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Crystal Ball – Top 8 Predictions: Season 2021

As you can probably tell, all we do at The Cumberland Throw is sit around and think about footy.

In the 2021 instalment of Crystal Ball, we’re going to once again try our hand at predicting this year’s Top 8 (in order) and the wooden spoon.

Each poster is also going to nominate a bolter (a team they think will go better than most expect) and a falter (a team they think will go worse than most expect) and their tip for the wooden spoon.

There’s only a few days left before Season 2021, so let the games begin.



Saturday night’s trial emphasised the talent, depth and confidence of the Panthers. The draw and their personnel will see them finish top of the table.


A brilliant backline, a tough pack and a premiership winning coach – sounds like a winning formula. They hit form late in 2020 and will go deep into 2021.


Top four will be the goal for the Eels, though their ability to overcome the loss of Michael Jennings remains a major question mark. At full strength, they’ll have more impact off the bench and cover for Mahoney. I’ll back them in.


They’ll miss Bateman and Cotric but the Raiders have the strike power to trouble all rivals. They are a lock in for top four for mine.


If your club was losing your dummy half, you’d try to recruit Harry Grant. The Storm didn’t have to lure Grant down to Melbourne, but the player departing is Cam Smith. They’ll adjust but it might take a bit of time.


The Titans have arguably recruited better than any other club for 2021. It seems impossible for them to not improve this season, and I’ve predicted a climb of three places. Conservative?


They still have more than their share of talent but the Roosters feel like a club on the wane. It’s a huge risk to enter the season without an established half. Will a new star emerge or will the mighty fall?


I have no confidence in predicting any placing for the Knights. They are  equally likely to go top 4 or miss the 8 altogether. The Mitchell Pearce saga doesn’t help.


Will there be a bolter this year? I don’t believe so. Forced to pick, the Tigers might go closer than most predict. I’m thinking 9th! 


It’s difficult to split the Cowboys or Manly here. The Cows always disappoint their supporters, and will probably do so again, even with a new coach. 


The Sharks could also qualify as a “falter” because I can see them struggling in 2021. That puts them in spoon territory. Morris doesn’t deserve the constant speculation about his job, and I see it taking its toll this year. 


1. Add Jai Arrow and Latrell Mitchell to the same team that went pretty close to making the Grand Final last year? Souths won’t just finish first, they’ll win it all.
2. Speaking of additions, I hear Victor Radley is a pretty good player, as is Sam Verills for when Jake Friend inevitably breaks down. People point out that the Roosters don’t have a halfback; well Kyle Flanagan could barely have been a worse fit for them in 2020, and they still did alright. A little bird told be that both Sam Walker and Suualii can both play
3. I thought they looked very good against the Eels last Saturday night, and don’t show a great deal of weakness. Their infant 6 and 7 know already each other’s game like an old married couple, and their left edge (Luai, Kikau, Crichton and To’o) is the best in the game
4. Bellamy with Munster, Paps, Harry Grant, 2 Brommiches and Hectic Cheese? I dare anyone to predict them finishing outside the Top 4.
5. Josh Hodgson returns, but John Bateman departs. I liked their chances better with the latter than the return of the former. With that said, Wighton, Williams and Sutton are on the rise and Ryan James is a really good get
6. Yes I think we will finish outside the Top 5. Our draw is tough and I anticipate we’ll be trying to build towards September (rather than be back to back March Premiers).
7. I’m buying up Titans stock, and I’m right into them. Won’t make a great deal of noise come Finals time but they are building.

Ps – Big Tino is a better player than David Fifita. Pass it on.

8. Harry Grant is a huge loss, but they have added some very much needed strikepower out wide. I think Luke Brooks might actually have someone to pass it to.
B. The Titans are the obvious choice for mine, they’ve had a terrific recruitment drive. Secondary shout out to the Tigers if they finally break through and make the Finals.
F. Shout out to the Eels obsessed Manly fans amongst us, but with an ailing Tommy T, no hooker and no AFB, 2021 ain’t going to look any better than 2020, folks.
S. Flip a coin between the Broncos and the Bulldogs; and by that I mean the Dragons.


