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The Tip Sheet – Episode 10: George Dansey (Club Chaplain)


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George Dansey – 2017 Club Person Of The Year

George ‘The Rev’ Dansey sits down with Sixties and Forty to pull back the curtain on the challenges and difficulties that come with player welfare – on and off the field. Dansey, the team’s chaplain, provides guidance both spiritually and interpersonally for the Eels and delves into the different aspects of welfare and well-being for players from all walks of life.

From his journey to a role as a mentor at the Eels and his striking likeness to Jennings boys, Dansey delivers a terrific insight into one of the aspects of rugby league that is rarely seen or talked about.

As always, TCT is hugely thankful to the individuals we interview for taking the time out of their days to generously share it with ourselves and fans. George was no exception here as he proved to be a wonderful interview across the span of forty minutes!

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11 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – Episode 10: George Dansey (Club Chaplain)

  1. Shelley

    So important to have these people around a football club. Sometimes we forget that while they are footy stars they are also human beings who have issues and make mistakes. Thank you for this insight and thank you George for all you do.

  2. Trouser Eel

    Really good to get another insight to the “workings” of our club. George seems to be a very genuine and thoughtful person. I’m sure his quiet, calm, provides assurance to those around him.
    Thanks for taking the time to produce this guys.

  3. Milo

    Loved the chat and insight into his role. Hope you both got his autograph…..the role he plays pre and post footy is even more important than what players can imagine. Well done. Nice work

  4. JonBoy

    Just got around to listening in to this one boys, great job. I’d have to say I think its one of your best!

    Having a man like this around the club and in particular the younger kids coming up through the grades is so valuable. His passion for the game and his faith combined with his background and the naturally welcoming and family focus of the Fijian culture is a pretty special mix.

    1. sixties

      Thanks JonBoy. We chatted with George for quite a while after the interview – he’s just such a positive bloke and he loves his footy. That family focus is so important to the club and George is an important part of it.

  5. BDon

    Who would believe that an NRL club would cater for the body, mind and soul? Only those that actually know that they do. Makes a lot of sense given the nature of the game, the modern and professional game. George seems like a great fit for the role.
    Thanks TCT for sharing this.

    1. sixties

      Cheers BDon.
      George is a great bloke. Just wanted people to get to know another wonderful person who works hard to make the club better.

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