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Post Game Grades – Round 10 at North Queensland

Parramatta_Eels_logo.svg  Parramatta Eels 10

North Queensland Cowboys 17

The Good:
Well, it wasn’t as bad as last week, but the predictable symphony of disappointment nonetheless continues to play in the ears of Eels fans tonight.

If we’re fair dinkum, we never deserved to be anywhere near winning this game. There’s very little good to see here.

I know this box says “The Good”, but it’s lying to you.

The Bad:
Make no mistake, the Eels were dreadful tonight. A team with any sort of class or confidence would have torn us to shreds, and the struggling Cowboys almost did. I mean, if Coen Hess knew how to run a decoy, you could add three tries to the Cowboys’ final tally.

Like a soldier suffering from Magic Round PTSD, we are suddenly a shell of the team who proudly ran riot in the first 8 weeks of the competition.

Our middle defence, particularly in the opening 30 minutes of the game was straight up terrible. It seems our pass selection at the back end of the game wasn’t great, either.

Although I’ll be forever glad he extended for another 2 years this week, BA has some work to do. Despite having our pride and 54 point differential ripped away from us last week, there was a team wide inability to hit and stick in the opening stanza; very concerning signs for a side that should have been right up for this clash.

The X-Factor:
There’s not much to say other than it was a minor miracle that we weren’t down by a king’s ransom at halftime. Let it be known throughout the land that the better team won the game tonight.

Other than Gennings’ pass heard around the world, the Eels lost the game tonight through poor ruck defence and allowing too many offloads. The Cows got 16 of them away, 9 in the first half alone. That’s ridiculous. Giving the Cows 58% possession also doesn’t help matters, and might have explained our poor ruck defence if it wasn’t what the French call “pic de merde” in the opening 30 minutes.

Sure, the highlights will show a poor play from a back sealing the win for NQ, but it was our collective forward pack who should be wearing this loss on the chin.

The MVP:


It doesn’t feel right giving it out when everyone was pretty lame in one way or the other. Manu Ma’u was good in parts and Shaun Lane was very good in the second half. It was nice to see Gutho bounce back too.

Give it to whoever you want, I’ll be over here, sulking in the corner. Sorry, if these Grades are a little vanilla tonight.


1- Clint Gutherson (c)

Fullback, Parramatta Eels

As above, it was good to see Gutho back to his roving best in the middle, supporting and generally running amok. The King’s 16 runs for 163 metres, 2 tackle breaks and a couple of sneaky chip kicks was a nice spark for us; and you know how stoked I am we’ll be seeing it for another 3 years. Gutho was definitely not the problem tonight.

2- George Jennings

Left Wing, Parramatta Eels

You know those single moments that can straight up ruin a game for your whole team? I feel bad for the bloke as, not unlike an archaeologist, George Jennings’ career is probably in ruins.

3- Josh Hoffman

Left Centre, Parramatta Eels

The intercept try was nice, but his running play in general was quite good for large parts of the game. Baywatch admittedly had his running stats inflated by that big play, but nonetheless deserves all of tonight’s 9 runs, 162 metre, 3 tackle break stat line. You gotta say, he’s been pretty good in both of his fill in performances this year. Is the Hoff a better backup centre than winger? Tonight’s game points to yes.

4- Brad Takairangi

Right Centre, Parramatta Eels

Not Bad Takairangi, but I’m also not ready to sing his praises. The try is a nice exclamation mark for his game, and his running and passing game was agreeably selective. Not Bad Takairangi, but consider yourself still firmly in the Grades dog house.

5- Blake Ferguson

Right Wing, Parramatta Eels

Fergo was by no means bad tonight, but almost indicative of our team’s form, Blake just doesn’t seem to be as switched on in recent weeks as he was at the start of the year. To be fair, he is running around out there with a face like a stunt man’s knee, and still ran 17 times for 163 metres, also chipping in a linebreak and 3 tackle breaks. Still, I’m just not feeling it like I once was with Sir Ferg.

Hopefully Bankwest injects some energy and enthusiasm into him and he carves out another one of his colossal games on Thursday night.