1. Reckless optimism has never hurt me before. Also, anyone that doesn’t put the Eels here is a shameless coward. You heard me.
2. The Roosters, alongside the Storm, remain the gold standard in the NRL. Due respect should be paid to them in preseason rankings until otherwise observed.
3. As above. Even with the maybe-sort-of-possible-actual loss of Cameron Smith the Storm deserve to be here until results drag them down. Every year in the last half a decade has been ‘the season’ that they were going to slide and at this stage I would rather be pleasantly surprised about it happening rather than exasperated that it didn’t.
4. They ran unsustainably hot in 2020 on the back of some of the most lopsided possession rates you will ever see. Even so, they are still an outstanding roster though and worthy of a berth in the Top 4.
5. I am duly obliged by a social contract with a close friend who supports the Bunnies to keep South Sydney outside of the Top 4. Jokes asides, it looks like I might be the odd one out on TCT as I am also not as in love with the Rabbitohs as the general consensus. They have garnered some praise for making three straight preliminary finals but another perspective on that is that they have a similar mental block to conquer as the Eels in the postseason.
6. The Top 6 could shake out any number of ways, it just so happens that Canberra round this particular iteration out at 6th. Quality team and legitimate premiership contender. Would help them if Hodgson could stay healthy.
7. Spots 7 and 8 were the most difficult to fill as so much of the NRL seems to be mired in mediocrity currently. The Titans claim the highest available spot by virtue of a terrific finish to 2020 along with a strong recruitment drive. Equally, I wouldn’t be stunned if they normalised a little bit after their flurry to end last year but they deserve an optimistic outlook.
8. Newcastle scrape into the final spot in these projections but I put them here without any great conviction. A great team on paper but the Knights have failed to consistently produce at their hypothetical best for a number of years now.
B.   My Top 8 doesn’t feature any huge bolters. The Titans sneak up two spots from 2020 to break their finals drought so they could be in the running here. Continuing with the outrageous optimism though, the Eels winning the minor premiership and rolling deep into the finals has them pipping the Gold Coast as the biggest overall bolter.
F. A lack of bolters also sees a lack of sliders. Projected consistency in the Top 8 leaves little room for teams to drop significantly down the ladder. Hooray for trickle-down laddernomics I guess?
S. In a hugely competitive field I feel like it is always better to shoot for the best outcome rather than perhaps the most likely. Manly are an extremely top heavy roster that features some notoriously injury prone stars. Some rough luck in the health stakes will make 2021 seriously tough sledding.


1. Parra will step up and win the premiership in 2021. I expect our halves to reign supreme. We have more depth at 9 and with an outstanding and mobile forward pack.
2. What an amazing grand final this will prove to be. Parra vs Penrith, a local derby that will captivate Sydney and the rugby league world. Penrith will choke, no doubt.
3. The best roster in the game, but three years of falling at the last hurdle will happen again. Rabbits are timid and scared little creatures, just like their football team.
4. Older and slower, although they still have the best fullback in the game, other than the King of course.
5. I have been predicting their downfall for what seems like centuries and I hope it happens very soon. Very very soon.
6. Expecting better this year, and they surprise a few.
7. It’s now or never for the Knights. But just like Mitchell Pearce’s career it will probably be never.
8. The Titans improved last year and the buying spree will help.
B. Eels. We can definitely do some damage – to the opposition, not to the fans hopes and dreams this year.
F. Raiders. Last year was their chance. Ricky to be the first coach fired this year
S. Dragons. No hope, no skill, no game, no pride, no courage and the coach is a no too!



Round 1 has not even arrived, surely it is okay to still believe blindly in our Eels. A girl can dream, Go Parra!


I go into every year hoping the storm is over and the clear blue and gold skies arrive but I have a feeling that is wishful thinking.


They play no mistake football and that wins regular season games. Dream start with 6 games in the first 9 at home and I could easily see them finish on top in the regular season.


In some games they will destroy good teams on the scoreboard but can they play that flashy brilliant football in the middle of winter on a cold wet night? Don’t want to play them in a finals game but not top two regular season.


I rate the Raiders highly so why fifth? I think they will miss John Bateman immensely, especially his ability to hold together there edge defence and niggle the opposition in big games.


They have some out and out superstars, but with an untested half and an injury prone dummy halve it will be interesting how they go against the absolute top teams.


I could see them coming near the bottom with poor depth but if, a big IF, Tommy and Foran stay on the field enough they are a top 8 team. They will miss Fonua-Blake and his offloads.


Purely making up the numbers but with crowds back at the grounds Newcastle is a hard place to win at. Ponga and Pearce will win them enough games- just.


