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Live Blog – Jersey Flegg Round 22 vs South Sydney Rabbitohs

Round 22 closes out with the Jersey Flegg as the Eels host the Rabbitohs at Ringrose Park. There are plenty of young Eels looking to press their credentials for 2023 and beyond as the season starts to reach its end. Parramatta were able to grind out a 16-6 victory when these  two teams met back in Round 16 and will be looking to complete the season sweep today.

There have been a number of changes to the team announced early in the week with further late changes also likely.

Jersey Flegg Team List

1. Dantoray Lui
4 Cody Parry
3. Jabriel Kalache
2. Moala Graham-Taufa
5. Arthur Miller Stephen
6. Mac Puafisi
7. Ethan Sanders
8. Peter Taateo
9. Kruz Niutili-Schmidt
10. Jontay-Junior Betham-Misa
12 Ryan Jones
11 Felix Niutili-Schmidt
13. Brock Parker

14. Jacob Davis
15. Saxon Pryke
16. Larry Muagututia
17. Jack Colovatti

18. Markis Atoa
19 Nick Lenaz


First Half

Souths kick off.

A couple of traded sets to start.

Parra break free down their left. Miller-Stephen gets hit with a high tackle by the fullback and Parra get the penalty. A nice short ball to Taateo in the ensuing sets gets him over virtually untouched next to the posts.


Eels 6 Bunnies nil 5 gone

Disaster! The Eels drop the ball in an early tackle after the kick off and Souths are deep in attack.

A great defensive set and Parra get are rewarded with a 20m restart.

They use all seven tackles by running on the last. They shift right and Graham Moala Taufa beats his opposite to sprint 15 metres to the line and comes around under the posts.

Eels 12 Bunnies 0 10 gone

Parra get a penalty after the kick off and are again in the quarter. Mac Puafisi hits deep into the line before unloading in the tackle to Felix Niutili Schmidt who crosses.


Eels 16 Rabbits nil 14 gone

Souths kick off finds no man’s land and they get the ball. Parra again defend the set and are ready to launch

Puafisi opts for a chip kick on half way. That wasn’t the best option. Souths get back into Parra’s half then get another set via a Parra attempted strip. Souths next set goes awry and Parra get the play back into Souths quarter via bright enterprising play but it comes undone via a forward pass call.

What looks like an ordinary mid field bomb from Sanders is turned into gold as Moala Taufa taps the ball back and Cody Parry streaks away for the try.

conversion by Sanders successful

Eels 22 Souths nil 23 mins gone

Souths go for the short kick off again but Parra are ready. Kruz Niutili Schmidt breaks the line and gets close but the ball is lost.

What a tackle!

Moala-Taufa stops a certain Souths try by refusing to allow the player to get the ball down.  Terrific commitment!

The last ten minutes has been scrappy for both teams with far too many incomplete sets. The last twenty seconds was crazy stuff as each team lost the ball, and in turn each loss was followed by an immediate chancing of the hand with misplaced chip kicks. Ultimately the Eels were lucky not to concede a silly try.

Half time

Eels 22 Souths Nil

Second Half

Parra kick off.

Souths work a standard set and hoist a kick from 40 out. Lui is under it but loses control of the catch and Miller-Stephen can’t clean up. Souths swoop for their first try.

Conversion from near the posts misses!

Eels 22 Souths 4  3 mins gone.

Souths make great inroads from the kick off and launch an attacking kick on the last. Their winger catches it but is flung into touch by Miller-Stephen.

Parra have begun this half being a bit too passive in defence but they’ve earned possession on Souths 30 via a Bunnies error.

And it’s straight forward catch draw and pass here as Puafisi finds Moala Toufa who delivers to Parry who crosses untouched in the corner.

conversion unsuccessful

Eels 26 Souths 4 Ten minutes gone.

An Eels error near half way gifts Souths territory and possession and they make Parra pay, splitting them through Parra’s left edge and crossing for a converted try.

Eels 26 Souths 10 about 20 minutes remaining

Souths again on the attack and a nasty bounce avoids Lui and Souths scramble for possession before a second kick is reeled in by Puafisi.

Close shave for Parra. Souths crash over between the posts but drop the ball. And it’s now a 12 point turn around as Puafisi works the right with Felix N S who unleashed Moala Taufa who feigns passing right before getting an inside pass to Lui for the try.

Eels 32 Souths 10 15 minutes to go

A couple of errors from both teams in consecutive sets and now Parra have a scrum 15 out. Another error and it all breaks down.

Souths break down their right and a couple of missed tackles from Parra follow. Try time for Souths next to the posts.


Eels 32 Souths 16 about 8 minutes remaining

Sourhs go back to back opening the Eels up on the left edge before Lui makes the tackle. The ball is worked right in the last and a succession of passes has them crossing in the corner.

Eels 32 Souths 22. Five minutes remaining

Souths are chancing their hand and it’s paying off big time. An Eels knock down is followed by a penalty to Souths. They go for a big shift to the right and score in the corner.

Try time conversion unsuccessful

Eels 32 Souths 26  90 seconds left

Parra finally get possession and the clock winds down

Full time


Eels 32 Rabbitohs 26

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Thanks Sixties! There are some good boys in that squad.

Trouser Eel

Who would vote this comment and response down?


Wow, what a result – good win Sixties and co. Thank you for this. Where are we now on the ladder?? Who do we see as making the move up to Reggies?


What can you tell us about Tevita. He come off the bench in 20s last week but mainly been in NSW CUP. How old is he and is there much of an opinion on him from coaching staff? From my short viewing of him he looked to have potential in our NSW CUP squad of all the forwards.


Thanks mate. Yeah I think he’d be worth holding onto. Not sure his ceiling but might be a hand prospect.

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