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Stat Attack Review – Round 2: Eels vs Dragons

Eels: 34 defeat Dragons: 16

Crowd: 16, 023

What a great result for the Eels and a superb start to the season. For those of us who travelled down to the Gong, the sweetness of the victory made the 3-hour drive back home worthwhile.

A week is a long time in footy. Let’s consider the form line going into this round. The Dragons towelled up the Panthers and the Tigers played brilliantly to smash the Bunnies. Jump to this week and the Panthers played awesome footy against a hapless Tigers and then the Dragons have difficulty getting any momentum against a clinical Eels.

Oh how the Mighty Red V turned on their team yesterday. Yes a week is a long time in footy.

So, let’s have a look at the stats that matter for Parramatta.

Scoring Stats

Parramatta Eels
H Minute Name Event Score
1 1 C.Gutherson TRY 0 – 4
1 3 C.Gutherson CONVERSION MISS 0 – 4
1 17 S.Radradra TRY 0 – 8
1 18 C.Gutherson CONVERSION MISS 0 – 8
1 22 S.Radradra TRY 0 – 12
1 24 C.Gutherson CONVERSION 0 – 14
1 31 B.Takairangi TRY 0 – 18
1 33 C.Gutherson CONVERSION MISS 0 – 18
1 38 G.Widdop TRY 4 – 18
1 39 G.Widdop CONVERSION 6 – 18
2 46 B.French TRY 6 – 22
2 48 C.Gutherson CONVERSION 6 – 24
2 50 J.Dugan TRY 10 – 24
2 52 G.Widdop CONVERSION MISS 10 – 24
2 58 S.Radradra TRY 10 – 28
2 59 C.Gutherson CONVERSION 10 – 30
2 69 P.Vaughan TRY 14 – 30
2 70 G.Widdop CONVERSION 16 – 30
2 75 S.Radradra TRY 16 – 34
2 76 C.Gutherson CONVERSION MISS 16 – 34


Full Time:

 STG Team Stats PAR 


Possession (%) 57

24/34 (71)

Complete/Total Sets (%) 27/36 (75)


Time – Opposition Half 43:23


Time – Opposition 20


1605 Metres Gained


9 Scrum Win


1 Goal Line Dropout



Penalty Conceded


0 Forty Twenty


The most pleasing aspect of this round was our ability to convert Opposition 20 time into points. We certainly earned the right to score points against the Sea Eagles the week before, but a combination of resolute defence from Manly and some rustiness from the Eels limited the work of the scoreboard attendants. There was no such luck for the Dragons. Even the Jennings dropped ball with the line wide open provided little respite for the red and whites.

Parra’s offence really clicked and the Dragons had no real answer to stop the fast moving Eels attacking line. Fortunately for them, a howling wind from the north gave Gutherson grief with his kicking and helped to keep the score under 40.

1st Half

 STG Team Stats PAR 


Possession (%) 53

11/17 (65)

Complete/Total Sets (%)

13/18 (72)

24:45 Time – Opposition Half



Time – Opposition 20 8:36
825 Metres Gained



Scrum Win 3
0 Goal Line Dropout



Penalty Conceded 3
0 Forty Twenty



The 1st half stats really don’t show the Eels dominance. Parramatta’s attack always looked threatening, whereas the Dragons made little impression on Parramatta’s fast moving defence. A forward pass call on Semi, a dropped ball from Jennings and a few missed conversions from Gutherson left the score at 18 – 6 at oranges. In fact, if Jennings had taken that pass, the Eels would have been celebrating their fifth try of the half instead of waiting for Widdop’s conversion of his own four-pointer.

It was a score line that was flattering for the home team.

2nd Half

 STG Team Stats PAR 
38 Possession (%)


13/17 (76)

Complete/Total Sets (%) 14/18 (78)
12:32 Time – Opposition Half



Time – Opposition 20 10:55
781 Metres Gained



Scrum Win 4
1 Goal Line Dropout



Penalty Conceded 5
0 Forty Twenty



The 2nd half saw the Eels reign supreme in both their play and the scoreboard. They were simply dominant in all aspects of the game.

This was not to say that the Eels were perfect. From my vantage point in the Northern Stand, there appeared to be moments during the second half when the Eels lost a bit of concentration. I’m not sure if it was due to tiredness, match fitness, or thinking they had the game in the bank, but the intensity seemed to drop off. However, even at those times the Eels did regroup and their game management was quickly restored.


Many in the press have labelled this performance as an attacking masterclass from the Eels and it’s difficult to argue with that.

Corey Norman played a brilliant hand in the Eels attacking raids and was a constant threat to the defence. A well known journalist who failed to include Norman in his top 50 players in the NRL must surely be questioning his own judgement.

Importantly, Norman was professionally supported by new halves partner, Clint Gutherson. These two are was already gelling and the combination can only get better. Indeed, rather than simply being the junior partner, the supremely fit Gutherson actually had more possessions than Norman. Certain ‘experts’ would be putting their humble pie in the oven now – put the bibs on now fellas. Better yet – just jump aboard the ‘Guth Bus’.

