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Stats That Matta – Round 12, 2019: Eels Defeat Rabbitohs


Round 12


(Tries: C. Gutherson, B. Ferguson, M. Sivo, J. Hoffman. Goals: M. Moses 5 from 6. Field Goals: M. Moses 0 from 2)



(Tries: T. Burgess, T. Tatola. Goals: A. Reynolds 3 from 3.)

Friday, May 31 2019

Bankwest Stadium

Crowd: 21,645

It’s a much better feeling to be back in the winner’s circle, especially against the ladder leading Bunnies. Yes, yes, the Bunnies were depleted, but every team can only play whoever is in front of them, and to be fair, that Souths team threw more at the Eels than the Panthers and Cowboys did in the previous weeks.

It was encouraging to watch Moses run the ball more. He looks so much more dangerous when running the ball and the Rabbitohs left edge was always on alert when he carried the footy.

A massive shout out was earned by Manu Ma’u, with the rampaging backrower breaking the 200 running metres mark. Since his return he has been in top notch form.  It was a near faultless performance from ‘Munz’ , though I could be picky about Manu dropping off the Moses break before halftime instead of supporting on the inside. Moses made the break and looked inside where Ma’u should have been. He had fresh air in front of him and made that try a bit harder than it should have been. A try would have topped off a superb performance from Manu. Again, those one percenters that gets bandied about. Food for thought.

Another positive for the Eels was the centre paring of M. Jennings and Hoffman. The return of Michael Jennings just gives us more in attack and we can utilize both edges instead of just relying on Ferguson to do some of the hard work coming out of our back field.

But in saying that, we cannot get to carried away as we need to keep our heads down and do the gritty work. A team has to earn the glittery attacking stuff.

So let’s look at the Stats that Matta.

Score Flow

Parramatta Eels
H Minute Name Event Score
1 16 A.Reynolds PENALTY GOAL 0 – 2
1 26 M.Moses PENALTY GOAL 2 – 2
1 31 C.Gutherson TRY 6 – 2
1 32 M.Moses CONVERSION 8 – 2
1 35 B.Ferguson TRY 12 – 2
1 36 M.Moses CONVERSION 14 – 2
2 47 M.Sivo TRY 18 – 2
2 48 M.Moses CONVERSION 20 – 2
2 54 T.Burgess TRY 20 – 6
2 55 A.Reynolds CONVERSION 20 – 8
2 59 J.Hoffman TRY 24 – 8
2 61 M.Moses CONVERSION MISS 24 – 8
2 73 T.Tatola TRY 24 – 12
2 74 A.Reynolds CONVERSION 24 – 14
2 76 M.Moses PENALTY GOAL 26 – 14
2 77 M.Moses FIELD GOAL MISS 26 – 14
2 79 M.Moses FIELD GOAL MISS 26 – 14

Game Stats

Team Stats

Full Time

52 Possession (%) 48
28/38 (74) Complete/Total Sets (%) 32/40 (80)
45:45 Time – Opposition Half 35:21
17:30 Time – Opposition 20 12:17
2258 Metres Gained 2020
5 Scrum Win 7
1 Goal Line Dropout 1
8 Penalty Conceded 5
0 Forty Twenty 0
Team Stats

First Half

50 Possession (%) 50
14/18 (78) Complete/Total Sets (%) 18/23 (78)
30:02 Time – Opposition Half 10:41
10:49 Time – Opposition 20 5:27
1179 Metres Gained 1087
3 Scrum Win 3
1 Goal Line Dropout 0
6 Penalty Conceded 3
0 Forty Twenty 0
Team Stats

Second Half

55 Possession (%) 45
14/20 (70) Complete/Total Sets (%) 14/17 (82)
15:43 Time – Opposition Half 24:40
6:41 Time – Opposition 20 6:50
1079 Metres Gained 933
2 Scrum Win 4
0 Goal Line Dropout 1
2 Penalty Conceded 2
0 Forty Twenty 0

The Eels dominated field time in the first stanza and reaped the benefits of that.

That said, the penalty count did not reflect the dominance in both territory and metres gained by the Eels. It’s fair to say that the calls made – the 50/50 stuff as well as the penalties, kept the bunnies in the hunt.

