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It’s TCT’s Fifth Birthday!


Go TCT, it’s your birthday….

Hard to believe, but today is indeed our 5th birthday.

On December 24, 2015, The Cumberland Throw was launched. Though we knew the website would offer a point of difference, there was obviously a nervous excitement on that day as we officially announced our birth to the rugby league world and the Eels community.

The site content was in place. We’d been writing posts and filming interviews with both Peter Wynn and Bob O’Reilly during the previous two months which meant that we had a grand total of five posts and all four parts of Wally’s interview ready to go on that first day.

Five years down the track, and nearly two million site visits later, we have remained true to our original commitment to create a website which was unapologetically passionate about the Parramatta Eels, whilst retaining authenticity through valid criticism.

There’s never been any intent to compete with Eels forums or Facebook sites, despite rumours to the contrary. TCT is more akin to an online magazine with its established authors and regular features.

Looking back, it’s been quite a ride.

There couldn’t have been a more challenging season for us to cover in our first year. The salary cap breaches of 2016, an administration in chaos, and the disappointment of missing out on finals football due to the Premiership points penalty all tested the will of most Eels supporters.

Brad Arthur

The upside that year was a team that battled against injuries, the loss of players, and the incessant media attacks. Brad Arthur announced himself as the man to lead the club to better times as he stood tall against the media, energised his battered team on a weekly basis, and declared himself Parra to the core.

Bernie Gurr’s arrival in 2017 was an inspired appointment for the Eels. Under his administration, the off field fortunes of the Eels began to turn. After being the bad boys of the NRL salary cap, Parramatta became the benchmark operation.

Crucially, the new Eels CEO reaffirmed that the Eels would commit to being a development club. And Bernie himself walked the walk. From junior rep matches at Cabramatta, lower grades at Ringrose Park, to the big stadiums of the NRL, he’d be there.

The 2018 season was, as it transpired, a horrible anomaly. But there was no escaping the substandard performances in a number of games.  Still, the Eels demonstrated the newfound strength and professionalism of its administration by conducting a thorough independent review of its football operation.

Mitch Moses scores that try at Bankwest – image courtesy Fox Sports

Vindication of the review was found with the 5th placed finish in 2019. And what a season of highlights we witnessed at the magnificent Bankwest Stadium, bookended by the spectacular opening match against the Tigers and the record-breaking finals win over the Broncos.

Finally, in the year just gone, it was a 3rd place regular rounds finish in a strange COVID world. The disappointment of bowing out in consecutive losses cannot be allowed to overshadow the direction that the Eels are heading.

Typically, we approach 2021 with the excitement of most new seasons, but there is a strong basis to the optimism. Should this Eels roster remain healthy, it has the capacity to replicate its top four finish of 2020. Furthermore, corporate partnerships are flourishing, the development of Kellyville HQ is progressing and the team plays out of the best football stadium in Australia. Bring it on.

There you have the quickest of historical recaps in the young life of TCT. What are your highlights from the last five years, or your hopes for the season ahead?

For now, on behalf of everyone at The Cumberland Throw, I extend our thanks to you, our readers, for your continued support. Your visits, replies, and opinions contribute to the quality of TCT content.

A special mention must be made about our loyal sponsors Starr Partners – Auburn and Narellan, and Easily Green Energy Solutions. These organisations love the Eels and we are proud to say that they stand in partnership with the Cumberland Throw. 

To everyone, we wish you and your families a safe and Merry Christmas, and of course a Parra Premiership for the New Year.

Eels forever!


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Colin Hussey

Sixties, not sure how many years now since I have been a TCT contributor, but its been a good ride overall. So as its a birthday, the congrats are deserved as its been good to be part of TCT, in more ways than one.

Look forward to the year ahead, as I believe we will be a much better team this year, the reserves team will add much to the contest and keep the main squad more than honest.

Thanks to all involved with TCT and that includes the writers on both sides of the fence.

Colin Hussey

Sixties, thanks heaps. If any of my contributions have been of any value, I would see that the general posts by so many others on the site are most likely a big part of what I say, with few exceptions at times there is a lot of real quality in those who are part of TCT.

Just two of us here on Christmas day, tomorrow is when our side of the family gets together, appropriately on boxing day.

Trust you day sixties and all here have a wonderful Christmas.

John Eel

I can’t believe it has been 5 years

On behalf of all the TCT supporters, Eels players who I know read this site and all of the 1EE supporters who say they don’t congratulations to Sixties and the crew for bringing a great Eels football forum.

Well done

Colin Hussey

The sorrow for me in this is I don’t get to meet up with friends and supporters as much as I would like. Would love to be at the training days along with games, but that’s life . All the best John.

John Eel

The invite is always there Colin. You always welcome

Colin Hussey

John very much appreciated and thanks


Well done tu all involved great articles


Thank you all, TCT team, contributors, supporters. Great site, has the right “balance” of views without the rhetoric. Once again well done, here’s to the next 5 years

greg okladnikov

Congratulations to all at the Cumberland Throw . Thank you for the mention as well. As keen Parra fans, we are happy to keep supporting the page with our offices . We enjoy reading the page, it is a great site for Parra fans , and i also think it is the best club / fan / analysis site that is out there. See you at the footy next year and hoping for a successful season


Well done sixties and TCT team. TCT genuinely builds knowledge across the full spectrum of Rugby League. Keep up the great work.

Ashutosh Gaji

Merry Christmas Sixties and the TCT team . I have been a follower of TCT since its inception. I love all the articles and insights you provide.
Thank you once again for providing Eels supporters with a forum to come together and read all things related to our beloved eels.All the best for next year and may God bless you all.

!0 Year Member

Happy 5th birthday. Keep up the great content. I don’t always agree and appreciate I can voice my opinion. After all…. We all just want the eels to be competitive….. Which BA has done a great job of……after the basket case we became. Let’s get our hands on some silverware soon…..

The rev aka snedden

Well done on a fantastic job getting this site up n going boy’s . It’s been a ride of a lifetime contributing to this website. As for comparing this site to other’s is like comparing Apple n Oranges. Like many ive become a fan of tct n will always follow this site. We have our disagreement’s on here but at the end of the day we all bleed blue & gold it’s in our blood. To all the ppl who have posted on here from poppa n col to a big thank’s to the administration of sixties to 40/20 to… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by The rev aka snedden

Thanks guys for your continued efforts .It is a great site,every post is quality so no need to sort through the garbage to find the gold.Thanks must also be directed towards the followers of the site,as I read all the replies,yes I am tragic I know,but again there is no garbage in those replies, and that says a lot for the quality and professionalism of the site overall.


A huge congratulations to the entire TCT team. I recall a tip off this was occurring in late 2015…..and it was a great addition to the web. Your commentary and analysis is first rate and also the analysis of the weeks games and professional comments. I really enjoy the training reports during the off season as it keeps me going during the December and January time off work. Thank you to all and also to the sponsors and special guests along the way, its been a wonderful addition and also the fans who comment also deserve a ‘thank you’ as… Read more »


Brilliant bit of speed reckoning Sixties. No wonder I love my regular foray into the TCT site. I’ve just been re-assured that I am not the only Parra-fanatic who believed it was “better than Leggo”!




Looks like I am the bridesmaid, 22nd January and I catch up with this story. It would be remiss of me not to congratulate you guys, 60’s, Mitch, 40/20…… it must give you all a lot of satisfaction to sit back after 5 years and look at your achievements…..they are most certainly deserved. As you know I have stayed loyal to both site’s and living in Brissie means I am always starved for information, but the balance you guys provide is very special to the real package of information that I crave. I have in recent times even suggested a… Read more »

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