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Post Game Grades – Round 18 at Penrith


Parramatta_Eels_logo.svg  Parramatta Eels 2

   Penrith Panthers 20


The Good:
What an effort in the face of a sheer onslaught from our western rivals. The stats would tell you we lost that game by 60 points, but despite no ball, no territory and turning away about 100 attacking sets of 6, the Eels kept it very competitive until right at the death.

Tonight, missing two of their spine players and on a five day turnaround, the Eels faced a minor premiership certain, well-rested and completely injury free Penrith Panthers and did incredibly well to find more than a bit of defensive resolve.

This is a stupid statement to start my Grades with, but despite the loss tonight, I actually think the Parramatta Eels are now better placed to beat the Panthers in the Finals now than we were pre-game. Whether that is correct, ridiculous optimism or actually translates into a win remains to be seen.

All I’m saying, give us that game again with 50/50 possession and the Eels with a healthy spine and let’s see what happens.

The Bad:
Bloody reow, reow.

Man, those Panthers were absolutely relentless. Wave after wave of black jerseys rained down on a once feeble Eels defence, and in the end the result was somewhat of a Rugby League tsunami. You can’t allow opposition teams 53 sets of 6 whilst only claiming 36 of your own and expect to come away with any sort of result.

I would have really loved not to let in those two tries in at the end each half, each scored with mere seconds left on the clock.

Sure there were some good signs, there’s a way to explain how the loss occurred, but in the end we didn’t score a try and we certainly didn’t win the game; and in the end that’s what we’re here to do.

Simply time to learn, take stock and move on towards the Finals.

The X-Factor:
Tonight the Panthers were tackled 57 times in our 20, we were tackled a total of 6 times in theirs. We had 39% possession, made 464 tackles to the Panthers 341; missing 57 tackles to 25. The Panthers also had 6 linebreaks to our 0. Yuck.

Overall, the Eels effort tonight was outstanding, scramble defence was incredible but at the end of the day we had to make too many tackles. The Panthers deserve the win, but I’m hoping we can still make some noise come Finals.

In this week’s collection of random facts: Tonight was the 100th clash between the Panthers and the Eels, and Penrith’s 41st ever win against Parramatta. The Panthers have still not lost at home in 2020.

The MVP:
I’m going rogue. I’m not sure how many people spotted this tonight, but after the loss, the Eels players formed a huddle in the sheds and presumably looked to refocus ahead of the run to the Finals. Although multiple players could be seen addressing the group, who was the key figure passionately imploring his teammates?

For for service rendered both off field and on (17 runs, 125m 2 offloads, 1 try save and 55 tackles), tonight’s MVP is Nathan Brown.

1- Clinton Gutherson (c)

Fullback, Parramatta Eels

If nothing else, I thoroughly enjoyed Gutho’s passion tonight, he’s probably the natural choice for MVP. With that said, his last two minutes were unfortunate, and 15 runs for 120 metres is one of his quietest running games in a long time. Nonetheless, make no mistake, Gutho is the leader of this team.

How about that Kikau hit to finish the game? If Clint Gutherson was a jam donut, there would have been jam everywhere.

2- Maika Sivo

Left Wing, Parramatta Eels

Maika Sivo approaches a high ball with the sort of confidence I imagine is felt by the person assigned to apply Gus Gould’s make up. Mr Sivo had a big chance to really show his old team what they lost when the Eels snuck under their guard to sign him; instead his highlight package is him fumbling a bomb backwards and shin kicking at the ball in our in-goal.

Yes he made some pretty good decisions in defence tonight (no missed tackles) and 16 runs (104m, 5 tackle breaks) is encouraging involvement, but he’s nonetheless looked like a different player since Brad Parker catapulted himself into his knee at Brookie. Here’s hoping he regains his mojo soon.

3- Michael Jennings

Left Centre, Parramatta Eels

Michael Jennings made some tough runs (15 for 105m and 3 tackle breaks) and also made some excellent defensive plays (19 tackles), but seriously JUST DIVE ON THE DAMN BALL, JENKO!