Of course it’s early days, but it shows that the attack isn’t totally reliant on our gifted halfback.  As he showed last year, Gutho can lead the team around the paddock and is developing a nice short kicking game.

Top 5 Runs
Name R
 PAR S.Radradra 17
 PAR M.Ma’u 17
 PAR N.Brown 16
 STG J.Dugan 13
 STG E.Aitken 13


Top 5 Run Metres
Name RM
 PAR M.Ma’u 160
 PAR S.Radradra 159
 PAR N.Brown 153
 STG E.Aitken 133
 STG N.MacDonald 132


Only 3 Eels ran for over 100 metres

Manu Ma’u 160m
Semi Radradra 159m
Nathan Brown 153m

Only three Eels ran in excess of 100metres but these players topped the running metres for the match and a further 4 Eels ran for over 90 metres each. In contrast, the Dragons also had just the 3 players run over 100 metres but had no one in the 90’s.

I can’t just talk statistics, because it would be remiss of me not to mention the Michael Jennings try assist pass from between the legs. Once again, the Eels have produced one of the highlights of the season already. Michael himself might be modest, and people might call it a fluke, but Sixties has reported on the skills work done with Joey Grima at training. Hand eye co-ordination, along with carrying and juggling the footy in odd positions are part and parcel of his drills. The results speak for themselves.

Yet with such a highlight from Jennings, it was still Semi’s finishing that got me on my feet. He had to stop and wait for the ball then just powered his way over. It was sensational work from the left edge.



Top 5 Tackles
Name TAK
 STG C.McInnes 53
 STG R.Packer 42
 PAR K.Pritchard 40
 STG P.Vaughan 40
 STG J.De Belin 40


Top 5 Missed Tackles
Name MT
 STG G.Widdop 5
 PAR M.Ma’u 4
 PAR K.Pritchard 4
 PAR R.O’Brien 3
 PAR B.French 2


Again the Eels forced their opposition to complete more tackles than themselves. The Dragons made 350 tackles to Parra’s 261. The missed tackles read Dragons 16, Eels 23.

The Eels defence was once again on task. Although the missed tackles seem high, this statistic can be deceiving. The Eels excel as a defensive unit and the covering defence is rarely far away. What was encouraging as well was Parramatta’s 2nd phase defence. The Dragons did slip a few balls away, which was a bit of a worry, but the cover was there in spades.

From an individual perspective, Kaysa Pritchard impressed by leading the tackle count. De Gois leaves big shoes to fill but Kaysa is excelling in line speed and pure numbers. Was there ever any doubt?

The defence also supplied a highlight reel moment with Matagi’s hit late in the game. What a signing he is for the Eels!

If there are any further stats you would like to see, please let me know and see what I can come up with.






I couldn’t go past Semi for his performance against the Dragons.

Semi gets this week’s gong from the ‘Gong with an impressive attacking display. After a quiet week at Lottoland, Semi showed why he is the premier winger in the NRL with 4 tries.

Semi seems a lot happier out on the field and is showing he does want to be here in 2017 and repay the Eels for 2016.

Hopefully we will see this type of form for the weeks to come, and especially after May.

Welcome back to form Semi.

Possessions 22
Tries 4
Runs 17
Metres 159
Line Breaks 4
Tackle Breaks 5
Minutes Played 80


Champion Data

Stats courtesy of Champion Data. All these stats and more can be viewed on our match centre at including live game stats.

– Colmac

Champion Data

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Colin Hussey
Colin Hussey

Good read 40’s. A very good game and good working combinations from the new combo’s again.

Great to see Semi back with the tries and MJ losing the glue.


This is Colmac’s post Col.

Colin Hussey
Colin Hussey

ooooppppps My bad, apologies to Colmac. Mondayitis my hiatus

Trouser Eel
Trouser Eel

Thanks Colmac. I always love reading your stat reviews.
I think it’s telling how few metres each team made. It was a tough encounter, with both
teams showing great defensive line speed. Or was it a short 10? I know it’s a bit of a quirky stat to look at but I wonder if anyone is measuring the “actual 10” the refs are keeping across the game.
I know Chanel 9 are making a big deal about the post contact metres, will you have that kind of info in the future?

Trapped in the 1970's
Trapped in the 1970's

oops….fat fingers!

Meant to ask were the 2nd half possession rates correct with the eels with 62% on the back of just one more set and one more completion than saints. What am I missing or how is that % calculated?



Colmac, superb stats mate. I just hope the team improves in some areas of defence. While we didn’t do lots wrong, Friday will be a different proposition. Titans seem to use the ball well at times.


Hi mate, thanks for the summary. Do you or anyone else on here know why Mannah only played 30 odd minutes on the weekend? Injury concerns?


Hi mate, thanks for the summary. Do you or anyone else on here know why Mannah only played 30 odd minutes on the weekend? Injury concerns?