6- Will Smith

Five Eighth, Parramatta Eels

You know what? Will Smith actually played pretty well, other than a couple of defensive errors in the middle of the field. Not much in the scheme of statistical quality (Will only ran 4 times, made 21 tackles with a couple of misses), but he had a couple of clever passes to his outside men, and his piercing eyes could tell you a tale that’d stay with you for days.

7- Mitchell Moses

Halfback, Parramatta Eels

That pass to Fergo no-one was embarrassingly bad; but that moment seemed to wake him up a little. Although it was good to see his enthusiasm light up the middle of the field on a couple of occasions, our attack in general felt like it lacked direction. Here’s hoping the 2019 edition of the Mitch Moses Live Shows gets back into gear next week because those mid field bombs don’t pay the rent.

8- Daniel Alvaro

Prop, Parramatta Eels

Cowboys prop Matt Scott is so old that when he was a kid, rainbows were in black and white. Nonetheless, Daniel was only too happy to shadow him to the try line in the 7th minute. I guess Polar really respect his elders.

It’s a pretty poor run of form for the Polar Bear at the moment; all this talk about the impacts of climate change might be getting to him. Get back to good soon, Daniel; because your form right now is anything but.

9- Reed Mahoney

Hooker, Parramatta Eels

It was an incredible try saving tackle from Reed on Coen Hess that saved the Eels from further humiliation in the second half. Although his presence has plenty to do with our middle structures, I thought the Little Bulldog’s defence was only just south of alright (55 tackles, 3 missed, 5 ineffective), unlike some of his fellow middle men.

10- Junior Paulo

Prop, Parramatta Eels

As the case with his front row partner, Junior’s defensive mobility in the middle leaves a lot to be desired; and although he was terrific in the first half (7 run for 85 metres), he only ran once in his second half stint (for 10 metres). What the hell, big fella?

11- Shaun Lane

Second Row, Parramatta Eels

My affections for Shaun Lane refuse to waver, despite a sub par defensive presence from him in the first half. For the record, Laney made 28 tackles in total tonight. It seems there are only a few people who can really spark our attack at the moment and Shaun Lane is one of those guys (along with Moses, Gutho and Fergo). Shaun still stands tall on the podium for NRL buy of the season in my opinion.

Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here’s my number so call me, Laney.

12- Marata Niukore

Second Row, Parramatta Eels

Marata didn’t miss a single tackle tonight, but he was giving away offloads like they were election pamphlets, allowing the Cowboys 9 of them on his watch. That is certifiably bad.

Yet, on the other hand, 6 runs for 61 metres and 35 tackles overall is still good football.

13- Manu Ma’u

Lock, Parramatta Eels

Although he didn’t move the needle into Marata territory, Manu’s great first half running game (a linebreak and 6 runs for 95 metres) was offset by allowing 4 first half offloads in defence. The Tongan Terminator ended up with 10 for 129 metres, adding a linebreak and 3 tackle breaks. However, Manu’s 4 missed tackles, 5 offloads allowed and 2 errors certainly takes the shine off an otherwise diamond game in attack.

14- Peni Terepo

Interchange, Parramatta Eels

I still haven’t forgiven Peni for Round 9, and he wasn’t good enough tonight to change my mind. Sure, 5 runs for 48 metres isn’t terrible, but it’s hardly redeeming after last week’s effort and years of my defending his honour for no gain. Quit calling me Peni, it’s over mate.

15- Tim Mannah

Interchange, Parramatta Eels

Old Man Mannah ran 6 times for 51 metres and made 25 tackles. Hopefully he can figure out a way to secure another thrifty Eels contract for 2020, because he is consistently playing better than most of our forward pack, week in, week out.

16- Tepai Moeroa

Interchange, Parramatta Eels


17- Oregon Kaufusi

Interchange, Parramatta Eels

Oregon only ran twice for 21 metres, and contributed 12 tackles tonight. In other news, I hear he hits the clubs wearing Deep Heat as a cologne.

So what’s next for the Eels, I hear you ask?

It’s Eels Panthers Part 2 on Thursday night at Bankwest Stadium. Here’s hoping it’s not a repeat of the Knights game.