4- Waqa Blake

Right Centre, Parramatta Eels

In what I’m sure is some sort of record, Champion Data credited Waqa Blake was an incredible 11 missed tackles tonight. If you didn’t watch the game, you’d be forgiven for thinking that meant Waqa allowed Stephen Critchton more breaks down the left edge than an overweight council worker; however the reality was anything but. If anything, Waqa Blake dominated the young superstar in the first half, forcing him into drop balls, mistimed runs and cheap turnovers. Willy Waqa admittedly needs to ensure his hits are also sticks, but I think I’m a little more upset he doesn’t use his big body in attack more often (8 for 68m, 1 tackle break, 1 offload).

5- Blake Ferguson

Right Wing, Parramatta Eels

After copping another knock last week, Blake Ferguson’s nose now looks like it has its own elbow. Gees he did well to hold Jerome Luai up in the first half, but dropped a couple of bombs you’d normally expect him to gobble up. The stats read 14 runs (110m), 3 tackle breaks and 13 tackles, but he’s playing at a level we need him to. I was also very confused why he didn’t chase Moses’ attacking kick with 10 to go, or contest those Mansour bombs; that’s just disappointing.

Breaking the try scoring drought was good, but we need him to find some consistency, and fast.

6- Jai Field

Five Eighth, Parramatta Eels

It’s great to have a running game that resembles a lightning strike, but it was always going to be tough heading to Penrith and having to carry a half who isn’t considered a reliable kicking option. For those playing at home, Mitchell Moses had 23 kicks for 933 metres tonight. Jai Field? 1 kick for 8m. In more positive news, I thought Jai’s defence (23 tackles, 1 miss) was outstanding, particularly under the circumstances; making try saving tackles on more than one occasion. I’m not a coach’s middle finger, but hear me out; until Dylan returns, what if Gutho plays 6 in attack, 1 in defence?

7- Mitchell Moses

Halfback, Parramatta Eels

Gees, it felt like half of Twitter wanted Moses’ head on a stake, but I’m sorry, I’m just not buying it. To be clear, I don’t think Mitch had a good game tonight, but for those saying we will never get anywhere with him as our 7? Please.

Yes I would like him (again) to engage the line more (2 runs, 9m), but other than the pass to Gutho (legitimately embarrassing), did the Eels really squander any significant attacking opportunities? No ball, a million tackles and a well oiled Panthers defensive machine. I mean, what was he supposed to do? What would Cronk, Thurston or Johns have done differently?

He’s a halfback, not a magician. Constantly being asked to kick 20 or 30 metres out from our line: when Moses kicks for touch, it’s labelled too conservative; a towering bomb, too predictable; a kick to space, re-signed to losing – he can’t win. It certainly wasn’t a perfect game, but in my opinion his inability to pull a rabbit out of a hat tonight was not the reason we never really looked in the fight.

But hey, that’s me. Go nuts in the comments.

8- Reg Campbell Gillard

Prop, Parramatta Eels

Tonight Reagan Campbell-Gillard had 12 runs (105m), 1 try save, 3 tackle breaks, 35 tackles and the weight of an opposition fan base on his shoulders. Most importantly, he did not take a backwards step all night. Once again, absolutely no concerns with RCG; despite sitting on top of the ladder, Penrith should still be filthy they lost him.

14- Ray Stone

Hooker, Parramatta Eels

He’s no Reed Mahoney, but Ray Stone did alright tonight. Still, just when we thought we were going to get the full Fifty Shades of Ray, we sadly only got 36 minutes. Spotted icing him thumb post game, I’m hoping we haven’t just lost our second hooker in as many weeks.

10- Junior Paulo

Prop, Parramatta Eels

The biggest of units looked the most likely out there tonight with his 14 runs (111m), 2 offloads, 2 tackle breaks and 34 tackles.

Fun fact: Junior Paulo’s shorts use about the same amount of material as your average 2 man tent.

11- Shaun Lane

Second Row, Parramatta Eels

Shaun Lane’s game tonight wasn’t the sort of game you tell your mother about, unless your mother is a Panthers fan. Diplanedocus had 13 runs (105m), 1 offload, 3 tackle breaks, 38 tackles, 4 missed, and an unfortunate 4th tackle error.

The regressions of Shaun Lane, Maika Sivo, Blake Ferguson and until recently Waqa Blake is the micro concerns of a much bigger form issue for the Eels.