The Cowboys needed a change in coach and got it. They have the talent and a genuine home ground advantage back – toss up for me between Knights/ Cowboys for 8th. 


The Titans won’t come in bottom few but won’t make the finals. Winning, as they did late in the 2020 season against poor teams with no pressure is easy.  Fifita and Hass could not carry the Broncos to the finals just like Fifita and Tino won’t carry the Titans. 


Sadly, being away from home will get all too hard for the Warriors


1. There is a blade of grass separating the top six, and right now I’m backing the attacking power of Souths to take the minor premiership. When push comes to shove I think their pack is the weakest of the top six, but going around rather than through the opposition worked out just fine last season.
2. There’s just too much talent here, though their record against top teams last year was concerning. Some injury luck and Lachlan Lam kicking on will go a long way to fixing that, as will Victor Radley returning as the all important middle link man.
3. One day the Storm will fall, and a glorious day it shall be, but today is not that day. The only thing stopping Papenhuyzen and Munster from the top of the Dally M rankings will be the points they steal from each other.
4. I’m banking on big attacking improvements here as Mitch Moses gets healthy and Dylan Brown grows in his game. They have no excuses, the forwards will once again lay a rock solid foundation for the team.
5. I feel like I’ll regret not finding a spot for Canberra in the top four. My worry is that just like teams figured out Josh Hodgson, if defences solve Jack Wighton then there isn’t much strike power to back him up.
6. I’m backing that the possession numbers the Panthers enjoyed last season are unsustainable and they fall back to the pack a bit. Luai and Cleary will need some new tricks, and they won’t catch anybody by surprise this year.
7. After seeing how he adapted for Fogarty and Brimson leading the attack last year, I trust Justin Holbrook to build a good structure to get the most from Tino and Fifita, even if it is Mitch Rein and Ash Taylor leading them around.
8. Seeing what Todd Payten did when replacing a lame duck coach last year gives me a lot of faith he can do the same for the Cowboys. This is perhaps more a statement of how little faith I have in Manly, Cronulla, Newcastle, Wests and Nathan Brown, because backing the Cowboys defence to be even mediocre feels like burning money.
B. It all depends on Michael Morgan, but a new coach with new ideas should revitalise the Cowboys attack. The other side of the ball remains a big concern, but better use of Taumalolo and a healthy Morgan feeding elite finishers like Holmes, Feldt and Tabuai-Fidow should see the Cowboys snag a few upsets.
F. Des Hasler is bold to go into Season 2021 without a hooker on the Manly roster, and I think it will work out about as well as Chris Anderson’s “one marker” experiment. Tom Turbo is already out, the pack and bench have massive holes and even an innovation consultant won’t save them this year.
S. This feels like a year where the spoon team still wins 6 or 7 games, but I think the Dragons are the most likely team to anchor the ladder. Hook is a dinosaur, Ben Hunt tries too hard and Corey Norman doesn’t try enough. Without McInnes they’re relying on a lot of average forwards, fragile edge defence and Matt Dufty scoring more than he lets in.


1. Additions of Josh Mansour, Benji Marshall and Jai Arrow to strengthen their depth. Latrell Mitchell and Cody Walker already showing how lethal they are, and Adam Reynolds has a point to prove after only being offered a 1 year contract.
2. Again if Josh Hodgson can stay on the park the Raiders look a much better side. Ryan James bolsters an already handy bench for the Green Machine.
3. May not be as dominant as last few years but will do enough for a top 4 spot. The halves are a big question mark if the Roosters are to play the first week of October.

Still will be a powerhouse in this season’s competition. Opposition sides will have studied their games from last year so can’t see them going on the same run as 2020. Will they learn from 2020 Grand Final loss?


This is a tough one. Now with Harry Grant out for the first few weeks, will that mean Cameron Smith will come back for one more season? If no Smith, Storm wont be as dominant. With Smith, top 4.


Starting 13 is the same as 2020 bar a centre spot. Bench isn’t as strong as the other top 6 teams which is a bit of a concern.


Ended 2020 as one of the better teams. Their buying for 2021 has been the best in the competition. Wouldn’t surprise if they finish higher.


New Coach, a sprinkling of tried and tested players will see the Warriors have a much-improved season. And, if COVID allows, a return home will do them a world of good and repay the faith to the home fans.


The Titans are my pick for 2021 bolter. Great buying and a much-improved side at the back end of the 2021 season will see the Titans as a team to fear instead of thinking that its an easy 2 points.


