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Merit-based EGM Proposal Seeking Endorsement from NRL


Firstly, let me thank everyone that has supported the proposal for a merit-based selection of the Parramatta Leagues Club Board. After too many years of factionalism, it’s been incredibly affirming to see members and supporters from all over the club’s community coming together to make this happen and endorse this proposal.

As Eels fans we have been through so much in the last 30 years. The one constant is our love for this great Club. The Eels community is strong, resilient and loyal and our pride and trust in the present day coaching staff and team is stronger than ever.

Merit-based selection ensures whoever leads our Clubs (the PLC & PNRL) forward, is appointed based on their skills, experience and commitment to the club; not as candidates who can bring with them the highest number of votes from their family, associates or community. This process aims to kill the factionalism that divides us.

While everyone who has worked on this proposal believes firmly in our future as a member-based club, we recognise that the failure to move forward with necessary constitutional reforms has meant our Clubs are now at the mercy of Club factionalism and a circuit-breaker is required. This will allow for further reforms and enable a return to democratic processes that promote stability and excellence, rather than working against the Club’s interests.

However, this MUST be a uniting process – not something that drags the club back into division and infighting. We don’t believe that turning an EGM into a quasi-election is good for the club and that would be counter to the spirit and objectives of this proposal.

The NRL has stated it will endorse a single EGM proposal. We believe the merit-based proposal stands up to scrutiny and objective analysis. It is the logical way forward. As such, if the NRL opts to endorse another EGM proposal, we have decided it’s in our Club’s best interests to withdraw our EGM proposal so that members can make a decision based on a single alternative to the current board and administration.

We call on those involved with the other General Meeting proposals to do likewise, in order to give Parramatta the best opportunity to move forward under a united front. We remind all board aspirants that anyone who believes they can positively contribute to the Parramatta boards are welcome to put themselves forward under the merit-based selection process.

Over the coming days we will release a draft plan for our proposal, which will be open to member scrutiny and feedback. It will be a process that is independent, transparent and in keeping with the way boards are selected within the private sector. We’ll present this plan to the NRL and seek their feedback and endorsement. We will aim to do likewise with the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing. If that is forthcoming, we’ll continue forward and ask that all members and supporters of our Club, unite behind this as a way to begin a new era of professionalism, stability and success, unencumbered from the politics of the past.

Chris Losco

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8 thoughts on “Merit-based EGM Proposal Seeking Endorsement from NRL

  1. Mitchy

    Superb read Chris. Right with you and hope all do.
    Have read this twice now myquestion is will we as leagues members be able to vote on all three?
    Or does the NRL make a call on which one..?

    1. Chris

      Our view is that all three being presented on one night will lead to the existing board being reinstated. Two will vote the other one down until all three lose. If the NRL is not supportive of an open, transparent selection of directors based on a known criteria which virtually guarantees the end of factionalism, then we have offered to withdraw our petition. The other two may still push ahead.

      In the end members will always get to vote.

  2. Glenn

    Chris, I have reservations with the NRL being involved in leagues club elections, it being akin to quasi control of a leagues club where they realistically have no control – their control extending only to the footy club.
    I believe there are 3 teams now vying for control, still shades of factionalism imo. Regardless I hope the best candidates from any team or appropriate individual is elected to the board. Constitution reform is then quickly undertaken and approved to ensure appropriately qualified individuals are only able to stand and to weed out factionalism in the future. We can only hope this anno horribilis is our lowest point before we become the future powerhouse we deserve to be.
    Also hopefully this will be the last we hear from Fitzy and the cronies of Spags.

    1. Chris

      The only way to achieve what you would like to see is through the merit proposal. If there are good people on both factional tickets, they can apply to the selection process and be appointed. That can’t happen in a faction ‘shoot out’ on the floor of an EGM.

  3. Clive

    My only concern other than whether our members are smart enough to vote for your proposal Chris is that if one of the other groups offers to include an NRL appointed stooge onto the board.

    I have about as much faith in the NRL and Todd Greenburg as I do with Roy Spagnolo and Dennis Fitzgerald.

  4. Michael Formosa

    When will we be voting? we need a new board in ASAP!
    Do you have Bernie Gurr in your plans? We need someone who has a proven record and knows what they are doing

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