purchase products with microchips these days.
Just sayin’

John Eel

Just think of that. Radio valve’s in an IPhone.


Great to see some wins!
Hopefully, that winning feeling spreads throughout the club!


Appreciate the coverage too

John Eel

This is another great day for the juniors. Not wishing to go off early but the SG Ball side seems to have some serious grunt.

Electric Analysis

Who are they missing? Cody Parry. Blaze Talagi who has not played a single game. Richard Peinisni. Anyone else.


Well done to all and also to the 16’s dev squad; hope to see some come through next yr. Well done TCT and much appreciated for this.
It seems both teams need to ensure they concentrate and do the small things well and anything can happen for them this year. Some names to see in the future we hope.

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