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Live Blog – Jersey Flegg & NSW Cup Round 1 vs Canberra Raiders

Kind weather conditions here at Kellyville and a fast dry track. I’ll give my usual disclaimer of lacking Forty20’s live blogging skills.

Forty is covering the Junior Reps whilst I’ll do my best with Flegg and NSW Cup..

Jersey Flegg Team List


1 Arthur Miller-Stephen
2 Lene Feterika
3 Ned Hicks
4 Turoa Williams
5 Beau Newlands
6 Mac Puafisi
7 Riley Lack
8 Noah Reed
9 Nicholas Lenaz
10 Jontay Junior Betham Misa
11 Jock Brazel (c)
12 Max Topou
13 Brock Parker
14 Jacob Davis
15 William Latu
16 Nikau Wrathall
17 Larry Maugututia
18 Lachlan Mears Crabb


Jersey Flegg Updates

First Half

Eels kicking off running to the north. Early penalty to the Raiders and Parra have survived a scare with the Raiders winger dropping the ball in contact over the line. The Eels have now handed it back but the errors continue as they get taken out on the first tackle!

The errors have continued and a forward pass gives the Eels a scrum feed near half way. Puafisi puts in a kick on the last and Raiders knock on ten out. Scrum is set in front of the posts. There’s a shift to the right and Newlands gets the ball on the wing but looks covered. Here we go… the pack winger has stood up his opposite and sprinted to the corner, diving in for the Eels first. Conversion by Williams is missed.

Eels 4 Raiders nil 25 to go first half.

Parra surrender possession just in the Raiders half. They drive down the middle for a couple of plays then quickly hit the right edge. They bust the line and score ten metres to the right of the posts.

conversion successful

Raiders 6 Eels 4 19 to go first half

what a hit by Brazel. The Eels back rower has just cut a Raiders player in half but Parra miss building on that by giving away a penalty on the next play. The Raiders are on the Eels line with a six again call. The Raiders prop is on a crash play next to the posts but he’s dropped it in contact. Let off for our boys there.

Lenaz has kicked down the middle there but the Raiders fullback has it around their forty. He’s dropped it in contact and it’s a scrum to Parra. Parra get into the Raiders quarter and go for a shift from left wing to right but they’ve put it down. Scrum to Raiders on their quarter.

Theres tackle count confusion and the Raiders run it on the last thinking it’s the 4th then give away a penalty. Parra again get to the quarter and throw a loose pass and then compound it with a penalty. Raiders now deep in attack. Restart on the count. Parra’s defence line looks disorganised and the Raiders go to their right. The wingers beats the cover and crosses in the corner. Sloppy stuff in both attack and defence from the Eels in the last two minutes.

The kick from out wide hits the post

Raiders 10 Eels 4, 6 minutes till half time

Parra’s discipline has gone missing as they give away another penalty with a high shot in the kick off set. Raiders are 30 metres out now. Oh, there’s a bullet dodged as the Raiders lose possession..

Parra put up a kick to the corner and the Raiders winger just catches it before the flying Feterika can grab it.

Half time – Raiders 10 Eels 4

Second Half

Raiders kick off. Eels forwards work play powerfully into the Raiders half but a couple of rank awful passes turn the ball over. The Raiders are now even better in their carries and break the Eels defence up with shifts left and right. Their winger draws a penalty after Jontay Junior hits him up high and the Eels are up against it.
Look out, Feterika has intercepted the ball and he’s off. A great chase pulls him down on the 20. Parra are attacking and the Raiders knock the ball down at dummy half and are penalised. A couple of plays on the line and Jacob Davis dives over from dummy half. A relatively easy conversion is missed.

Raiders 10 Eels 8. 30 minutes remaining.

A great kick off set from Parra earns a penalty as the Raiders fail to handle the kick. Parra are pressing hard but it all comes to nothing as Hicks drops the pass.

Another solid set after points and the Eels are deep on the attack. Brazel is tackled on the line but somehow the Raiders intercept the dummy half pass. The Raiders are now tackled into touch on their quarter and Parra get another chance. Puafisi throws a cut out to Feterika who strolls over untouched on the left then improves the position for Turoa’s conversion.

Eels 14 Raiders 10 20 minutes to go

Parra throw a forward pass in the kick off set but then the Raiders lose possession a couple of tackles later. Parra complete their next set with a deep kick and the Raiders do the same. It’s a poor kick but Miller-Stephen attempts to dive catch the bouncing ball and knocks on. Raiders feed 15 out.

The Raiders throw a loose pass but the ref has found a high tackle penalty. Great defence from the Eels holds them out but a kick on the last into the in goal goes nearly uncontested and the Raiders chaser catches it and forces it despite the attempted tackle.

My goodness. The Raiders kicker has again struck the upright but this time from next to the posts.

Eels 14 Raiders 14 12 minutes to go.

The Raiders have lost the ball but won a penalty. They’re 25 out after the kick. Two Eels are down including Brazel who’s been taken from the field for a HIA. That’s his game done. The other player is still being treated. It’s Williams and he’s off.

The Raiders go right and the try looks on even before they execute. The Eels defence is all at sea and look like they get in each other’s way and the Raiders centre cuts back behind the slide to score.

Raiders 20 Eels 14   8 minutes to go.

