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An Open Letter To Our Parramatta Eels

To Our Players And Staff,

Last night two quality football teams provided the rugby league world with 100% of themselves for 80 minutes. The result was one of the most enthralling finals matches on record – played over 1400km away from either club’s home ground.

Nothing more could be asked of any Eels player. The heartbreak was etched on your faces after the game and then concisely expressed by Brad Arthur in his post-match interview.

That Parramatta jersey that you wear is special to supporters. The front of it currently reads, “Thinking of you, playing for you Western Sydney”.

No truer words could have been selected for what we witnessed at such a distant venue. You gave your all for the Blue and Gold; you gave your all for the region you represent.

Your hits in defence were ferocious. Your charges into the Panthers wall, fearless. Your composure in a tight match, with tight calls rarely falling your way, incredible.

Know this – if the match had been played in a Western Sydney stadium, every single supporter in the sold out stands would have provided you with a standing ovation as you left the field.

There was an overflow of emotions from the Blue and Gold Army last night. We felt the pain and the anger of an undeserved loss, and we also felt the frustration of not being able to express our pride at the moment that you most needed to see and hear it.

Earlier this week, Paul Broughton had this to say about you:

“Parramatta Eels NRL team,Coach, families & staff during Final Series been resident where I live. All are considerate, respectful & courteous even considering the  stress of being away from the sanctity of home. It says much about this Sydney club & its respect for the games values”

Success for any organisation begins with the people within it. Such praise from a highly respected rugby league gentleman like Paul Broughton should fill all Eels supporters with pride, and instil confidence about our future.

There are times, rare times, when a team gives everything asked of them, when they’ve earned the victory but circumstances beyond their control prevent that from happening. Last night was such a time.

However, the desire, commitment and effort that was on display by everyone wearing that Parra jersey in Mackay will ultimately drive you closer to the premiership outcome that we all aspire to see. You have now announced that your best will match it with the best that any other club can deliver. When you look in the mirror, know that to be true.

This season finishes with mixed emotions. It should have continued for at least one more week, but already the fire for 2022 has been ignited. The silver lining is that we will be back in the stands to show our support.

The Parramatta Eels continue to grow as a team with this coaching staff and this group of players.

Last night might have been over a thousand kilometres away, but the hearts of your supporters have grown even fonder.

Eels forever!


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Old timer

Are there similarities between ash klein and atkins akin to butch cassidy and sundance kid !!!!


Good communication sixties


Well said sixties❤️


Well written Sixties. The team went toe-to-toe with the team that pundits had handed the premiership to months ago. They went toe-to-toe against a full spine, a spine consisting of halves who have been handed many origin jerseys and limited them to just 1 try. The forwards bashed and barged their way to a dominant performance. The backs followed suit making tough runs as well as driving their shoulder into tackles. Whilst there were incorrect calls they didn’t let that phase them and not once did any player drop their head after making an error. They got on with the… Read more »

John Eel

Great response Ham

Jpe Briffa

Well said my dear friend, stay safe

Scott Boyd

Two football teams played an amazing game last night. One team won but the other can hold their heads a little higher.

We didn’t lay down figuratively or literally and in doing so we did not bring the game into disrepute. I wonder if our opposition can say the same?

I do not have the same curiosity about the officials…

Stay strong Parra and most importantly, in the words of Ronald Burgundy, “stay classy”


Thankyou for this brilliant letter on behalf of Eels fans. I feel honoured to be a part of wonderful club.

Jpe Briffa

I’m very emotional reading it , I thought those bs days were over but no they are still alive and kicking

Mike Pez

Well said sixties, you’ve articulated beautifully what most Parra fans are thinking and feeling this morning.
A monumental effort by the lads on the park, they should all hold their heads up high.
Truly a match where the officials had far too much input into the result. I won’t say anything more, still seething about a lot of those calls last night.
Onward and bring on 2022!

Mike Pez

Well said sixties, you’ve articulated beautifully what most Parra fans are thinking and feeling this morning.
A monumental effort by the lads on the park, they should all hold their heads up high.
Truly a match where the officials had far too much input into the result. I won’t say anything more, still seething about a lot of those calls last night.
Onward and bring on 2022!


