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Stats That Matta – Round 14, 2019: Eels Defeat Broncos


Saturday, June 15 2019, Bankwest Stadium

Crowd: 16,854


(Tries: J. Hoffman x 2, M. Sivo, M. Jennings, J. Paulo, D. Gower, R. Mahoney. Goals: M. Moses 5 from 7.)



(Tries: M. Gillet, C. Oates. Goals: J. Isaako 1 from 3.)

Now we are back from the Representative Round break, focus, for now, is back on NRL for a week. Well a week for the Eels.

So let’s reminisce and look back at the numbers from the Eels and Broncos clash to get us fired up for tomorrow night’s clash against the Raiders at our home away from home in Darwin.

This game was another head scratcher for the Eels after a poor performance against the Sharks the week earlier.

A lot of people are questioning why we can play brilliant footy at Bankwest but no where else. No doubt that is on Brad Arthur’s list of questions as well.

Given that the Darwin game is a home game, do we expect another great performance or another ‘we are just here on holidays’ performance?

A consistent week in week out performance is all we are looking for. Having big wins is great, but having them coupled with huge losses isn’t ideal to say the least. Our inability to grind out a game is concerning. Let’s hope that finally clicks into the players’ minds.

Lets look at the Stats that Matta for the Broncos game.

Score Flow

Parramatta Eels
H Minute Name Event Score
1 6 J.Paulo TRY 4 – 0
1 7 M.Moses CONVERSION 6 – 0
1 11 M.Sivo TRY 10 – 0
1 13 M.Moses CONVERSION MISS 10 – 0
1 18 M.Jennings TRY 14 – 0
1 19 M.Moses CONVERSION 16 – 0
1 28 J.Hoffman TRY 20 – 0
1 30 M.Moses CONVERSION MISS 20 – 0
1 36 D.Gower TRY 24 – 0
1 37 M.Moses CONVERSION 26 – 0
1 40 J.Isaako PENALTY GOAL MISS 26 – 0
2 43 M.Gillett TRY 26 – 4
2 44 J.Isaako CONVERSION MISS 26 – 4
2 48 J.Hoffman TRY 30 – 4
2 50 M.Moses CONVERSION 32 – 4
2 66 C.Oates TRY 32 – 8
2 67 J.Isaako CONVERSION 32 – 10
2 71 R.Mahoney TRY 36 – 10
2 72 M.Moses CONVERSION 38 – 10


Game Stats

Team Stats

Full Time

55 Possession (%) 45
33/41 (80) Complete/Total Sets (%) 25/34 (74)
46:33 Time – Opposition Half 34:57
19:03 Time – Opposition 20 11:21
2604 Metres Gained 2006
5 Scrum Win 4
1 Goal Line Dropout 2
6 Penalty Conceded 5
0 Forty Twenty 0
Team Stats

1st Half

61 Possession (%) 39
20/22 (91) Complete/Total Sets (%) 12/15 (80)
19:53 Time – Opposition Half 21:25
11:18 Time – Opposition 20 6:20
1434 Metres Gained 890
3 Scrum Win 1
0 Goal Line Dropout 1
4 Penalty Conceded 4
0 Forty Twenty 0
Team Stats

2nd Half

49 Possession (%) 51
13/19 (68) Complete/Total Sets (%) 13/19 (68)
26:40 Time – Opposition Half 13:32
7:45 Time – Opposition 20 5:01
1170 Metres Gained 1115
2 Scrum Win 3
1 Goal Line Dropout 1
2 Penalty Conceded 1
0 Forty Twenty 0

The second half was a bit of a let down stats wise and no doubt something Brad Arthur would have addressed. The first 40 produced superiority across completions, possession and metres run. Such dominance was bound to be reflected on the scoreboard. But after a stellar first half, the Eels dropped off the intensity in the second stanza and if not for a very poor Broncos performance, this could have been very alarming for the Eels.

As previously said, we aren’t a team to grind and that comes from a mindset. Was the mindset going into the sheds at half time one of ‘yeah we got this. We don’t need to do much in the second half.’?

Player Stats (Click to open)


By Halves

I was asked after this game to look at the possessions from Moses and Salmon for each half. Which is something I was thinking about during this game. If you can recall, Moses went down a very short side in the second half and kicked out on the full. The Broncos then scored off that set of six. I was thinking surely, we need to have a second option and not just be using Mitch on the last all the time.

Forward Rotation

Games Avg Mins Last Game This Game
Kane Evans 9 26 32 31
Reed Mahoney 14 74 80 73
Junior Paulo 13 52 58 46
Shaun Lane 14 78 75 80
Manu Ma’u 8 61 67 80
Nathan Brown 3 40 45 58
Ray Stone 4 24 19 23
Peni Terepo 12 41 43 31
David Gower 7 44 78 52
Marata Niukore 14 65 40 29


Runs 188 156
Run Metres 1746 1293
Tackles 316 388
Missed Tackles 38 34
Tackle Ineffective 25 25
Effective Tackle Rate 83% 87%
Errors 6 11

Heat Maps

Set Starts

Not many sets were started in the Broncos 20, so we played the long game. With some sets starting in in-goal areas, the Broncos tried to play the kicking game and keep the Eels down in their own territory but their defence men didn’t get that memo.

Hit Ups

Please take note. Every time we see this heat map, with the red inside the opposition half, the Eels get the two points.


Now we are all caught up, we can now concentrate on the Raiders. They kept us scoreless in the nation’s capital early this year, so now its time to repay the favour.

To get some credibility in this competition, you need to back up week in week out and the Eels are not doing that at all.

Many teams and players both publicly and privately have shamed and slammed the Eels forward pack and now is the time to stand up. We are now on the starting slope into the finals and we really need to set alight this premiership tilt. We have shown we can do it, but needs to be week in week out.

The Eels are a side led by Mitchell Moses and it is showing. Moses is playing rocks and diamonds and so is the team as a whole.

We saw the jubilation from the players after the Broncos win. If they like that feeling then lets see it each week, not every fortnight.

The Bankwest honeymoon is over and now is the time to prove we can play great footy outside that arena.

Yours in Blue and Gold


Stats courtesy of Champion Data.

All these stats and more can be viewed on our match centre at including live game stats.


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A beautiful set of numbers but can they be repeated by the Eels? Good run metres with 8 players >100m including 4 forwards – a much more balanced team effort with the ball than some of the earlier rounds where we relied on the outside backs.
Paulo (15 tackles) & Evans (11 tackles) are light on defensively, it would be good to see these big guys doing more in the middle to take the pressure of Reed.


As I have pointed out, the next step forward must be driven by defence.


The most glaring figure to come out of this, even with a good win, is our poor defensive stats. Missed Tackles 38, Tackle Ineffective 25 and Effective Tackle Rate 83%. All these figures are poor and if the real Broncos (whoever they are) had turned up the result may have been different. Sorry but the defensive coaches have to go, as Sixties has pointed out in an earlier article, our defence has just not improved over the past 3 years. And some of our losses have been absolutely diabolical.


I have no issue with the coaching they’re receiving Glenn. If the players can’t measure up defensively they shouldn’t be in first grade.