Parra are imploding here and give away yet another high tackle penalty off the kick off set. The Raiders make easy ground and run it on the last. They look to have scored under the posts but the ref rules held up. Now it’s the Eels getting a penalty.

Parra get six again and then earn a line drop out.
Here we go, the first penalty for the new scrum rule. The Raiders knock on in attempting to regather the drop out. Parra get the scrum and are penalised for trapping the ball!!!!

Its both a stupid rule and a crazy penalty to give away. Mind you if we trapped it, it was only a momentary trap.
Parra have now been penalised again and the Raiders are taking the kick.

They miss and it’s a 20 metre drop.

of course, the Eels have just been penalised for another high shot on the first. The penalty count is getting away from them here.

And that’s full time. Raiders 20 Eels 14


NSW Cup Team List


1 Jordan Rankin
2 Joshuah Minhinnick
3 Samuel Loizou
4 Zac Cini
5 Matt Komolafe
6 Brendan Hands
7 Jake Arthur
18 Makahesi Makatoa
9 Jayden Yates
10 Ky Rodwell
11 Toni Mataele
19 Jirah Momoisea
13 Dan Keir
14 Mitch Rein
15 Tevita Taumoepenu
8 Ofahiki Ogden
12 Luca Moretti


NSW Cup Updates

First Half

A raft of changes to the Eels team here.

Parra kick off and the teams have traded completed sets now.

The Raiders break away and look like scoring but the Eels hold on. Parra work play into the Raiders quarter and Jake Arthur sets up an overlap on the left and Loizou feeds the last pass to Minhinnick for the first try. Rankin converts from the sideline with a kick that bounces off the upright.

Eels 6 Raiders 0   9 minutes gone.

What’s going on. The Eels knock on off the kick off and all officials miss it. They complete the set then the Raiders get a penalty in their next set. They then lose the ball in a Loizou tackle.

A couple more traded sets and it’s an arm wrestle. The Raiders might have a bit of an edge territorially.

The Eels are attacking and an offload from Ogden creates an opportunity to the left. There’s an overlap there for Minhinnick but the pass is just behind him and the ball goes down.

The Raiders turn it over on their next set then on the second play Ogden returns the favour. The Raiders break the line and Rankin makes the tackle on the quarter. Canberra break left immediately and Parra can’t scramble well enough. Croker to take the kick. He nails it from near the sideline.

Eels 6 Raiders 6  13 minutes left in the half

A brilliant late offload from Mataele and Yates backs up making 20 metres. Hands kicks on the last but it’s too heavy. The Raiders work downfield and get a restart as the Eels get a touch on the ball. It’s more pressure for Parra now as they tackle a runner not in possession in front of the posts. The Raiders decide to pass on an easy goal and drop the ball in the next play. Huge escape for us there.

The Raiders affect a one on one strip but are ruled to have knocked on. Parra advance the ball to the quarter but the chasers knock the ball on.

Another chance here after a Raiders forward pass in the next set. Rein on for Yates here. Mataele runs a  great line off Arthur and earns six again. A pin point Arthur kick forces a line drop out but Parra butcher their opportunity with very clunky attack and an error in the left corner.

Half time – Eels 6  Raiders 6 

Second Half

The Eels couldn’t have started this half any worse. They throw a forward pass from the kick off and from the scrum it’s a simple play to the left for the Raiders who score in the corner.

Conversion unsuccessful

Raiders 10 Eels 6   2 minutes gone second half

Parra penalised from the kick off set and then the Raiders get six again. Superb defence from the Eels and the Raiders knock on in attempting to catch the last tackle kick.

Massive 40/20 from the Raiders. Another great defensive set from Parra but the Raiders get a last tackle penalty. Fortunately for Parra they then drop the ball in contact ten out.

Big run from Mataele and he gets his arm free for the offload but there’s nobody ther. The Eels kick on the last through Rein and it rebounds for him to toe it through. Parra get the ball through a Raiders error soon after but Canberra hold on during an average Eels attacking set.

Penalty now to the Raiders as Ogden is put on report. Maybe a crusher there.

Neither team can gain any ascendancy here with a combination of errors and poor set finishes. Bit of a delay now as a Canberra player looks like he’s done a knee.

Parra in possession and Yates is back on. Parra’s attack is looking much sharper here and questions are being asked. Six again and Rankin is held up over the line back to the left and a strong carry from Moretti. Quick hands right now and Parra have them for numbers as Cini crosses.

Conversion unsuccessful

Eels 10 Raiders 10  with 9 minutes remaining.

Oh the ultimate footy sin here as Moretti loses the ball in contact in the kick off set. It’s lays the platform for the Raiders to quickly Reply with a try near the posts.

Raiders 16 Eels 10  six minutes to go.

It all comes to a scrappy end for Parra as they struggle to get out of their own end, make an error and then get Komolafe sin binned.

Full time Raiders 16 defeat Eels 10


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10 thoughts on “Live Blog – Jersey Flegg & NSW Cup Round 1 vs Canberra Raiders

    1. sixties Post author

      Probably should have won all three senior grades. Our own worst enemies n every game.

  1. Anonymous

    I watched the Flegg, in typical Brenno style, one out and bust the forwards limiting any opportunity for the backs!

    1. sixties Post author

      I don’t agree with that assessment. Two of the three tries were scored by the wingers and other opportunities were missed when the ball was dropped out wide. The reason for the loss came down to the unforced errors made.

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