Well said sixties As a parramatta supporter for some 50 years I am feeling your pain for one of the gutsiest performances I have ever seen Anyone who can deny your performance needs to pull their heads out of their a*** grow up & stop the bitching about BA & all involved with this champion team I only hope we can retain this entire squad of players so we can give the title 1 hell of a shake next year Cheers to you all you did us all proud

Carmel Spiteri

Thank you for this letter. It certainly does relay what we the fans are feeling. We are bursting with pride as the result truly does not indicate the game. Thank you to every member of the Team from the players right through the coaching team and support staff and admin and membership teams. All your work is appreciated by each and every supporter. To the players and staff and families that are part of the COVID bubble we thank you for your commitment to bring us some joy in our life and this difficult time. The sacrifices you have made… Read more »


Well said Craig, I have never doubted your pride and loyalty and I think one of the real positives is that you personally can go forward knowing that your “never say die” attitude was most justified, confidence you have in BA and the players was more than vindicated. I could not demonstrate that same loyalty but I am happy that we can go forward as one and that through whatever happened in the last month goes a long way to ensuring our future loyalty to BA and our team. I believe a lot of lessons have been learned and BA… Read more »


Well said


I am gutted for the players and coaches but I am so proud. We will bounce back, we always do and when we do eventually win another premiership it is going to be one hell of a party. Thank you to everyone at our club from both the football department and off field for their effort last night and over the year. See you all next year back at the stadium. The blue and gold is a family and families stick together through thick and thin. They also speak up when they see something wrong or unjust. So here goes… Read more »


Great letter 60’s . So so proud of them

Colin Hussey

I have never been as pleased and proud of our players last night, they and the coach did not deserve that loss, especially with the way it was lost. I was also pleased and proud to see our Coach for the first time fired up and speak against the pathetic refereeing and their lack of standards and the way the Riff manipulated the game, illegally. The on field ref and the one in the bunker seem set against the eels and the old cry of We wuz robbed stands real. Annersely needs to really look into his refs and standards… Read more »

Colin Hussey

VT mate, & it still hurts though.

greg okladnikov

Agreed 100%…..a lot of bad calls when against us, the one bad call for them was the Fergo incident in my opinion – and a lot or ours were momentum and game changing ( eg – the Moses pullback )


Well said. No truer words could be said here. Incredibly proud to be a Parra supporter, we are used to hard times and we will prevail. That’s what being a Parramatta supporter is all about

Mr controversy aka rev

Well said my brother. I like most eels still feel robbed anger hatred upset by the tactics of the Penrith players n NRL officials. It was poor form. Tell me sixties how far can a player run before the advantage is taken away. I saw it last night when parra knocked on then a Penrith player ran about 15 before being pushed in to touch. They went back to play the knock on. On the ref really if he is the best the nrl have to offer then we are in a lot of trouble. I think we should have… Read more »

Mr controversy aka rev

I’m glad you picked up that also sixties about the nrl game’s for next week. Thought i was seeing thing’s lol

Mr controversy aka rev

I know this sounds stupid but can the NRL over turn a game if they think there official was poor


Well said sixties, and tks to all at TCT. First class info and passion.
Ive been banging on about our weakness in defending smart shifts out wide, I always thought ‘fix it and we become contenders’. Well that 17 had the problem covered and it’s been brewing over the past 5 weeks or so(I’ll spare you my theories on why). We now have a basis for real challenge, go the Eels!

John Eel

Sixties really well crafted letter.

Typically after a loss it takes me a couple of days to come to terms with it. Not today.

I agree with all that you said and feel that our players gave everything that they had. I felt so proud.

Walking around The Entrance this morning many people, not Eels supporters, pulled me up to tell me how we were robbed. I don’t feel bitter but I am disappointed for the players. They gave everything but it was taken out of their control.

Salty Pete

Well said Sixties. After last night’s game, I helped myself to a serving of humble pie. In the past, I have been critical of BA but no more. The resolve and determination that he has instilled in the team over the last month has been something to behold. To be honest, I never thought he or the team had it in them in the big games. I was wrong. What a gritty performance for the whole 80 mins. On recent performances they are capable of mixing it with the best. Although they finished lower on the ladder this year, we… Read more »

Salty Pete

Evolution is the word, Sixties. I feel BA has learned and evolved since last year and that has impacted on the team. The way he rotated the squad to keep them fresh. It would have been very interesting to see what would’ve happened if they had finished Top 4. There was always that criticism (of which I was guilty) of saying they couldn’t compete with the top 4 sides. Well, that has been well and truly been put to bed. As far as I am concerned BA has earned the right to keep at it. I can see nothing but… Read more »


Thanks Sixties and all of the team; good words.
I am still too upset to write much here. Yes we were v good and deserved more, but we did not win…hurts again.
Wished BA would have been more poignant abt the refs / bunker but this has been coming all yr.


Great work Sixties. 100% agree.


Congratulations to the Eels players and staff. The effort and desire was on show for all to see. I look forward to seeing this group play for years to come. Thank you.


Great article I’m so proud of the boys ! Blue gold forever

Brelogail St Boy

What a game ! What an effort ! What an undeserved result ! We are proud of you Eels.
That said, the game needs a sort out. In some ways it needs to revert to some things of the past. Penrith won last night by being the greater manipulators of things that are not meant to be a part of the game.
Go the Eels !!!
Deserved to be there Grand Final day.

