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The Tip Sheet – Episode 11: Sean McElduff (PNRL Chairman)


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In an important interview about the future of the Parramatta Eels, Sixties and PNRL Chairman Sean McElduff discuss the upcoming General Meeting and why members need to turn out and vote for constitutional reform.

Sean McElduff (image courtesy The Australian)

These reforms have come to be following the horror events of 2016 and the years and years of corrosive groundwork that led to that unmitigated disaster. McElduff explains to Sixties why the three proposed reforms are not only integral to the sustained success of the Eels – they are just good business.

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday the 10th of September and will be held at Bankwest Stadium in the Cumberland Lounge. Gate F is the access point.

Understandably, given the gravity of the issue, people will likely have further questions about the matter. Sean McElduff encourages any members and stakeholders seeking such answers to contact him via the club but in the mean time you are welcome to post any questions in our comment section while you can also refer to the official reform page on the Parramatta Leagues website for further reading.

If you are a eligible voting member (3-years of continuous membership) of the Parramatta Leagues Club I hope to see you all out there!

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10 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – Episode 11: Sean McElduff (PNRL Chairman)

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the interview Craig and everybody at the throw. Great content for out of town fans like myself. keep up the great work. I just want to say I hope every voting member of the leagues club gets out to the general meeting next week to get these reforms through. I feel it’s crucial for the future success of our club that the reforms are passed.

  2. Trouser Eel

    Directors elected on the basis of merit – not who they know.

    Tri-ennial elections and postal & electronic votes helps ensure a stable and profitable leagues club. Simples.

    Why can’t everyone see this and let happen. Rise up people. See you all on the 10th.

  3. MAX

    We need to get behind this reform, we cant let others with personal interests derail the stability we have enjoyed in recent times. Postal and electronic voting is a must!

  4. Rowdy

    I was very interested to hear our new Chair of the PNRL speak on this issue of Constitutional change in the attached Podcast. Sean McElduff is clearly abreast of all matters pertaining to the stability and function of both the PLC and the PNRL. He has a professional grasp on the legal structures that govern these entities and how best to implement structural change for the good of the whole. His simple 16 minute interview with TCT was impressive in it’s simplicity and his explanations for the need for constitutional reform and the objectives driving the this pursuit to achieve them are paramount to our clubs further growth both on and off the field. The positive influence we can have in the broader Parramatta district community, not just as a successful footy team and Leagues Club but the flow on from that success socially and commercially. Eligible voting members giving your support at the Annual General Meeting of the Parramatta Leagues Club next Tuesday evening 10th September says you understand the need for our PLC to be the driving force behind the continued success and stability we have seen and experienced since the administrators were appointed in 2016. To do this the PLC needs to be unshackled from the modern day Rum Corp that has for 30 years selfishly pursued and gained control of both entities PLC and PNRL for personal gain and or glory.

    1. sixties

      Appreciate your support Rowdy. This s an important time in the history of our club and the members have it in their power to ensure the growth and stability of their club.

      1. Rowdy

        My pleasure Sixties. I just hope we can give some encouragement and impetus to the members who may be wavering about the need for their vote equally as much value as the demand on their time and the inconvenience of turning up to cast it. Once again I would like to encourage TCT visitors to listen to the podcast as it is only 16 minutes in duration and filled with a
        very simple dialogue that goes straight to the point of each element of the objective. That is the modification of the constitution to allow the majority of members to control their own destiny with stability guaranteed by 3 year rotational election of board members ensuring certainty of continuance and completion of planned and initiated direction and objectives rather than being at the mercy of any diverse ticket of a successful factional minority, who can change course and disrupt progress on a whim. Which is the case at the moment.
        TCT visitors and PLC members, please listen to the podcast. 16 minutes!

        1. sixties

          Cheers mate. It was very deliberately done that way – straight to the point – and the interview also contains Eels updates.

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