I see the Sharks as the team to falter. Won’t make the 8 like last year and haven’t really bolstered their side. Aging star players and the rule changes which will only speed up the game, will see the Sharks fall behind.


This is a tough one as I have few teams in line for the spoon. I think the Dragons will be this years wooden spooners. Having lost their key player in Cameron McInnes to a season ending injury puts the final nail in what will be a long season for the Red V.



The reigning premiers are a well-drilled dominant side, hard to see that changing. The Storm have managed their Cameron Smith succession plan beautifully with Harry Grant and Brandon Smith both stellar options and will be the most dominant in season proper.


Won’t have it all their way like they did in 2020 and teams primed to play them, but they will be up there when it counts. Their spine is a year wiser with a forward pack that won’t go backwards. Depth has taken a hit.


My pick for the 2021 crown but will be required to navigate the middle of the season Origin selections. They have fantastic depth and with supercoach coming to the end of his reign at Redfern, they will throw everything at season 2021.


Another team with fantastic depth, the Raiders will continue to be the side you hate to play. Aggressive forwards and hard to break down defensively, but probably lack that little bit of X-factor the teams above them have. 


They’ll be fresher than season 2020 and expect Radley to add something back to their pack and attacking options. A rookie half won’t be their undoing but is the difference between them and the other top 4 teams.


Our middles are fantastic, our spine a year wiser. We have the pedigree to be a contender, and who’s to say we won’t be? We just have to be thereabouts when it matters. I feel however, we are short that little bit of spark and/or temperament when it matters, that the other top 4 teams have. Can we manufacture it internally within our current roster? 100% Will we? To be seen. We have a hard backend of the season; it will be challenging to stay up for consecutive weeks and then again in the Finals, but you have to beat the best to be the best.


I’m expecting a similar season from the Knights as they had to last year. The promise of some good things, but ultimately never kick up that extra gear. They probably sit where we sat about 2-3 years ago – capable of destroying the poorer teams, well-managed by the better teams. A favourable draw will help keep them challenging for a high spot throughout the year, but ultimately, they won’t pose a threat. 


The new addition to the top 8 for 2021. A lot to like about their back of season form in 2020, some shrewd recruitment will help them be even more competitive. They will be outclassed by the better teams, but they will make themselves damn hard to beat in the process and win plenty more admirers this season.


I have the Tigers finishing 9th which wouldn’t scream bolting to most league pundits, however, I think they’ll be a different type of team to play in 2021. Their middle is much stronger than it has been previously, and they’ve added some x-factor outside in James Roberts. If they can keep their best 17 on the park, they’ll be a nuisance side the way the Titans were for the back half of 2020. 


Not sure the Dragons will go worse than most people expect, plenty pundits out there have them as their spoon choice. However, for a team containing the talent it does, they should do better. Their depth is weaker, particularly in the forwards for 2020, and it’s hard to get excited by their trial form, given the way 2020 finished for them. I see them coming 15th and just avoiding the spoon. 


The Broncos squad is weaker than when they won the spoon last year. Their best attacking weapon out with an ACL for the first half of the season. I think their effort areas will improve but will prove to be the poorest team over a 25-round season. The jury is out on Kevin Walters, but he’ll get a kick out of proving doubters wrong if he can steer the Broncos away from another spoon. The Dragons will challenge them for this spot.


1. Souths have faced three preliminary losses in a row. They are a very awkward team and are hard to read. If they can maintain some sort of consistency throughout the season, they should be the ones holding the trophy come September.
2. They had a rough year in 2020 as they tried to deal with the loss of Cronk, and a failed experiment with a young Flanagan. Towards the back end of the season they looked old and tired. The back to back premierships took a lot out of them but I think they’ve now had a chance to reset and should be back to their best this season.
3. Despite looking considerably better once the mass injury toll hit, squads should be very very wary of the Raiders if they can maintain a full strength squad in 2021.
4. Penrith had everything going for them in 2020 but like our Eels in 01, they let the nerves get the best of them and fizzed out when it counted. I think they might struggle trying to build on the so called ‘guaranteed win’ they had last year.
5. Parramatta once again showed the soft underbelly that has held the club back since our return to Finals Football in 2017. Unless we can find a way to rectify the sheer panic that sets in when a ball bounces the wrong way, we could be in for a long year.
6. The Titans have recruited well and are well coached. Should build on what they showed last year. Have the potential to surprise a few teams come September.
7. Unfortunately for Knights fans, I don’t see them improving on their 7th position from 2020. There is too many cultural problems and egos at the club that I think are going to rear their ugly head throughout the season. Don’t be surprised if they miss the 8 entirely.
8. I think the Storm might struggle in season 2021 as they cope with the loss of Smith. Grant is a solid acquisition but I think it’s going to take them some time before they are back to their best. Overall, No Cam, No good.
B. I’m obviously quite dumb for selecting a bolter that won’t feature in Finals football but given how inept, fragile and broken they looked throughout 2020, the Broncos are almost certainties for improvement. I can see Walters guiding a squad led by a rejuvenated Pangai Jr to a team fighting for 8th.
F. I think the Panthers might struggle trying to build on the so called ‘guaranteed win’ they had last year.