See you then, sports fans.

Go you Eels,


Photos courtesy of the Parramatta Eels. Stats courtesy of the legends over at Champion Data.

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Agree with all grades except for Moses. Deserves lower. Did not run the ball once and his kicking game was terrible. You can’t keep letting their back 3 catch the ball on the full near the 30m line


Moses ran four times for 36 metres. But I agree he could have run more. The Cowboys’ middle defence is very weak against speed and footwork and we hardly tested them.


Spot on Pou, I thought speed and agility in the middle would be where we would be aiming our play for at least a large proportion of the time yet we seemed oblivious, as if no one had actually watched the Cows play over the last 18 months. Next!
Mitch, some of your grades are very forgiving mate – I reckon you could of whacked the D key a couple more times! I can’t make it Thurs but hopefully you’ll be a happier man come Friday morning – cheers mate 🙂


Thanks for some actual facts. It seems, there’s no need to let the facts get in the way of a good whinge when you go by the name Anonymous.


This is the beginning of that point when we look back at the end of the year and say thats where the wheels started falling off at least this year it happened later. 2 more years of Brad Arthur saying the same thing at the press conference attitude, key moments etc etc.. 6 years and nothings changed or achived yet we give him 2 more unbelievable.. That game was the truest reflection of where this team is and its not good. Weve paid overs on 1 player who isnt origin standard lets hope they don’t repeat that with Moses but… Read more »


I think the drawn out negotiating for a player of his talent is ridiculous and i also don’t think 650k is his value but i can cop it so long as they don’t upgrade Moses aswell you can’t change things by holding onto the past.
BA should of been given a handshake and said thanks for your time we are moving nin a new direction, keeping him here is accepting mediocrity something this club and our fans seem to of become accustomed to


One can only hope that BAs contract contains KPI that he must meet otherwise his contract can be terminated at any time for a defined payout.


We are not a top8 team and that should be the minimum requirement of the coach


Mitch reading the Sunday Telegraph, we have certainly left ourselves exposed as far as the pay structure that Gutho got. $650K is probably where it needed to be, throw in the incentives, definitely we have paid overs to keep him.

Michael Formosa

Yep we are shit again! Ffs


Back in 2016/17 we had this guy as our defensive coach Not sure of the reason he left it may have been the cost cutting but since he left the defence as been average at best. Other than the roosters game it’s been the reason for all our losses this year. Even when we smash someone we are the last up. Have a look at the 3rd player in around the legs and watch him fall off as the attacker drives forward. How many offloads are there when the player seems to have been wrapped up? Ever notice how… Read more »

Big Derek

The D to Gennings was really generous,the brain explosion that turned the game was diabolical. No one should wonder why an inexperienced Sivo was seen as a safer bet than Gennings, yes he was injured/suspended but little doubt the coach wanted Sivo in the team. A good winger rucks the ball out with 11 minutes to go after absorbing pressure, an idiot doesn’t. That’s all from yet another frustrated fan.

As I’ve said elsewhere, if a junior team winger that made an error like that, he would have been hooked as punishment immediately. Friggin hell. That was so bad.!!!


My wife and I went to the old Ex Servicemens club at Waratah tonight for a family dinner with our two oldest chidrens 42nd birthday. As they have Foxtel on huge screen thought it might be through the club, glad it wasn’t from what I’ve read. I saw around 5 or so minutes of the game before heading to the line up to get into the buffet room, turned in time to see what looked to be a Scott try. Going back 20 or so minutes with the camera’s rolling and interviews, along with the warm up, bonding in shed… Read more »

Colin Hussey

That was me who posted the above comment, don’t know how I got punted from the tag name,


A couple of observations (brief); 1. Disagree with BA we lost the little moments not just the big ones. Dropped balls aplenty late set penalties, offloads given away – all little things that add up. 2. We have to find a way to get Reedy subbed off for 10-20 minutes @60minutes each week he goes down hill. He’s too young and does too much defensive work for 80 min hooker. If we had a couple forwards like Melbourne who make 40 odd tackles that would take some pressure off. And he could give quality 80. Just see him struggling at… Read more »


Sorry that was meant to better set out – you’re a trooper whoever down voted it. Yikes…can’t we all have an opinion..

