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Stat Attack Review – Round 13, 2018: Eels defeated by the Knights


EELS – 4 (Tries: J. Hoffman)

Defeated by

KNIGHTS – 30 (Tries: J. Cogger, S. Mata’utia, K. Sio, D. Saifiti, Co. Watson. Goals: K. Ponga 5 from 6)

ANZ Stadium

Crowd: 7,719

Let’s just look at the numbers.

Full Time Stats

46 Possession (%) 54
30/36 (83) Complete/Total Sets (%) 33/42 (79)
36:07 Time – Opposition Half 44:15
12:22 Time – Opposition 20 18:08
2075 Metres Gained 2409
8 Scrum Win 5
1 Goal Line Dropout 0
7 Penalty Conceded 10
0 Forty Twenty 0

Completed pretty well actually. Won the penalty count. That is all.

1st Half Stats

44 Possession (%) 56
13/17 (76) Complete/Total Sets (%) 18/23 (78)
19:47 Time – Opposition Half 20:33
4:54 Time – Opposition 20 9:37
978 Metres Gained 1266
4 Scrum Win 5
1 Goal Line Dropout 0
5 Penalty Conceded 5
0 Forty Twenty 0

2ND Half Stats

48 Possession (%) 52
17/19 (89) Complete/Total Sets (%) 15/19 (79)
16:20 Time – Opposition Half 23:42
7:28 Time – Opposition 20 8:31
1097 Metres Gained 1143
4 Scrum Win 0
0 Goal Line Dropout 0
2 Penalty Conceded 5
0 Forty Twenty 0

Newcastle just were the dominant side all night. Yes, our second half completion was very good, but once again we did nothing with the ball. No attack, no pressure. Really not much more you can say. Well positive things anyway.

Sometimes it is easy to analyse stats when the team have played well and won. You can see the contributions each player has made to the team and has been a whole hearted team effort.

But as for Parramatta this year, its just plan hard to analyse. Some of the numbers look sensational and looking at them you would think as a team they played out of their skins and won by 30. But when you see the final score, you think what the hell happened?

Especially when you look at run metres. 8 players ran for over 100 and a couple came just short, but only one try was scored. Only 2 line breaks. This is a squad that is playing as individuals not as a team.

Again in defence, we made an extra 57 tackles. Nearly 10 more sets to defend. It is just mind blowing this stat keeps repeating itself week in week out.


Run Metres:

Eels – 1445m from 158 runs (9.1m per run) – 2 Line Breaks

Knights – 1789m from 173 runs (10.3m per run) – 5 Line Breaks



Eels – 389

Knights – 332


Missed Tackles/Ineffective Tackles:

Eels – 21 missed / 6 ineffective

Knights – 14 missed / 18 ineffective


Effective Contact:

Eels – 92.8%

Knights – 91.2%


Penalties Conceded:

Eels – 7

Knights – 10



Eels – 10

Knights – 10


Heat Maps

Hit Ups

Again the common theme for the 2018 Eels is that we are doing the hard work out of our own half. Our opposition is just keeping us down our own end of the field and we are just using all our fuel trying to get some sort of field territory to mount any pressure.


Set Starts

This just shows what I just said. Majority of our set starts are in deep our own half. Newcastle played this very well. That and also slowing the play the ball down. But how can you build pressure when you exhaust all your tackles in your own half. Very smart play from the Knights.


Final Word

Not much more can be said. Everyone in the club and who support the club are so deflated right now.

Again, this is a team that are performing as individuals and not as a team. Attitude is a massive issue within the Eels at the moment and until that changes, the same results will keep happening week after week.


Yours in Blue and Gold,


Stats courtesy of Champion Data.

All these stats and more can be viewed on our match centre at including live game stats.

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