When Bunnies turned it around in the second half, there was a sense of a fight back. But the Eels did hold strong and collected a good morale boosting win.

Player Stats

R12 Eels (Click to view)

Forward Rotation

Games Avg Mins Last Week This Week
Kane Evans 7 24 34
Reed Mahoney 12 74 80 80
Junior Paulo 11 52 47 42
Shaun Lane 12 78 80 80
Manu Ma’u 6 57 58 80
Tepai Moeroa 10 41 37
Peni Terepo 10 42 32 41
Ray Stone 3 24 19
David Gower 5 37 30 38
Marata Niukore 12 70 68 30

There are some interesting observations to be made here.

In starting this match, Evans enjoyed an increase on his season average. He certainly didn’t let the team down.

A HIA accounted for fewer minutes for Junior, but it could be argued that the resulting performance could point towards fewer minutes. Marata dropped from a 70 minute average to a 30 minute impact bench player. Again, he delivered the type of performance to justify the change.

Finally Manu Ma’u reminded everyone that he can deliver 80 minutes of power, skill and ferocity as an edge forward.



Runs 187 159
Run Metres 1762 1363
Tackles 336 370
Missed Tackles 40 39
Tackle Ineffective 8 24
Effective Tackle Rate 87.5% 85%
Errors 14 10

Heat Maps

Set Starts

We can see the results of Reynolds kicking game, but there was still some decent field position in getting our sets started. Of course we would have preferred more in the opposition red zone. We used that bit of extra field to run the ball more and have our forwards push up the middle and utilize our edges.

Hit Ups

This heat map shows it perfectly. Our middles were running hard and creating metres for our halves to use the edges. Great to finally see some hard yards pushing deep in the opposition territory.


As stated earlier, it was a god win and good to get one over the ladder leaders. It just seems when we play the better teams (bar Storm) we lift and can compete at their level. But it is totally different against sides who are playing poor and we go down to their levels.

We need to perform at a consistent level to make a mark in this competition. The ups and downs that this team plays with is most obviously a mental issue, and it’s not good enough. Everyone knows they can play well and compete with the best. But its not about just competing, it’s about winning.

We competed on the scoreboard against the Cowboys and the Panthers, but we failed to deliver a winning mindset in those clashes. Those two performances against ordinary opponents were more disappointing than the Storm shellacking. That’s not disrespecting the Cowboys or the Panthers. But the reality is that they both provided more than enough opportunities for the Eels to win those matches. The Eels simply handed those opportunities back to them, and threw in a couple of extra chances themselves.

This week we travel to Shark Park. The team is looking stronger and with Nathan Brown on the extended bench, the Eels are looking close to being at full strength.

We can give the Sharks a good battle as long as we keep that winning mentality going. Have a listen to Matty Johns podcast from last week, or watch it on Fox, where he explains about the differences between competing and winning.

Yours in Blue and Gold


Stats courtesy of Champion Data.

All these stats and more can be viewed on our match centre at including live game stats.

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Seth hardie

Comprehensive report again colmac. I wish the team had the same mental application you do week in week out. It’s obviously the big challenge to get this team ” on song” each game. If they aren’t this week the Sharks will maul them.


If any player delivers a below par effort in terms of energy or intensity this week, they need to also spend time in a Wenty jersey.


Great summary Colmac, let’s hope these represent a new standard from the Eels


Just have to.

Colin Hussey

I like the aspect that with Manu back in the 2nd row both he and Lane can play 80 minutes, which means that Marata can play shorter stints and that he can provide better impact for the forwards doing that as well.

Certainly the balance seemed much better against the mixies which was a good sign, they all now need to be primed for a repeat performance against the sharks, its not going to be an easy task but if it happens it can be a real lifting experience for the team as a whole.


The problem against the Panthers was that the middle was performing so poorly that Lane was shifted in. This detracted from the Eels attack as he wasn’t hitting any edge lines.
The middle did their job better against the Bunnies which meant our edge functioned better.


Not sure what’s the best way to bring Marata into a game?
He’s best on the edge but interrupting Lane & Manu’s combination mid game is not ideal. So fresh legs in the middle unless the 2nd rowers need a spell.


I think his energy, power and mobility in the middle works for us.

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