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From The Stands – A Challenge For All

These are extraordinary times.

The magnitude of the challenges that face so many of us cannot be underestimated or ignored.

However, in a world full of negativity, despair and a sense of hopelessness I refuse to become a victim. My family is not immune to the economic, health and social impacts of COVID-19, but I choose to focus on getting through the present, and look forward to a brighter future.

I wrote last week about maintaining or increasing your financial support for our club. For some this will not be financially feasible, and of course that is understandable.

The Blue and Gold Army is strong and loyal, but everyone will face their own difficulties and hardships as we move into an uncertain future. If you can keep supporting the Eels and the NRL do so.

And if you can’t right now, just come back when you can.

So why should we keep supporting our team?

The reasons were on the field for all to see. Our team played their last game in who knows how long, but they did us proud. It’s often said that rugby league players live in a bubble, without any sense of the real world, but the lock downs, lock outs and empty stands were an ever present reminder that they were playing on borrowed time.

Junior Paulo – a force in winning the middle

Taking the field in an away match that might potentially mean nothing, our Eels showed composure. They showed the lessons learned from 2019.

To get the points you have to do the hard work to earn the points.

They had options all over the field, but they didn’t pull the trigger too early.

It was not luck or a superb game by one player that secured the victory. For the first time in a long time we threatened in the middle, on both edges and out wide. We stuck to our game plan, won the middle, made adjustments where necessary and dictated the course of the match to our opposition.

I remember back in 2017, the trip to the Gold Coast saw us taking a similar 12-0 early lead. All was looking good, and we were headed for a 3-0 start to the year.

Of course, history shows that we went on to butcher that game and lose the next three. To understand how far we have come, look at the differences between the 2017 and 2020 Titans games.

Looking ahead, a great unknown exists.

Looking forward to watching Dylan when the action resumes at Bankwest Stadium

We are certain to face set backs as a club, but so will every person, business and the wider community. We need to find a way through it and stay loyal. If there is one thing that unites us all, it is our resilience and our loyalty.

I look forward to helping do my bit to get the club through this difficult time and in the future going back to Bankwest to watch Junior run over the top of people, Dylan and Moses step and create holes to run into, Fergo no doubt getting his nose hit again, and Gutho backing up every play.

I also look forward to going back to Bankwest and having a party. We just have to stay healthy, loyal and hopeful.

I trust the board, coaches and players will do their job. We all will do ours.

Keep supporting the Blue and Gold.


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Stay safe and there is a light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully that light will lead to an image of Gutho holding the Nrl premiership trophy


I will settle at the moment for footy returning and our club, all clubs in fact , still being alive because that means we have got through this Virus. My job is safe, I feel terribly and almost a little guilty because for so many this is not the case.

Parra Pete

The biggest thing I am gonna miss – apart from the game- is reading the comprehensive and so thoughtful reports provided by The Cumberland Throw team..Absolutely brilliant..Take care, wash your hands, and resist the temptation to eat a bat…


I am so disappointed the footy is not on but I feel the right decision has been made.


Tks Shelley. Great point about the composure, both games have featured no meltdown in patience. That 2017 Titans game turned around on 2 first tackle errors on our line, both simple ball spills by Semi, Titans lifted, we drifted. Back then, we were never a good bet to defend penalties, errors, repeat sets. Covid19 prevents us from knowing if that problem is history, but definitely some early positive indicators. Take care.


You take care too BDon. We will keep looking to add content on TCT during this period, so stay with us.


And nobody thought BA would be stood down…..


I’m monitoring which clubs do and don’t stand down coaches/coaching staff. To be honest, I’m not comfortable with how quickly this was done.

The rev aka Snedden

Good read shelley your not really Sheldon Cooper from big bang theory actor are you.
Jokes aside I really hope the game Can continue. I like many miss the Game but understand the reasons.
Hopefully for the good of the Game n the fan’s n the sponsorship the greatest Game on Earth can return bigger and better then before.

In the meantime stay inside n stay safe Eels fan’s.



It is wonderful to read your faithful commitment to our team Shelley.
Great reflections and hope too. I reckon your sentiments will echo loud and clear to many although the not knowing is more present in many minds at the moment.
We’re already in the potential history books as shortest season JJ Giltanan Shield holders.
I believe we will get our game up and running again this season and I hope it is sooner than later. Go Parra!

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