Salty Pete

Mitch, I think your grade summations are spot on, and quite hilarious at times; however, your underlying tone is one of disappointment and disheartenment. Parra is officially in strife. They have lost their grit and defensive mojo. I also believe without D Brown and Salmon they have lost their youthful enthusiasm. They are a currently a team lacking in drive, and based on their middle defence tonight did not address the weaknesses that the Storm exploited. Where do they go from here? Do we have forwards who will work and tighten up the middle? These are the questions that must… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Pete, in the team fielded last night there were 4 players 24 or under, a few others around 25-26, overall its a relatively youthful side. Overall I think age wise its relatively well balanced, and with the old fella in Mannah where on earth would last nights team have been? The simple fact is that there are players in the team that are just not performing any more, at least to how they should be, sure we have injuries but where are those who were running hard, defending hard, showing ball skills and able to kick in the first 3… Read more »

Salty Pete

Col, dont disagree. I think the very young guys like Salmon have to go back and forth between grades for a while but frankly to just drop him after the Melbourne debacle puts no one else on notice. At 64-10 other changes were more than warranted. It seemed that game had no effect on their performance last night. I think Parra have big problems.

Colin Hussey

He was at least listed on the extended bench, with the number of other players out, especially Sivo and MJ, I think the coach decided on a bit of safety first, why he picked Smith, GJ and Hoff to cover those out, Mahoney I think is also feeling the pinch of long minutes so having Salmon who is very raw could have made things worse (if that’s possible) than they ended up.


Nathan Brown cannot come back quick enough. He defends in the middle and will not be run over. The big surprise for me is Alvaro. I keep thinking each game he will return to his old self, but I am wrong. It looks like every tackle he goes into he is either left on the ground leaving us with one marker, he does not wrap the ball up or gets beat back on the inside. I thought it was telling how early he got replaced tonight. He has gone from someone I have never even thought should be dropped, because… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Shelley, Alvaro certainly has dropped down the grade in a big way this year, and like you and others cannot understand why, he is soft, yet what is Jnr doing as well? Here was the big unit returning home and with big expectations of him bringing a player of needed size and skills to the team, seems that there is an impersonator in that body at the moment. We have back rowers that are running harder over 80 minutes than he does in how many? Both starting props are disappointing to say the least. While I believe Tim is playing… Read more »

The rev aka Snedden

Shelley don’t get me started on Penrith I think they will beat us n if that’s the case then they the club Bosses should call Brad in n termination of his contract should be cut. Enough of this from our club sick to death of watching side’s like the storm n Roosters n South’s win many games straight not wlwlwlwl it’s bs. Enough is enough Shelley I’m sick of sticking up for a bunch of soft players.


What may be a surprise to some but for the me the most disappointing part of this game wasn’t our middle defence. Moses’ kicking game was diabolical. He has emulated Mitch Pearce’s State of Origin kicking game plan and brought back one of the big problems of last year. In the early sets we were going set for set with the Cowboys but our kciking game was so poor that they won the territory battle very quickly. The most frustrating part of this is that in 2017 both Norman and Moses had excellent kicking games and repeatedly kept us in… Read more »


I can tell how moses will play by his 1st 2 kicks in a game when hes doing the nothing bomb we are in trouble. I don’t mind the bomb but go high have the fullback come at it and put him under pressure not straight down to him. I won’t be upset if mitch is moved on.
Agree re smith a much better option then salmon


Adding on the comments of everyone else: 1) George Jennings lost the ball 4 times (two knock ons 1 stripped, 1 poor pass) two of which directly led to tries and two of which cost us tries. He single handedly cost us the game 2) We had the ball striped 1 on 1 three times throughout the game, must be a first for the NRL 3) Moses kicking game was terrible. 12 mid field bombs, all bar two of them caught without an Eels player within 10 metres of the catcher. Seriously, we need a kicking coach as this has… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Nathan Brown certainly is sorely missed, but just adding one more to the pack won’t help unless the other 8 don’t do their share of the load, I say 8 because we likely need a decent utility on the bench rather than just 4 forwards.


