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Brad Arthur’s Contract Extended – Positive signs for the future

In what has certainly been a season that has tried the patience of every Parramatta fan, today we got the news we have all been hoping for; the extension to Brad Arthur’s coaching contract that will see him at the club until (at least) the end of the 2019 season.


Brad Arthur signs the contact extension

Brad Arthur signs the contact extension


Any readers of The Cumberland Throw would know, we are unabashed fans of BA . The new attitude, the work ethic, the culture that Brad has instilled into this team has this year started to yield a real positive change. Just watching the way the players turn up and play for one another is indicative of the new “Parramattitude” that the team has under Brad.


Brad Arthur and Max Donnelly

Max Donnelly congratulates Brad Arthur after signing the contract


I’m sure that all of the blue and gold faithful agree that the contract extension for BA not only shows that the club is moving in a positive direction, but with BA extending his stay with the Eels, the future is looking brighter .


Happy faces in the dressing room as BA makes the announcement to the players

Happy faces in the dressing room as BA makes the announcement to the players




images courtesy of The Parramatta Eels and the NRL

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Colin Hussey

Great news, would have liked to have seen it for 3 extra’s rather than the 2.

It has been a long time coming but the main thing is the ink on the paper, we go forward with assurity for the years ahead. A good & tough win to celebrate the signing as well.

Grunta Potato

And over Manly, even sweeter.

The rev aka Snedden

Dk that is bloody good news n about time.
I think brad is our coach to take us to the promise land. Now time or taka , Norman , Kenny , wicks , gutherson to re-sign itch us



Joking 😉

Grunta Potato

Geez things are slowly but surely building for a big run for a few years at the eels.
This is the most important contract. We see efforts like last night without Peats, Norman, Foran, Paulo and Semi and we still have a pile of money to sign a couple of top tier players.
It’s very exciting times for us fans and deservedly so!
BA’s decisions and handling of the Foran and Hayne sagas has been all class.


What a great move Eels. This signing will be the start of the good news stories coming out of the Eels from now on. Things happen for a reason & I believe seeing how Brad handled all the crap that has happened this season has shown us fans exactly what type of coach we have at this club. BA is the reason I have been able to keep going so positively as a fans this season & I’m absolutely wrapped that he will be with us for years to come.
Go The Mighty Eels.

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