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Stat Attack Preview – Round 7, 2018: Eels vs Sea Eagles






 No… No Tooheys ads this time. The way we are playing is already sending me to drink as it is.

The thought of saying our season is on the line at this time of year is unfortunately so true even after 6 weeks. But that’s the point, it is only 6 weeks in.

We do need to fix things now and BA has brought in the changes. Is it too late or will this finally kick start our season?

Quick Facts

  • Played each other 138 times
  • Manly lead with 83 wins to Parramatta’s 51
  • This is the first meeting between these two sides at ANZ Stadium
  • Last 10 games has the Eels leading 6 wins to 4 for Manly
  • Last game saw the Sea Eagles stroll away with a 54 points to nil victory at Lottoland


By Quarters (And Golden Point)

0 – 20 20 – 40 40 – 60 60 – 80 GP
Eels 1 2 1 1 0
Sea Eagles 3 2 3 2 0
  • *games won in these time periods

Parramatta just need to start strong and smart. Last time they met, Manly had 3 tries in quick succession blowing the Eels out of the water very early. A better start will be beneficial for the Eels confidence, which is surely impacted by the current run of losses.



Well it isn’t a shock to know that the Eels are running bottom of the table in attacking stats.

Run Metres, Line Breaks, Possession and Completion rate sees us in 16th spot for all. Any other attacking stat sees us in the bottom quarter of the ladder. There is nothing in our performances that would have our opponents worried.

Manly on the other hand sit well in their attacking stats. 1st in line breaks and either 5th or higher with their other stacking stats. Manly’s Possession rate sits mid table though their completion rate is also poor with them in 13th spot. If we can control more ball than them, then maybe, just maybe we will get our first win of the year.



We are finally 1st in something. The Eels lead the comp in average tackles per game with 346. NO THIS IS NOT GOOD.

Both teams are equal is missed tackles and ineffective tackles. The missed tackle count per game is 26.8 (Eels) and 26.7 (Manly) and ineffectives are 17.3 for Parra and 16.2 for Manly.

Manly sit in 3rd spot with offloads. They get away 12.2 offloads per game so our efforts to wrap the ball up and shut down their second phase is paramount.

Tightening up our ruck is vital. We are losing pretty much every ruck and teams are just getting a roll on with this. Our markers need to work harder and smarter.


Errors and Discipline:

The Eels make less errors then Manly, 10.5 per game for Parra and 12.3 for Manly. So ball security needs to be there on Sunday. We really need to be miserly with the ball and not give away cheap possession. If we can’t win by scoring more points, then we strangle Manly by restricting them of ball. Our game management needs be a hell of a lot better.

In penalties we sit second last in conceding 10.8 per game and Manly concedes 8.3.

A Final Word

Our second game of the year against the Sea Eagles needs to be a hell of a lot better than our first 5 weeks ago.

We have seen a bit of improvement in games since then, but nothing talks louder than your position on the competition ladder.

I am sick of all this negative talk in the press and social media about our great club. But you will get that when we are playing like we have been. What really gets to me is that these people will have their opinion but don’t back it up with anything.

I for one will never lower my colours. I wear them pretty much every day. I always have something Parramatta on me when I am out and about. I am very proud of this club. Always have, always will.

Have your opinion. That’s what makes this game great. But back it up. Have an answer to what you’re saying. These are times we need to be bonding together to help us through the dark days. Don’t just be there to jump on the band wagon. Be proud of the team you chose to support or go and follow someone else. Remember you chose to follow the Eels. So if you think they aren’t worth following… well then have a look in the mirror.


Yours in Blue and Gold

  • Colmac

Stats courtesy of Champion Data. All these stats and more can be viewed on our match centre at including live game stats.

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The Captain
The Captain

Here’s hoping this is the week we defy the stats and start turning some of these trends around.
After the last meeting with Manly surely every player in the side realises just how effectively we need to level the score.
Manly have been very up and down this season – here’s hoping they’re planning on having another “down” week.

Colin Hussey
Colin Hussey

Raise the flag and hold it high


But not that white flag we took to Brookie last time.
If we hold onto the ball we’ll win. I’m expecting a big game & big metres from Haynsey.

John Eel
John Eel

I am taking my grandson for the first time this year and wearing my new blue undies for a change of luck.

By the way so far my GS is 1;0 so here is hoping.

Manly forwards are big on running the ball not so keen when it comes to defence. Need to exploit that and see if we can’t get our spluttering attack alight


Our attack in opposition 20 must be due to click. Normally you don’t get 6 shots inside the 20 in a set unless from an error or 40/20, so you’re trying to set up one, maybe two money plays including the late tackle grubber or aerial contest. Other than the first 20 minutes of the year v Penrith, fast moving defences have covered us well. Moses usually does things at speed, Norman not always but noticed last week he upped the tempo but seemed to lack anything much happening outside of him. Raiders’ line speed was pretty full on and… Read more »


V simple from me; take the kicks off penalties; use ball two passes wide from dummy half; get numbers into tackles; make less errors; make more effective tackles; be patient and hold the ball. It’s a simple game.
Saying this our halves need to kick well something we have not done well imo. Forwards need to work as units like las season.


Mac, every professional sporting team in any part of the world is not immune to criticisms from the media and especially their fans if they aren’t winning. Arsenal’s coach Arsne Wenger has been under the pump from fans for years, although making the top 4 in most years, their fans are expecting premierships or at least a fight for the top. Parramatta cannot be immune from criticism. For mine it’s because the fans expect success in every year. For mine i look at our forward pack this week and ask myself – how many would make a top a team’s… Read more »


That’s fair comment Chief; but can i ask you this? How many of these guys would you have expected to be in the team last season where we reached the top 4? I know Trex and Evans were not here last season but i will judge them season end. I know people want answers / results asap and hopefully we start to see something. I will say this again, teams dont normally go from good to bad so quick, so i assume we need some re-jigging and hope it comes yesterday! I see it as the same team but not… Read more »


I don’t think it’s as simple as rejiggig the side.. our pack has never been dominated milo.
We lost jnr Paulo and peats and twal as ba wanted a more depth based system but it’s obvious that’s not working.

I don’t understand how a team without any origin players cant keep their best players

Colin Hussey
Colin Hussey

Chiefly, I would suggest that the getting rid of Paulo and Peats, was more in line with the salary cap issues of the time. With Twal, I heard he wanted to stay but the money was not good enough and he wanted a bit more and the reason he ended up at Wests. Each were calls that had different reasons to them but, in the end they went elsewhere, and Twal in particular has done very well. I actually wonder and have said so at other times when we have lost some of our junior players that more should have… Read more »


Those who are saying they have heard figures that Twal had been offered by the Tigers saying we couldn’t match the offer.

I very much doubt if Twal was offered anything other than what a developing prop with good credentials would have been offered. I’d think around the 230 – 260 mark at best.

That’s budget money for someone who is developing nicely i would have thought.