Mitch, your mood is not infectious, I had it already. I think it was Danny Buderus who mentioned there was no talk from our forwards, just going through the motions. This all needs some serious fixing, there is switch off and laziness, both in setting our line and the tackle. We allow one half break and get rolled downfield by quick play, we fall off tackles, allow post contact meters and offloads. Our kick chase remains ordinary, how many times does our line slow down and watch the catcher? Rarely any pressure on the catcher. Moses kicks the ball high… Read more »

Colin Hussey

BDon, what you are saying about talk also showed up as I witnessed on Fox with the team in the sheds and going out onto the paddock how their attitude looked. Not sure if I put it in but in the warm up time, I also noticed a player leaning against the goal posts, could not see who it was as his head was not shown, but he was just leaning there as if recovering from sleep or something.

Trouser Eel

I admire your commitment and stamina Mitch. I haven’t seen the game yet but it sounds pretty dire.
In a game of inches, you simply can’t have your half back repeatedly resorting to mid field bombs. Surely someone on the team can kick a long ball?


Why can’t Moses try some repeat sets instead of trying to score each and every set. I compare it to boxing wherein you try to hit the body to weaken the opponent. I remember Dylan Brown did it twice against tge Dogs and it turned around the game. Further our middle third is leaking too much points. They have been the bread & butter of opposing teams. We are sliding down the ladder so fast we might end up in 16th again:(. Hope we can soon the Brown ‘brothers’ back asap.

Salty Pete

And dont forget Salmon did the same against St George for the same effect. Problem is every 5/8 is deferring to Moses as the dominant half. If Moses calls for it, he gets it. Having said that, I dont believe we can judge Moses too harshly while our middle is being dominated……. forwards win matches, backs score tries!!!

!0 Year Member

This sums it all up. Let me first start by stating, whilst our middle defense was terrible with us again getting worked over at marker and offloads, the scramble to cover was impressive. Two props tackling another prop below the waist from 1 meter out is not ideal. The issue is, the chief play maker playing like a cornered cat when with the ball, we do not have the ability to turn around from out defensive plays and get into any sort of field position. Mid fields bombs (after last year, I am left shuddering in my skin) with no… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Why is every kick, or at least it seems this way on the last tackle and always seemingly high? I have seen MM and Gutho, also Mahoney kick low and long to get a scrum in the oppositions territory, DBrown was also great with that area as well as short kicks over the top of the opposition defence line on the run, Salmon sometimes has also kicked the grubber types. This is where I believe French could be a good call at 6, he also has that over the defence line kicking ability, and speed to get to the ball… Read more »

Colin Hussey

If, biggest word in the English language Mitch.


Our ability to control the ruck and play the ball speed is laughable to say the least. Teams just roll through us and we are drowning from the opening whistle.

I know George’s pass was atrocious but how many absolute clangers does Fergo have to make before he is held to account. He’s running at almost one howler per game.

Seth hardie

The head coach said we lost the big moments.As far as I can see the last two weeks have been one combined ” BIG MOMENT”. Recruitment and retention of forward plodders and little idea how to turn them into a hungry pack contribute greatly.


Your first 2 paragraphs of ‘The Bad’ summed up my thoughts perfectly. Quite ironic that you started off with ‘Make no mistake’ as mistakes defined our performance. Fox Sports stated that we’re leading the pack in mistakes made, at 13 a game, and last night we made every mistake you could think of, and probably a few more none had imagined. Our defence is, well, deplorable, and part of that imo is that both Paulo and Alvaro are slow. We fail to lock the ball up and our line speed is poor to non existent which contributes to being dominated… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Mitch does that June date also mean Dunster, Parry and Faingai are also able to play in the top grade? Hopefully that is the case as with those 4 available it will help fill some gaps for us next year.

Given Alvaro is 25 & watching Tapau for Manly today and he’s 29 this year, I know which one is playing the best. The old guy.

