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Jersey Flegg/NSW Cup Trial – Eels vs Panthers: Score Updates

Before today’s NRL trial, the Panthers and Eels are staging a trial between the lower grade players not required for the first grade match.

This blog will be mostly score updates. We don’t have team lists to work off but will do our best to identify players.

Parra kick off and the Panthers make error upon error to offer the Eels their first opportunity. The Parra dummy half scores and it’s converted by the 5/8, Dylan White.

Eels 6 nil after a couple of minutes.

A Parra pass is intercepted by the Panthers centre who runs 60 metres to score.

Eels 6 Panthers 6 after 8 minutes

Yates looks like he’s playing in this. He makes his presence felt by scoring next to the posts.
Try converted

Eels 12 Panthers 6 16 minutes gone

Panthers centre again scores and converted by their fullback.

Eels 12 Panthers 12 10 minutes till half time

Parra number 17 scores next to the posts. Converted.

Eels 18 Penrith 12 4 minutes till half time

Parra are over yet again when the winger crosses off a scrum.

Eels 24 Panthers 12. Half time.

Second Half

Nick Lenaz has scored after a 20 metre dart from dummy half. Converted

Eels 30 Penrith 12 Six minutes gone in the second half

Eels winger Chris Tupou scores in the corner and the conversion is a ripper from the sideline.

Eels 36 Penrith 12. 13 minutes gone.

Penrith #18 scores off what looks to be a forward pass and an earlier knock on. Converted.

Eels 36 Penrith 18  22 minutes remaining

Parra #23 scores beside the posts off a grubber kick. Converted.

Eels 42 Panthers 18 12 minutes remaining

Penrith have scored again via their #19. The pass looked dubious. Converted.

Eels 42 Penrith 24  Six minutes remaining

Parra have crossed for a try out wide. But wait, the officials have found a forward pass!!!

Full time  Eels 42 Panthers 24



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Loving these updates. Many thanks.

Brett Allen

Sorry, have to say it. Jake Arthur is not remotely close to NRL standard. Everything he does is just slow motion. There’s no vision, no discernible standout skill, low footy IQ, just a waste of a top 30 spot.


Just don’t get it. I know I continue to have verbal disagreements with sixties about Jake and I’m sure that he thinks I always give him a bad wrap but I’ve just never seen anything from him. He’s no rookie now and I expect a lot more.
Apparently he absolutely kills them at training and he does seem to be very enthusiastic but the NRL is an elite competition and Jake just hasn’t got it.
Anyway that’s my opinion and I’d be so happy to be proven wrong !


Sixties, he is coming into his third year with the top team, the rookie tag can’t be used too much longer. He is our back up half, if Moses goes down and that’s a bloody worry ! Also whilst I’ve heard that there may be a plan to keep him in reserves all year to hone his skill set (which I agree with absolutely), BA has consistently shown that he wants him as a utility reserve in the top side. Is there anyone else who could do the job or is the club just 100% invested in Jake ? Rankin… Read more »


Its been BA’s plan to have no one else to choose from other than his son. Even blind freddy can see that. It will be the same with the number 9 position in the next couple of years when his other boy comes into the mix.

Brett Allen

And if he was our 4th half, we could carry him, but he’s not. He’s our primary backup to Mitch & Dylan. Frankly, I saw more, much more from Sean Russell on the handful of occasions he got into first receiver. If either Mitch or Dylan went down, I’d rather we move Gutho to 6 and Russell to the back

Colin Good

When will Brad Arthur realise that young Jake is not for first grade ,I question Brads ability to recognise that Jake is not a half’s bootlace after watching him from early days ,quite embarrassing for many of us


The halves for parra in this trial are atrocious. Not taking control and just letting the forwards run aimlessly. Really disappointing stuff from Jake. Needs to aim up and control the team in the second half instead of merely shovelling it onto rankin or a forward

Also Ryan matterson is very lazy in defence. Let a try in and another line break plus throwing dumb offloads. Needs to be better after the fine/suspension debacle. (Anon, I’ve reworded your last sentence as it was a bit mixed up and a bit personal – Sixties)

Last edited 1 month ago by sixties
Brett Allen

The bright lights, Sean Russell was our best, Wiremu Greig definitely should be on the bench, Jayden Yates, Tony Mataele.
The low lights, the halves & Ogden.


Ogden, Doorey, momosea, Rodwell all hurt their chances in my opinion. Very uninspiring stuff.

Cini, wiremu, Yates, Russell and Mataele had a crack. Matto was better in second half but that first half from his was pathetic from a “seasoned first grader” who let his team down by electing to take a 3 week holiday.

Our direction from halves and defence around markers was piss weak. Too many players laying on ground because to lazy to get up and be a second marker.

Onto next week!

Last edited 1 month ago by Anonymous
Brett Allen

In fairness I thought Matto was trying to play that middle half role that has become fashionable in the first half, in the second half he concentrated on running and he was much more effective.


How did the #3 Samuel Louizou play?
I understand he is in our top 30 as well.


You know Samuel is a bit of a conundrum. He was a very very good junior but personally I just don’t see him making the step up. That’s not a bad thing as most don’t make it. Zac Cini was also the great white hope in the tigers system a few years back and consistently shows his wares but unlike Sam and others, can’t crack a top 30 deal which is really perplexing. Zac is better on his feet, faster and stronger than Sam. I can only trust that it may be something else holding Zac back that the club… Read more »

Brett Allen

I thought he was excellent in defence, but playing outside Rankin meant he got very little opportunity to show what he can do with ball in hand. But looks built to play NRL footy, strong frame, big shoulders. If he was a yearling you’d buy him. He just looks like an NRL player.


Legend! Thanks 🙂

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