As an aside, most Eels fans would agree that 2021 could see us finish first or outside the 8 entirely. We are just that kind of club at the moment (especially considering our squad is arguably weaker than last seasons).

S. The Dragons. Anthony Griffin and a bunch of old Broncos rejects. Need I say more?


How do you see it? Who will be closest? Who has absolutely no idea?

Give us your best efforts in the comments below. Person with the greatest accuracy wins absolutely nothing but bragging rights.

Get amongst it.


The Cumberland Throw.

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30 thoughts on “Crystal Ball – Top 8 Predictions: Season 2021

  1. Jeff Cooke

    For what it’s worth, here’s my top 8.


    Flop: Roosters
    Surprise: Tigers
    Spoon: Sharks

    Eels to win!

  2. Jimbob

    I’m sorry but the eels have had the dream draw over the past 2 years. We also lost our best back in Jennings who was pretty much our defensive coordinator out wide.

    I’m sorry but its 13th for my eels in 21.

  3. Paul

    lol, Love the PARRA bias and you ‘serious heads’, using your brain, get a grip! Parra all the way! 😉 😉

  4. Milo

    Ha, this is always tough and this year even tougher.
    Gold Coast

    Bolter- Wests
    Falter – Pennies may struggle with their hype, also C’Bury too. Certain media journos seem to be talking them up…seems to be mates in the media again.
    Spoon – Cronulla, think the talk around coach etc. may hinder them.

  5. BDon

    Souths, Storm, Roosters, Penrith, Eels, Raiders, Titans, Knights.

    For us to jump into top 4 we ve just got to be tighter over 80 minutes every week. Defence out wide, lazy moments, and compounding errors. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but we seem to put bullets into our own foot. Maybe ask Cooper Cronk, he doesn’t mind sharing.

      1. BDon

        The little things you notice. In the Penrith trial RCG worked really hard at the 1%ers. I’d say his mind, body, (incl weight )is back at Origin level. We need this across the team. I still notice blokes slow back into the D line. To me, Christian Welch leads the Storm pack, his attention to 1%ers is faultless… what am I saying? Keep it up RCG, others will follow.

  6. Colin Hussey

    Ok! I’m a bit of a chicken in tipping, as I am not sure how the eels will go, some insight may be there more after our mules game, and how the team handles the new rules along with the usual refs assault.

    I understand the NRL will review the new rules at round 6, from any changes may be a help.

    I pretty much see the same teams in the 8 at years end though, maybe in a different order though.

  7. Zero58

    Well, Mr Sixties, I got six right out of eight last year. Brisbane and Manly were in my top eight. Yes I am boasting.

    This year it’s easier to find dentify which team won’t make it.
    West Tigera
    Saint George

    Top four.


    Then very close to Newcastle will be.

    South look the rightful.early favorites.
    Penrith might suffer from the bulletproof syndrome. Should they experience I juries in their spine it’s new ball game.
    Raiders can be seasonally hot and cold
    Parra – my worry is your worry – good bench but, should injuries strike then the depth is not deep enough.
    Storm – a very good and clinical team. Why – Cam Smith. I am sick to death of hearing about him but, on the field he is unsurpassed as a marshalling general. They will miss him in this area plus his unspoken influence of the referees. Very good team but, no Smith is a downer.
    Easts also a very good team but, not quite the same without Cronk. Also a field general. Their slide will be very slow but, predictable. I think too many old players. Will miss Cordiner.
    Titans look the goods but, I think they don’t quite have the quality of the teams above them. Will cause some problems.
    Newcastle – well you have to pick them because they have tried hard to put a good team on the paddock. Good set of forwards but the team as a whole are just not right.
    Warriors – new coach big big pack and energetic backs. I think they could edge Newcastle out but it’s the travelling that must suck a bit of life out of them. Tigers are pretty close as well but just not quite there.

