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Stats That Matta – Round 9, 2019: Storm vs Eels


Round 9


(Tries: M. Sivo, S. Lane. Goals: M. Moses 1 from 2.)

Defeated by

STORM 64 (Tries: C. Munster x 2, J. Addo-Carr x 2, D. Finucane, J. Hughes, C. Scott, S. Vunivalu, B. Croft, R. Papenhuyzen, K. Bromwich. Goals: C. Smith 9 from 11, W. Chambers 1 from 1.)

Saturday, May 11 2019

Suncorp Stadium

Crowd: 41,612

This was a painful match to watch. Similarly, it’s a painful statistical review to write.

Not even the most critical observer f the Eels would have predicted this result. Quite the contrary.

The clash was team 4 vs team 5. What was dished up was the equivalent of the old days when a first grade team would take on a bush team as pre-season trial. Even that comparison is insulting to the efforts that bush teams would provide back then.

There’s no escaping the lack of commitment from the Eels. It was embarrassing.

The Storm were clinical, whereas the Eels looked like they needed some sort of clinical treatment.

So, with that brief introduction, let’s get on with more grim reading via the numbers.

Score Flow

Parramatta Eels
H Time Name Event Score
1 12 C.Munster TRY 4 – 0
1 13 C.Smith CONVERSION 6 – 0
1 17 D.Finucane TRY 10 – 0
1 18 C.Smith CONVERSION 12 – 0
1 21 C.Smith PENALTY GOAL 14 – 0
1 26 S.Lane TRY 14 – 4
1 28 M.Moses CONVERSION 14 – 6
1 30 J.Addo-Carr TRY 18 – 6
1 32 C.Smith CONVERSION MISS 18 – 6
1 38 J.Hughes TRY 22 – 6
1 40 C.Smith CONVERSION 24 – 6
2 44 C.Scott TRY 28 – 6
2 46 C.Smith CONVERSION 30 – 6
2 48 S.Vunivalu TRY 34 – 6
2 49 C.Smith CONVERSION MISS 38 – 6
2 51 C.Munster TRY 38 – 6
2 52 C.Smith CONVERSION 40 – 6
2 53 B.Croft TRY 44 – 6
2 54 C.Smith CONVERSION 46 – 6
2 55 R.Papenhuyzen TRY 50 – 6
2 56 C.Smith CONVERSION 52 – 6
2 62 K.Bromwich TRY 56 – 6
2 63 C.Smith CONVERSION 58 – 6
2 68 M.Sivo TRY 58 – 10
2 69 M.Moses CONVERSION MISS 58 – 10
2 78 J.Addo-Carr TRY 62 – 10
2 80 W.Chambers CONVERSION 64 – 10

Game Stats

Team Stats

Full Time

53 Possession (%) 47
31/38 (82) Complete/Total Sets (%) 22/31 (71)
47:27 Time – Opposition Half 32:47
23:25 Time – Opposition 20 10:14
2423 Metres Gained 1473
2 Scrum Win 8
0 Goal Line Dropout 2
8 Penalty Conceded 6
0 Forty Twenty 0
Team Stats

First Half

55 Possession (%) 45
17/19 (89) Complete/Total Sets (%) 10/15 (67)
18:58 Time – Opposition Half 21:14
11:40 Time – Opposition 20 5:02
1250 Metres Gained 792
2 Scrum Win 1
0 Goal Line Dropout 2
4 Penalty Conceded 3
0 Forty Twenty 0
Team Stats

Second Half

50 Possession (%) 50
14/19 (74) Complete/Total Sets (%) 12/16 (75)
28:29 Time – Opposition Half 11:33
11:45 Time – Opposition 20 5:12
1174 Metres Gained 681
0 Scrum Win 7
0 Goal Line Dropout 0
4 Penalty Conceded 3
0 Forty Twenty 0

The Storm had nearly 1000 extra running metres in a game where the possession split was only 53% to 47%. That speaks volumes about the free metres allowed to their runners, along with the missed tackles that allowed so many opportunities.