12- Ryan Matterson

Second Row, Parramatta Eels

My wife’s fantasy had impressive defensive statistics (52 tackles, 3 misses), but was disappointing impact with the ball in hand (12 runs, 86m, 1 tackle break, 1 error. He’s been good in recent weeks, and good on him for keeping Api Koroisau safe from harm, but BA and his men have two weeks to find a way to have all 17 players firing on all cylinders, and Ryan Matterson is now on the list.

13- Nathan Brown

Lock, Parramatta Eels

Other than the 9 missed tackles (from a team high 55), I don’t have a lot of complaints about that 73 minute effort from Nathan Brown Sugar. Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbour.


15- Andrew Davey

Interchange, Parramatta Eels

Watching a fresh Andrew Davey charging into the Panthers’ defensive line brought my heart great joy. Only credited with the 1 run tonight, Davey actually had our best run/metre ratio with 16 running metres, a tackle break and 17 tackles to boot.

You might think he’s mild mannered, but word is AD’s anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun.

16- Kane Evans

Interchange, Parramatta Eels

To be honest, I don’t care about his 8 runs for 72 metres or 20 tackles without a miss (those are actually really good stats, all things considered). Giving away three set restarts in an incredibly average 8 minute stint to end the first half, Kane Evans can go get in the sea.

He has now also officially lost his Captain’s Challenge licence (although that was admittedly very close). After this performance, I wouldn’t be at all upset if we shipped him to Gosford early.

17- Oregon Kaufusi

Interchange, Parramatta Eels

Although he’s pretty much the opposite of highlight monopolisers like Ponga and Tedesco, consider me an absolutely huge Oregon Kaufusi fan. The metres won’t jump out at you (33 from 4 hit ups, 2 tackle breaks), but his minutes were honest and he did nothing to hurt our chances of clawing out a win.

20- Will Smith

Interchange, Parramatta Eels

Not unlike his namesake’s return in Bad Boys 3, Rugby League player Will Smith could have just let his fans remember him the way he was. But tonight was peak Will, not over playing his hand in attack (2 runs, 18 metres) and absolutely crushing it in defence (40 tackles, 3 misses). That game tonight is what I want from Will Smith.

It wasn’t a brilliant game, nor the sort of game that makes you think you’re destined for a Premiership, but considering where we’ve been and how poor we’ve been in the last couple of months, there were some very good signs from the Blue & Gold tonight.

The Eels’ magic number for the Top 4 effectively remains at two. Whether it comes in the form of  wins or Raiders losses, we need just two of them to secure a Top 4 spot.

Next week, we try avoid becoming the team the Broncos score a win against.

Whatever happens, I’ll see you then, sports fans.

Go you Eels,



Photos courtesy of the Parramatta Eels. Stats courtesy of the legends over at Champion Data.

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I hear you re Field.But what instructions is he under from the coaches.Im certain it would be let Moses run the team and do the kicking don’t you overplay you’re hand.


Field made more runs and passes than Moses, just as Brown would have. For non-kick touches Field was more involved than Moses to the tune of 30 to 22.


I thought they were incredibly brave and tenacious in defence (which means the whole game, effectively). We were a different team at the start of the post-covid lockdown period compared to now. However, I am very proud of their efforts, they played with everything they had.


As with your ratings other than Kane I thought our bench was superb.Although he is remembered for his two poor performances Smith can play and outdid Stoney last night.Davey almost gave us a line break and he and Oregon bath carried strongly and defended well.


I’m expecting to cop a barrage of no’s here BUT would it have been that crazy to have Field as 9 and Taka as 6 🤷‍♀️ Watching Evans call for the challenge near killed my TV, it was never going to end well. The boys defended well, the scoreline over compliments panthers. The stats weren’t pretty but I don’t care how good you are you can’t win a game with 39% possession. 100% agree with you on Mitch, he seems to be the scapegoat but seriously had very few options. I’m also sure that Sivo is carrying an injury and… Read more »


Parragirl as Mitch stated since Parker careered into his legs he has been a shadow of the player.My son a number of times last night said geez dad what’s wrong with Maika he’s running the ball back like a Fijian girl.In my opinion his confidence is shot and he has become a liability when ball is in the air he doesn’t want anything to do with it.The change of Taka to centre and Waqa to Sivos wing has to be made this will help our kick defusal and return and also our attack.Did anyone else notice fergo on the inside… Read more »

Longfin Eel

I thought Smith did well at 9 last night. In fact I would leave Field at 6 and get him more involved in attack. He was playing dummy half too often, and with Smith playing well we could have shifted him to first receiver more to use his speed better. Something to work on next week, as it seems DBrown won’t be back until week 2 of the finals.