Parramatta Tragic

I would sack the defence coach and bring in Price and Muggleton at 9:00 am tomorrow morning: John Muggleton makes case for Rebels defence John Muggleton Rebels defence coach John Muggleton makes a point at training at Visy Park yesterday Picture: Aaron Francis By Bret Harris TheAustralian 11:00PM November 11, 2011 JOHN Muggleton created professional rugby’s first modern defensive pattern but he now faces arguably his greatest challenge in attempting to teach the Melbourne Rebels how to stop leaking tries in next year’s Super Rugby competition. A former rugby league international, Muggleton’s innovative defensive strategies helped the Rod Macqueen-coached Wallabies… Read more »

Colin Hussey

PT, I don’t disagree that something needs to be done with the defence side of things, but its also the dumb attacking options that are happening, I just watched a couple of nice tries scored by Blacktown and Newtown in the CC match, they showed the class in variety in the last tackle kicks rather than our kicker who is an up and over kicker.


Unlike the media and a lot of Eels fans, I have always managed to temper my expectations for this season, even when we were playing some great footy. Considering the year that was 2018, I still maintain if we can finish somewhere around 10th the season should be considered a success. Plenty of teams come out of the gates strong in the early rounds (see Tigers in 2018, Dragons in 2017 + most years), it’s always around this stage of the season that we find out who is a legitimate contender. This is all to say that where we are… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Well Mitch, I think you got their statement game last night, but certainly not the one desired.

PS, I am trying to be nice, but it hurts.

The Devil aka Snedden

Sorry Mitch but I just saw the lowelights because they weren’t highlights. I’m going to hammer Gutherson really had a gut full of this mob we call Parramatta Eels. From my standpoint of the game if my coach called me soft I’d be doing all I can to win. Gutherson kicking on the 2nd tackle after being in the clear like fmd who does that. Yeah there was only 90 seconds left but we still in with a chance. His rating should be lower like -c . Moses we shouldn’t sign him yet not until he show’s improvement sick of… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Rev, French has not had a chance to show anything this year in the NRL squad, time that he was given a run as he’s been doing ok at Wenty, 9 tries so far this season.


French actually requested not to play at times this season he won’t play on the wing its fullback or 5/8 gutho and swmitg will both hold those postions for a while unless injury comes in to it

Colin Hussey

swmitg? is he a new ghost signing Offside??

The rev aka Snedden

Mitch I read somewhere that the eels are looking to shop Alvaro to a English club because of his Italian background. If I find it I will post

Colin Hussey

I read that somewhere myself, not sure if it only applies to next year though. Mitch I have not seen anything that indicates Alvaro has an option on next year. Usually on the Zero Tackle player profile where the contract years are shown there is usually a PO or CO in the year after the contract finishes and nothing on Alvaro there. Its also very sad with Tepi as well, I watched his interview on the eels web site and was quite upset about BA calling the team sort, seems he does not like factual assessments. When I saw that… Read more »


Another rubbish performance from Parra.
When your Coach continually comes out in press conferences and says the attitude and effort were there, then maybe the players start believing what they’re doing is fine.
BA stop being a friend and start making those tough calls and drop these players, the buck stops with you Coach.
On another note Mahoney is busting his arse out there and needs a break during the game.


100% Correct Terry about BA! Mahoney in my opinion is an 80 minute player, IF – he has a solid performing forward pack that goes forward in attack and moves off the line in D!!!

West Coast Eel

The eels were terrible last night. Let’s not forget the cowboys were disallowed 3 or 4 tries. It looks to me as if some of the players need a rest. When is Nathan Brown back? Soon I hope! Penrith next week. A team coming last, who we should beat. We all know how that normally turns out. C’mon Parra, turn it around next week.


I have nothing to add as what has been said by all and sundry sums it all up. Disappointing- defence was the key in 2016/17, it seems to have gone by the way side. It’s attitude and mindset.


