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Stats That Matta – Round 21: Eels Defeat Knights


Saturday, August 10th, 2019

Bankwest Stadium

Crowd: 20,671


(Tries: C. Gutherson x 2, R. Mahoney, M. Sivo. Goals: M. Moses 2 from 5.)



(Tries: M. Barnett, S. Kenny-Dowall. Goals: M. Lino 3 from 3.)

Another hard fought win!

Who would have thought that this team could show they grit they have over the past 3 weeks?

The Eels jumped into the trenches against a Knights team who showed up ready to compete. They pushed us and even after they took the lead, you still felt (finally) the Eels had more points in them to take out the match.

Although our recent history means that no Eels match makes you feel easy, the efforts over the last few weeks is creating a belief that this team are working their way to a full 80 minutes performance.

Another game where Brad Arthur and his assistants would be more than pleased with.

Here are the Stats that Matta for Round 21.

Score Flow

Parramatta Eels
H Time Name Event Score
1 11 M.Lino PENALTY GOAL 0 – 2
1 18 C.Gutherson TRY 4 – 2
1 19 M.Moses CONVERSION MISS 4 – 2
1 29 C.Gutherson TRY 8 – 2
1 30 M.Moses CONVERSION MISS 8 – 2
2 42 M.Barnett TRY 8 – 6
2 44 M.Lino CONVERSION 8 – 8
2 46 S.Kenny-Dowall TRY 8 – 12
2 48 M.Lino CONVERSION 8 – 14
2 55 R.Mahoney TRY 12 – 14
2 56 M.Moses CONVERSION 14 – 14
2 61 M.Sivo TRY 18 – 14
2 62 M.Moses CONVERSION MISS 18 – 14
2 79 M.Moses PENALTY GOAL 20 – 14

Game Stats

Team Stats

Full Time

55 Possession (%) 45
32/37 (86) Complete/Total Sets (%) 23/30 (77)
0:00 Time – Opposition Half 0:00
0:00 Time – Opposition 20 0:00
2323 Metres Gained 1947
6 Scrum Win 8
1 Goal Line Dropout 4
4 Penalty Conceded 8
0 Forty Twenty 0
Team Stats

1st Half

53 Possession (%) 47
17/19 (89) Complete/Total Sets (%) 14/16 (88)
0:00 Time – Opposition Half 0:00
0:00 Time – Opposition 20 0:00
1162 Metres Gained 1006
1 Scrum Win 4
1 Goal Line Dropout 3
3 Penalty Conceded 5
0 Forty Twenty 0
Team Stats

2nd Half

57 Possession (%) 43
15/18 (83) Complete/Total Sets (%) 9/14 (64)
0:00* Time – Opposition Half 0:00*
0:00 * Time – Opposition 20 0:00 *
1161 Metres Gained 941
5 Scrum Win 4
0 Goal Line Dropout 1
1 Penalty Conceded 3
0 Forty Twenty 0

* Technical difficulties with time stats.

This was a dominant display from the Eels, even allowing for a brief period with the Knights taking the lead. Our second half surprised me as I thought live the Knights had more possessions with the ball, but I guess that was early in the second half then we took over after about 15 minutes and had majority of possession from then on.

Around 400 extra metres with the ball and great discipline – this was a clinical victory.

Player Stats


Round 21 Player Stats (Click to open)


Forward Rotation

Games Avg Mins Last Game This Game
Daniel Alvaro 13 35 30 24
Reed Mahoney 20 72 61 64
Junior Paulo 19 51 45 54
Shaun Lane 16 78 80 80
Manu Ma’u 14 69 80 80
Nathan Brown 9 56 67 80
Marata Niukore 19 59 45 40
David Gower 13 39 27 33
Tepai Moeroa 17 33 16 9
Peni Terepo 13 38 16

Strong 80 minute performances from the back rowers and lock – and each played a prominent role in the performance.


Runs 181 129
Run Metres 1513 1164
Tackles 325 392
Missed Tackles 14 27
Tackle Ineffective 7 24
Effective Tackle Rate 94% 88%
Errors 6 8

Heat Maps

Hit Ups

Now this is what I have expecting to see in some weeks. How the red stretches from 10m to 10m lines is outstanding. This is similar to what the Storm produce week in week out. We need to see more of this from our boys. Not just the forwards, but wingers and centres as well. The players speak about being there for each other in matches and this is important, especially in the dying minutes before the final whistle when fatigue kicks in.

Set Starts

Not so many starts in the Knights 20 which did make scoring a bit more difficult and having less tackles in their 20 to increase pressure. Burning a few tackles trying to get into the opposition 20 isn’t ideal, but that’s just how the game flows sometimes.


I thought this was a quality game and Newcastle did throw a lot of questions at the Eels and we responded nicely.

It is great seeing the Eels battle hard and push the bar higher and to answer the critics to show we can grind and win those tough games. It stands us in good stead for the finals.

But now comes a game that we absolutely suck at. Our times on the Gold Coast have never been great. Either it be Giants, Seagulls or Titans, no Eels team has performed any good on the glitter strip.

Our record at Cbus is poor with 2 wins from 9 games there and all up against the Titans it is 7 wins from 18 matches.

This is a crucial game for the Eels to score and score big. If we want to ensure either a home final or a Top 4 finish, we really need to bolster our for and against.

I am nervous about this game, but let’s not dwell on the past and instead look forward to a better Eels performance on the Gold Coast.

Yours in Blue and Gold


Stats courtesy of Champion Data.

All these stats and more can be viewed on our match centre at including live game stats.



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Great read Colmac
Can you pls explain the first heat map in hit ups. Is this the field where we have the ball for each set and where players track when with the ball?


Thanks Colmac. Agree 3 consequtive gritty wins provides some belief. Of course a loss to the Titans would slow that momentum. A good contribution across the park with 8 players with >100m. The heat map is quite different this week. Noticable that DBrown had more possessions than Moses – that’s takes the pressure off Moses and balances the attack. Also like the link role that NBrown is playing, 5 passes which are typically at the line complemeting the second phase offloading from Mau & Junior. Forward rotation is out of balance with too many middle forwards Moerea, Terepo and Alvaro… Read more »

Longfin Eel
Longfin Eel

When you look at the stats, it looks like a clinical game, but Newcastle stayed in the game until the last few minutes, which was nerve-wracking. We should have piled on more points, and certainly Moses missing a few goals did not help.

One area we need to get right is dummy half when Mahoney is off. Having Gutho fill in is stifling our attack, and something we won’t be able to do in the finals. Somebody off the bench will need to fill this role.