Jai Field is not the answer. Offers absolutely nothing in attack. Time to give Will Smith another go at 5/8. And yes I can’t believe I’m saying that. We lost the ruck early and never recovered, we failed to put them on their backs, I don’t know the stats but it looked like they stood in the tackle 2 or 3 times out of every set. Moses kicking game was diabolical yes they were big kicks but not once did he find open space and so repetitive, not one attacking kick option. Nor did he use the sideline to slow… Read more »


When he put the kicks up the chasers were just so slow Edwards had plenty of time to run it up


Players were gassed from all the D.


I agree. As asked by Mitch above, what would Cronk, Thurston, etc could have done in that situation, Cronk had commented last night that Moses should have kick for touch to give the team a breather as well as run the ball more to give us some attacking options. It appears shies away from being tackled and getting hit so hard. However, Moses had done an excellent job in defense especially fronting against big man Kikau.

The rev aka Snedden

Jai is a fullback not a half his speed is priceless.


Fair grading, I think the Kane Evans knock on was a wrong call but that’s the way things go, I keep hoping they are just plodding along with the attack and will step up and blitz them in the final. As you eluded too Moses kicking most times from our own 20/30 metre line had no choice but to go high and long or would have been turning over in our own half. Still have a team that can shake up the finals

Warren Reekie

The stats from the game gave the Eels no chance. Maybe Coach Arthur needs to show the team how they played in the early part of the season. Ball movement, offloads, etc. At the moment we seem to be playing 10 forwards and too much one out running.


Rather them watch a video of the 2009 run.

Corey McLeod

BA can’t show or teach them anything. Thought they played great last night. Effort was great. Concentrated only on defence and we miss 44 tackles. We need to Sack BA if we want to win a premiership! Do it now before we waste next year as well.


To be replaced by whom exactly?


Stephen Kearney 😂😂


Take the last 30 seconds off each half and the score is 8-2. The defence was amazing considering the amount of ball Parra didn’t have. I was always coached to yell, “mine”, when going to take a high kick. I can remember Ken Thornett’s voice echoing over Cumberland, at times, when he was required to take a bomb in traffic. It allowed his team mates to concentrate on supporting him. Good enough for The Mayor, good enough for this team.


Not sure what to take away from the game other than the Panthers showed what a finals, even a grand final, intensity looks like and that the defensive effort is improving. Not sure what to do about the attack but a bit unfair to blame Moses for the kicking game. He really had no other options given the field position.


I see more positives in this defeat than I have seen in past three wins.I see a big shift in attitude loved the post match huddle and intensity of the Nathan brown speech with all players transfixed.


Yep. It was good to see. I forget who but a week or so someone discussing Parra’s form said despite the problems they are not a team that is divided. And it showed last night. If the team goes deep into the finals or even to the GF Brown’s speech may be the spark.


Moses seems to be the sacrificial lamb when we lose. I get he’s leading the team in 7 but we need them all to step up

jack herd

What a hard game to watch. Our effort was tremendous, our defence and scramble was even better. The pure weight of possession and fatigue leaked those two tries in the last minute of either half. I am not sure what to take from this game…on one side, our defence held out, we worked for each other and showed amazing pride in our jersey…on the other hand…from the opening whistle, we just were not in the was panthers that were doing the suffocating…every hit up we made we were met with 4 panthers bending us backwards…it is hard to believe… Read more »


Yes in the ‘what if’ game, if Fergo hadn’t accelerated like QE2 as he had time to stop Mansour, and Gutho had of hung onto Luai with the ball against his body the score would be respectable.