Player Stats



Forward Rotation

Games Avg Mins Last Week This Week
Peni Terepo 7 44 39 44
Reed Mahoney 9 72 74 60
Junior Paulo 8 55 49 48
Shaun Lane 9 78 80 80
Marata Niukore 9 74 76 57
Tepai Moeroa 8 44 50 42
Manu Ma’u 3 48 47 56
Daniel Alvaro 8 39 34 53
Oregon Kaufusi 6 25 26 22
Tim Mannah 8 36 21

The decision to omit Reed Mahoney from the starting 13 saw his minutes plummet from his near regular 80 minutes down to only 60. Both Mannah and Kaufusi had very little game time. Given what Mannah provides to the middle, especially in defence, this was very confusing.



Runs 119 160
Run Metres 1013 1960
Tackles 297 267
Missed Tackles 46 21
Tackle Ineffective 15 16
Effective Tackle Rate 83% 94%
Errors 10 9

Heat Maps

Set Starts

Some good field position to open some of our sets but we had absolutely nothing.

Hit Ups

On the surface, this heat map appears decent. The targeted area looks good. However, there were far fewer hit ups than previous weeks, so there was little damage created through the middle.


Quite simply, we were just poor all over the park. The team displayed less commitment than a reality show orchestrated marriage.

When we had the ball we just had no idea how to use it against the motivated Storm defence. The difference between the teams in running metres (near 1000) speaks volumes.

When our attack straightened our we made metres but for some unknown reason we didn’t utilise that and went sideways.

But for all of our weaknesses in attack, it was the rubber shouldered defence that was the most concerning. A team’s attitude is measured by their defence. We need to put “appalling” on the measurement scale to come up with an assessment of the Eels.

But to progress, we must consign this loss to the past.

The boys must bounce back against the Cowboys with a much improved performance.

We cannot be that team who can only win at home and never on the road. You will never be a premiership force just winning at home.

Yours in Blue and Gold


Stats courtesy of Champion Data.

All these stats and more can be viewed on our match centre at including live game stats.

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Storm clinical, Parra disgraceful. No intent or attitude we have returned to the “Cumberland Cuddlers”. We do need more mongrel, certainly another prop with that mentality. Cant believe how many times we had people still lying around in the ruck after Melbourne had already played the ball. Line speed non existent. Many lessons to learn yet.


1000 mtrs, that’s 10 football fields. You got the feeling that the game was slipping away after 20 minutes but shot with the try on halftime. The Storm had been consistently doing 60/70 mtr sets before their kick, we struggled to do 30/40.
Two teams had already blitzed us, but we found ways of staying in the contest, now another one has done it in the contest and on the scoreboard. We’d better find the way to combat this.


46 missed tackles…say no more.
The team needs to go to the room full of mirrors and have look at themselves. Arm grabbing is not tackling.

Colin Hussey
Colin Hussey

If that happened there would be no mirrors left intact.

The player stats are actually pathetic really. ALL from a so called first grade or main NRL contracted players.

Longfin Eel
Longfin Eel

This was always going to be very bad viewing, and is in stark contrast to the St George game where we stuck with them and backed ourselves to win the game. Like the Newcastle game, it seems the players didn’t believe they would win. This is a worrying trend at Parramatta and I fear that this game could set us on a path where the players lose confidence in their ability, as happened last year. This could really set them back to where they were in 2018. This weekend will be a tough game at Townsville and we almost never… Read more »


Painful is the right description.


Hey Colmac, I’d be interested in a comparison of how many different kickers we’ve had in games we’ve won versus loss. It’s something that’s struck me as different during the games – we look so much better when Mahoney and Salmon are taking the odd kick. Moses seems to struggle kicking for distance (what is with the short touch-finders from penalties?!), let alone when the defence is rushing him as they all know where the ball is going. Any idea why Gutho doesn’t kick in general play, given he takes the kick-offs and seems capable of kicking long?

!0 Year Member
!0 Year Member

Painful to read and relive, but we cannot hide from the reality that was presented to us from whom we support. Perhaps the game is the devils playground and the arena’s just a modern day Coliseum where the peasants come for their weekly amusement. unfortunately this week our players were devoured and the peasants had nothing to look forward to apart from their depressing lives. Perhaps, as they say, it is just a game after all, what do the players owe us? nothing. They are traded like stock on the market and brought through a system that if you are… Read more »