Sadly we were a disappointing outfit again against the Cowboys, is Junior Paulo showing his worth, I don’t believe he is, in fact I think he is playing too long a minutes in the first half. Mitchell Moses is really playing poorly, and his kicking game, is just catching practice to the opposition, however this is on the back of really lackluster performances through our forward pack that is flat in attack and struggling to make meters. I have long been a Takka fan, but realistically he is far from his best in 2019, perhaps a run in the second… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Max, there seems to be a big difference in the way the team is performing overall. the wins have been great, especially the one prior to the Canberra game, since then it appears to be more like a yo yo experience with crook strings. There are certainly players who were part of those winning games that are not showing their form on a week to week basis, and just shows a real lack of mental ability in keeping a winning focus and mindset. The loss of Nathan Brown in the first game, was big but we covered that with a… Read more »


Colín, Tapau has strength, speed and mobility, He varies his hit ups, then wrestles in possession to free up the ball. You’re right, good video ( and I think for sheer hard running, Warea Hargreaves is the standard right now, he grew up after the Kiwis dropped him). Junior is more about bulldozing, only seems to have one gear, and hopes they fall off to free up the ball. Middle defenders seem to be getting to him quickly, before he hits high torque, and in numbers, He has started to back into the defence, probably to try to get into… Read more »


Col, I respect your thoughts and similarly I have been around the game a while, the responsibility of the guy up in the box is to deliver a solid game plan, and instill a mental toughness through his players to deliver that same plan, particularly when things don’t go our way, we drop our lip and make stupid decisions, mentally tough teams like Melbourne and to a lesser extent Manly, whom has limited talent but are mentally tough enough to find a way to win. Look at the difference Hasler has made to Barrett with basically the same side. I… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Max, I have also noticed BA, thump the table in the box and his face quite agitated and speaking saying something to poker faced Kidwell with BA getting on the WTalkie.

I think a lot of his calmness is more on show in the pressers, but if you look at his eyes they often tell a different story.


Col, at some point he has to get beyond thumping the table and make his players accountable and want to win for him at all costs and carry some pride in the blue and gold jersey they are privileged enough to be wearing?

Colin Hussey

Max, its often a scene with all coaches when something wrong is done by their team, there’s some classics out with Bellamy at the top of the grade, Maqurire can toss a good one at times, same as Hazzler, Robbo isn’t bad either, Bennetts good at the sarcasm, and each of them have been seen in the glass enclosures punching the walls and walking out, Toovey IIRC had a real skitz in the sheds one time, and some clubs banned the half time shed scenes for televised matches, Thing I was getting at is that BA has his moments just… Read more »


Col, all of these passionate men that you have listed have won a comp!!! Their players want to play for them! You are throwing our coach into a list that he doesn’t qualify to be mentioned in the same breath as. Its sad but true! We signed him to get Gutho, now we are behind the eight ball for the next 4 years at least. We had an opportunity to look to the future and we didn’t. We are a big club, with a big supporter base, with even bigger expectations, we needed to sign a big name coach! Bernie… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Max. I understand where you are coming from, but not all of those coaches I mentioned have been without issues at their respective clubs, and one only has to look at some of the results that have come from teams under their controls, I cannot agree though that the club would have used the reason to sign BA was to get Gutho across the line, if that is/was the case then I personally will walk away from the eels and RL until both are sacked and the two bosses also leave. Many a player have left a club to play… Read more »


Colin, I couldn’t agree more. Each and every player is responsible for the teams outcomes. B.A doesn’t lie in the ruck, fall off tackles, make bad decisions, give up on chasing line breaks or choose to be lazy. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Integrity is a personal choice, Look at Gower, not a star player, but, always gives his best, never leaves anything in the tank. He’s full of personal integrity, responsibility and team spirit. Something we are sorely lacking at present

Colin Hussey

Thanks Johno. Gower is one of those players as you say gives his all, is the ideal type of person/player you want in a team, he’s is not a superstar but when he runs on to play you know he will give his all, shame its often not replicated by others.

!0 Year Member

Well said Colin. The wins have been lucky games where we did not need to defend and we scored long range tries. Whilst great we can score from anywhere on the field, on our day, we need to be able to play smart and grind. Our chief play maker does not exist. We need to get into the bump and grind and work our way to wins as well. That is what we are lacking. If we play the Panthers back into from on Thursday, I will personally return my membership. Unless of course we play well and lose, like… Read more »

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