However where was our attack? It was non-existent except for about 10 mins after half time, and then we reverted to one out running again putting no pressure on Penrith’s D. Cannot win a finals match let alone win the comp with that attack. Come on BA, its a easy fix, you said so!


Yes Glenn I was v happy with the defence, but again the errors killed us at times. Our backs on paper have the experience over Penrith, and I think out attack has been sluggish for a while, while our fwds have been great in my view. I believe mentally we seem to have hit a bit of a wall, I maybe wrong. Each team gets injuries and it is tough. The refs were not great too, but some poor errors hurt us big time.


Last night broke me.
I now believe we are even further away from a premiership then ever.
Our decline and lack of Game plan in attack has me convinced BA has taken this team as far as he can.
Defence was very impressive but with zero attack we just can’t go further 10 week attacking slump no change to structure no straighting the attack and engaging the opposition.
I just want this season over


Offside I feel the pain too; I thought are attack has been avg for at least a month. The bombs……the bombs….


Sorry Mitch but I cant agree with your assessment on Moses. His kicking game tonight was a mirror image of what Mitch Pearce does in origin and the reason why NSW have always struggled. Not once did he find the ground with a long kick, it took roughly 60 mins for him to try and find touch and give our forwards a rest. Regarding his short kicking game, in 2020 all halves should be able to kick torpedo bombs and Moses/Brown/Field have not kicked one all year. Standard bombs with no pressure are of no use without any kick chase… Read more »


No criticism in this comment as both Will Smith and Ray Stone are playing out of position and did their best. Both tackled well but simply we had no presence or threat in the ruck. The Panthers knew this and moved quickly from marker and up quickly on our attack. Our attack works when we get offloads, we could not make yards let alone get offloads as we could not hold defenders in the ruck. Our attack could not get going. In part I do criticise BA as I think we should have a legitimate back up dummy halve in… Read more »

Last edited 6 days ago by Shelley
Colin Hussey

Spot on comments Shelley. I was typing my post below as you got in before me with Evans, since his signing for the warriors he has shown less than what he has given prior to it. I would prefer a replacement for him in the form of a younger player who has a future with the club.


Davey needs to be ahead of Evans looks dangerous and runs good lines and can offload plus has hardly made an error I can recall.


Maybe I was watching a different game to some. Penrith uped the ante when they play Parra and they really did last night. They really wanted lash Parra and although the score might suggest that, they didn’t. One try with seconds to go and the last one with 23 seconds on the clock. I thought Parra was magnificent but starved of possession. Penrith had 54 sets. It’s very hard to plan attacking raids from the other end when trying to re-gas. Penrith – really had 14 men out there. Sutton’s game last night reminded me of that first semifinal against… Read more »


Terrific reply and well said on all points


Agree with most of what you have written Zero58. Although I can’t agree with Davey getting more game time than Evans especially when Marata is not on the bench to bring another aggressive middle into the fray. Andrew Davey is an edge backrower and a stopgap middle at best. Kaufusi is a great young kid developing his game, but is not an aggressive middle at this stage.


Shelley you can’t just offload when under pressure.You must first earn the right to offload by running hard and having support on the outside.Then you can pass before the line which then means the second runner won’t have 3 to 4 defenders driving them backwards which then allows a quicker play the ball.This then allows our next player to hit up to meet a defensive line that is on the back foot so we get over the advantage line.Sounds simple right?.Well how come every time we were coming out from our end we just got smashed by 3 or 4… Read more »

Last edited 5 days ago by Gustarny
Colin Hussey

An unbelievably hard game and for me the team pretty much showed a lot of resilience and courage in the defeat. While some calls went against the eels, the things that caused us the lose are the same that have been there in the previous losses, are the eels as a team soaking still on those early victories that had them leading the comp? Maybe they should sit down a watch those games and see what they were like and how they won those matches. I really did not expect a win, could not tip against them either & no… Read more »

The rev aka Snedden

Not happy with this team n the coach sixties n mitch i’m changing my name to The angry rev aka snedden

The angry rev aka Snedden

Time for a new coach the guy has ran out of idea’s our team is lacking.

Moses should have got F- n Jai Field needs to play fullback his not a half plain n simple we are only going to lose b2b games in the Semi’s. sivo is not in good form oh what id do to swap him with Semi sivo looked like a mixed bag of lollies trying to catch that kick. until this team shows some improvement i’m not going to be a happy rev.