Mr controversy aka rev

My personal message to everyone who work’s behind the scenes at TCT. Sixties, Shelley, 40/20 n the rest. Thank’s for a wonderful job of keeping us fan’s up to date with everything. Your knowledge of the greatest game of all show’s how passionate you all are about the game n our team. Also thank’s for putting up with the heat us fan’s gave you all during that 4 game losing run. It was nothing personal towards you guy’s n girl’s. On the team to the coach’s n sponsor’s please remember we are loyal n passionate about our team thru thick… Read more »




Thank you for encapsulating all the emotion and pride that we felt during and after that game. Even though the season has ended prematurely, I’m sure we will look back on the season fondly for some great performances and look ahead to next season with confidence that we can match it once again with the best in the NRL. Thank you TCT for the best fan content going around.

Ross Tito

Courageous effort men, I’d lost hope late in the season. But, you made me proud to be an Eels fan again. Can’t wait for next season

!0 Year Member

Bravo 👏👏👏. Super effort boys. You did the club and yourselves proud.

John Eel

I don’t want to get ahead of myself or go off early but it is a long time since I have seen a young player come into NRL and play so confidently and competently.

He is what 5 or 6 games into his NRL career and already he looks like he will be around for a long time to come.

Dylan Brown probably comes the closest

Colin Hussey

G’day John, who are looking at regarding the young player? I have had a lot of flack come my way when I stood up fo Haze Dunster, with a lot putting mud on him rather than giving him a fair go. He is not as big as Penisini but I really believe he pretty much came of age against the riff with his runs, after the first push back by a number of big riff players he started to dig his heels in and was not man handled as much after that, his run from his own end of the… Read more »

John Eel

Colin you are correct about Dunster. I think he will be on the right wing outside Penisini (the player I was referring to) in 2022.

He has improved out of sight since the start of the season. Your faith in Dunster is well placed. I think he will turn out to be a good club man for the Eels.

John Eel

Might have helped if I had put his name in.

Of course I am talking of Will Penisini.

This is the biggest faux par since I fell up the stairs carrying two glasses of wine 🍷


Ditto me JE. And I reckon that bloke down in Gerringong is nodding.

Colin Hussey

Hi John, I thought of Penisini at first but as Haze had played more games than Peni, and closer to the amount of games between the two of them reason I picked him. I would love to see the two of them playing alongside of each other, will it happen? Its probable but I think that Waqa being next to Haze in the centres, that may dampen the match up. Haze also needs to build his body a bit more for a regular NRL spot, but not at the expense of speed, which he should also try to improve. I… Read more »

John Eel

Colin I read an article recently on Craig Bellamy. The article listed every signing under the Bellamy reign.

It did not mention any of the players who went to the Storm as juniors and went through the Storm system. Players like Munster, Papenhuyzen, Brandon Smith and the like.

I was astounded that basically all were journeyman.

I have made comments here that we probably need to purchase at least one quality recruit for the outside backs. However if there are a few more hanging around like Will, maybe time will present the team we need.

Colin Hussey

Good post John and I agree with you on it. Bellamy really over the years has picked his players well, and when a list of the players are drawn up its fairly easy to see the number of players that are short term signings, there is competition between players for the spots, and not sure if its a process that will be surviving post the belly.

Lee Farrell

Beautifully said Sixties gonna frame it

Cath Towell

I’ve been a Parramatta supporter for my whole life. I was so proud of the way my team played on Saturday night never giving up. Hold your heads high you played awesome 💚😘



Last edited 1 year ago by sixties

Just found these articles on insta and it’s been a great read although the hurting remains. Just like to say that it’s really annoyed me over the past few months, how many fans turned on BA. Never makes excuses, never plays mind games with journos and has Parra competitive every year. You could tell that loss hurt however and I thought the long silences in the pressa was telling. He didn’t want to mention the refs but he knew it was totally unjust against his players. Hopefully they re-sign him cause when the drought breaks, I would love to see… Read more »

Hanna Melki

That was 1000000% from all our hearts as supporters of the great club. Prouder and more loyal than ever before in the past. As supporters members who sometimes thought when are the coaches, players and staff gonna show us that they have the passion acommitment and love for this club as as us fans do. Yet On saturday even though we lost the game , that passion that committment and that real LOVE for our great club was everywhere and shining through our players, our coaches, our staff, our fans, our legends even our haters. It was what our club… Read more »


It was a great game for a neutral for a eels fan it was painful I’m still cut.
I feel this year was our best chance of getting a premiership in terms if how we were tracking at the buissines end our premiership window is still slightly open but with cap space and player movement next year looms as this squads last chance.
I’m just hoping the uncertainty of the coach and the playing roster doesn’t derail the season.


If not Brad then make the call on who’s coming in early.
I’m still on the fence about BA as the best long-term option.


My thoughts post game immediately went to the words of The Great Man.
“Played Strong, Done Fine”.

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