    The rat speak for themselves.
    Are the broncos the sleeping giant. The answer follows the next question. Is Walters a good coach?

    Wooden spoon ……. possibly St George

    That’s mine Mr Sixties and friends. .

    1. sixties

      I think we’ve ended up with fairly similar predictions Zero. I honestly don’t believe there will be too many surprises.

  8. Jim

    Top 8


    Bolter. Titans
    Flop. Roosters
    Spoon. Dragons

    1. sixties

      There are a few getting on board with the Tigers like you Jim. At the end of lasrpt year, with Aloiai leaving, and no Harry Grant, things were looking grim. They seem to have turned that around.

  9. Adrian Hawkins (hawkoseel

    Looking at many ladder options and discussions and also looking at the movements preseason, I see it going this way.

    Tigers (who sneak in on last game over Cows)

    Surprise – Titans – its not just about tge team but the coach Holbrook is a great coach

    Flop – Manly – too many liabilities. Fortress Brookvale will still be a tough game for travelling teams, but they will lose more at home than they win

    Spoon – St George – Corey Norman is one but major issue for that club and Hooks ability to bring a team together is poor

    Grand final Eels vs Rabbits – Both the two biggest supported clubs in the game now, not just Sydney, will finally crack the prelim curse and reach the big one. EELS victors by 10.

    On a side note re- Eels prediction, the way I see it, this is the year for them to take it all. The team has been together a few years now and is very stable. If they take it out this year, those without contracts will be resigned and the team will make another push next year. If we dont achieve it, our beloved EELS will go on another rebuild over the next 5 years. I hate saying it but its there in front of us. We now have depth in all positions, if we cant maximise it, then we need change.

    1. sixties

      I have to agree that we are well and truly in a window Hawko. (Must compliment you on your surname mate). My concern is having two open top 30 spots with Jenko also filling a spot, which means effectively three empty positions in the top 30.

      1. Adrian Hawkins (hawkoseel

        Yeah I agree, but there is still that small chance Staggs on the radar. Outside of that theres not much pickings and we will need to dig deep into the reserves the find a gem. And thank you on the last name 😉

  10. Anonymous

    Sitting on fence a bit , definitely us in 8 but factors are in play for me , actually doubtful about my initial ladder predictions, roster of 28 equates to 26 with jenko gone and maybe hughes so thats 26 . 1 of them penisi long way off ,the recruits , cartwright and papalili yep maybe opacic but rest just fillers , thats a squad with a few holes for mine , i thought we were at 2 forwards short before panthers trial but after watching flegg and c cup TRAMPLED by thier packs its worse , no good bringing up good young backs if we dont have the pigs to protect them , NOT HAPPY JAN !!!

    1. Anonymous

      I will add to that , from what ive seen of flegg and cc only hollis and manufuka seem nrl quality hopefuls and theres always a smokey around but theres very little chasing them , then theres S,G,BALL , that cupboard looks empty and MATTS pretty average as well ,concerned !!!!

      1. Colin Hussey

        The primary area that affects the lower grades as far as concerns are, is the aspect of the players not having games last year, same though with all clubs, except perhaps those who played in local matches.

        Those in the NSW cup side this year will gain experience a lot more than last years muck ups, it showed up against the NRL squad in many ways also with most clubs being tightwads when it came to bringing in new players through the year, we pretty much had the same line up for most of the year with only Dunster getting his first top line run and Smith on an odd occasion.

        1. Big roy

          All due respects col but this about the paddock being empty of cattle , theres no one with any chance of nrl in sg ball and matts pretty much same , flegg might have a smokey , main chances are hollis , russel , louizio and arthur then we are really empty especially in forwards , very very bare , so we buy cheap at top and juniors in distress , big big concerns , then we have rankin ,, oldfield , smith to go next year with limited prospects to fill them , we cant fill roster now with only 26 effective players ????

  11. Jim Muir

    The trouble with crystal balls is that they are fragile objects and when banged together in a room full of tipsters tend to shatter into a thousand pieces – about the same number of twists and turns we can expect from another exciting season of NRL. One thing for sure though Parra fans have PLENTY to be excited about for the new season. We’re here for the long game so bring it on!

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