Last edited 6 days ago by The angry rev aka Snedden

I have said it before – Field is a fullback. It’s his best position and the position he knows. Gutho grew up in the juniors playing 5/8 centre- we need his calmness and experience in the middle. SWAP THEM AROUND BA !!!

The rev aka Snedden

Well said fathead I agree 100% been Ravin on about it for some time.

Some Times I feel like I’m wasting my time but I’ll always say field is a fullback not a half. Even Wigan can see that that’s why they want him.

Salty Pete

I really respect the CT for your measured and respectful approach to team criticism but is it time for us fans to acknowledge and be content with the fact that we have a good coach but not a great coach, a good team but not a great team. Maybe their achieving to their potential? I don’t want to sound philosophical but part of the spirit of this team died after how Tim Manah was treated. We had an injection of energy and youth. We saw one game where D Brown played 5/8 to Salmon’s centre and the try they put… Read more »

The rev aka Snedden

Salty Pete I to was not happy when Parry n the Eels parted company. Why bring in a tall rangy centre when we all ready had one n who was younger by 4\5 yrs.

It’s Time up Brad Arthur. You have ran out of ideas along with Moses always kicking bomb’s no repeat sets not even attempting 40/20’s. No wonder our forward’s are getting tired.


I think Evans should also be sent to Gosford immediately. Whenever he comes on a mistake happens when he has the ball. Agreed our bench did a great job but feel we really need to rotate our forwards alot more so they get more of a rest. Really agree with you when you say your a fan of Oregon Kaufusi as he plays hard and strong as soon as he comes on. Gutho, always seems to be the go to man so the rest of the team need to step up because if he gets hurt were in trouble


That was a real shut out. We were continually rucking the ball out from our own 10 mtr line and rarely did a 50mtr set, most were 30/40mtrs. Sutton put the whistle away on the 10 mtrs, so line speed and 80 minute focus were the Panthers best friends. Just observations, not excuses – was Moses was first receiver in one ruck, the first non-marker advancing Panther harassed our dummy half they were so ‘quick’. Moses was appealing to Sutton like Ian Healy, but Sutton wasn’t for whistling. Junior in a bustling run came through to the other side except… Read more »

Colin Hussey

There was a lot of holding in the ruck area by the Riff on our players trying to gain momentum, but with so many of the opposition clamping up on our players any prospect of a fast play the ball was not going to happen. Interestingly though the Riff got a minimum of 5 extra tackles as the ref called the eels out in the ruck, IIRC we got one such decision but only after one tackle. When Penrith kicked at the end of their 5 tackles, almost every one of their players were well in front of the kicker… Read more »


Agree 100% BDon.


Rowdy, the gold standard for a ref completely ignoring one team was Gary Cook in GF replay v Dragons. Sutton wasn’t that obvious, he was more subtle than Cook but when you ignore 10 mtr and tackle release infringement pretty well all night, the Panthers had the mindset and run of play to really milk it.

The rev aka Snedden

It’s Time up Brad Arthur. You have ran out of ideas along with Moses always kicking bomb’s no repeat sets not even attempting 40/20’s. No wonder our forward’s are getting tired. Can’t believe what I read today on That Brad is not worried about our attack is he for real how can we defend if we aren’t scoring points you need point to defend. I’m going to say what the late Peter chippy ferlingos used to say HELLO. Come on Brad I know your better then this but for crying out loud stop saying the players must ( want… Read more »

Salty Pete

Rev, Flannagan took over The Sharks in 2010 and they won a premiership in 2016. BA has been with us for nearly 8 years and it’s a roller coaster. I would think that time was ample to produce a premiership. Let’s say 3 years to get a roster right and another 1 to 2 to be a contender. He’s a good coach, no doubt. But 8 years? Surely that’s enough time? When you’re getting $800K a year, it’s not a gig you’re going to give up easily.

The rev aka Snedden

I look at Robinson for example his been at the rooster’s for a while but he gets the best out of his player’s week in week out.

Salty Pete I’ll say it again we must bring in Flannagan to help Brad Arthur then take over once Brad fails yet again I don’t have 50 yrs to wait for the boy’s to win a comp this was meant to be the year we broke our fuck.

I’m sick of Brad Arthur saying we must have want n desire we had none last night.


Oh don’t be silly. You can’t defend like that if you have no want or desire. I’m pretty sure Seibold would be looking like a genius if he had the Roosters squad. And we’ve been ahead of them on the table all year until now, when we’re on equal wins. Get a grip people. If you’d offered us 13 – 5 at the start of the season, we’d have taken it in a heartbeat.

Colin Hussey

Wilhelmina agree with your post completely. If there was no desire by the eels players, dare I suggest that the score would have been over 100-0 in the riffs favour????? Two tries on the stroke of half time and near the finish, shows how little real difference there was between the two teams, I tend to wonder had we scored a try first rather than the goal, the score may have been reversed. For those on the stats boards, I would ask how many times this season has the eels lost by 3 tries, while defending the way they did… Read more »

Salty Pete

Wilhelmina, I think your underselling Robinson. Let’s not forget, he built the squad. That said, I agree desire is not the problem. Maybe ability is? I actually don’t know. I think the CT gang would have a better insight as they watch the training, but even that can’t duplicate the pressure of games against the top sides.

The angry rev aka Snedden

i’m glad your happy witha 13/5 win lose i was very happy with just the 1 loss to the roosters. you want 2nd best thats fine i don’t


Oh Rev, you can’t be serious about those changes. Please.

The rev aka Snedden

Sorry my son but yes I am. How long have us Blue n Gold faithful been waiting for our Next premiership 30+ yrs n counting ? Unless we are struck by lightning over the week to get our attack back we are in for a tough Game vs Brisbane.

Look at least salmon attacks the line n has a good short kicking Game n Can kick bomb’s jai is not doing that hence why Moses is getting targeted.

Not blaming jai I’m blaming Brad Arthur for his selection at 6 either move Gutherson to 6 or bring in Salmon.


Then you will be complaining that Jai Field is to small for fullback and his talk is not enough to direct the defence from the back.

The angry rev aka Snedden

no Gutherson need the ball in his hand’s more look at the Canberra game he was outstanding shift back to fullback nothing no talk whats so ever.


G’day Rev, thanks for sharing some of your favourite thoughts and words with us.

I’ll give you one of my favourite words mate…..idiot. I don’t like racca, racca though. That’s scripture rev, but of course you knew that.

The angry rev aka Snedden

Rowdy i’m happy for you to call me what you like at the end of the day we all have our thought’s on the team

Robert Edwards

Has anyone been to watch Parra train,if so can you tell me if they do any ball work. Looking at the way they are playing with this one out shit and then a bomb it is driving me mad. I watched my grand daughter play today under 12s and they through the ball around.


I go regularly mate, of course they do. When BA says there’s been a focus on defence, it simply means that the balance at training might be roughly 60/40 for the week.


This was the first Penrith match that Sutton has controlled since Cleary called him out for managing the Raiders. Just saying …………


True Mate.


I have never seen a group so much in denial than this weeks segment of TCT. Yes that starts with you Mitch with your wild observance of us not being able to win without the ball. Quiet simply the ball was taken off us and not handed back. Why? because the dominance was so complete. This side has overachieved to be in the position it is now in. We have seen a paradigm shift as the season progresses, we have watched other team’s manage and finesse their operations through all the extraordinary aspects of this Covid year and now emerging… Read more »


I’m still trying to work out who Scott burton is.Is it Richards Son.😂😂😂

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Old mans memory…


All good mate it’s Matt and he’s a fair talent.


Well said parrathruandthru. I think I recall asking you in my last txt if you thought we might have been managed out of it? I wondered why you didn’t reply at the time, then I recalled you don’t suffer fools easily so I bit my tongue. On’ya mate 😉

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I think your grades are mostly fine though disagree with some as are to generous. Mosses has been missing in action way to much, even when most times our forwards are doing a great job, his kicks have mostly been the wrong type of kicks, long 1’s always going straight to fullback or winger never finding the turf or kicking on tackle 5 for the corners. He is our dominate half and should be rallying our troops and taking control that is part of his job and being paid top money and has not been earning it, really only should… Read more »

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