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Brent Read Report – Losco Launches Parramatta Director Move

It is not the custom of The Cumberland Throw to paste content from other media sources on this website. However, the media coverage of the Merit Selection Proposal initiated by one of our co-founders, Chris Losco, necessitates the provision of these reports to our readers. We are proud of the work that Chris has undertaken in bringing the Merit Selection Process to this point. With the support of fellow fans and members, this process can become a reality and bring a truly professional approach to selecting Parramatta Leagues Club Board members.

We are very pleased with this report.


Losco launches Parramatta director move

Brent Read

Senior sports writer

The walls are closing in on Parramatta’s beleaguered board of directors after long-time member Chris Losco officially launched a move to vote them out of power.

Losco, who has been a representative on of the club’s members group, on Friday lodged the 101 signatures required to force an extraordinary general meeting.

Under Losco’s plan, existing director Geoff Gerard would be the only survivor, although he would step down once a suitable board had been identified by a committee.

The committee would include representatives of the NRL and Clubs NSW. Losco’s list of signatures still need to be vetted to ensure they meet the requirements to force an EGM, but he insists it is merely a formality.

“I expect the board to be called an extraordinary general meeting within two months of today’s date,” Losco told The Weekend Australian.

“I want the process to be as transparent and clearly defined as possible to ensure the members vote for it on the night of the extraordinary general meeting.

“It is on. I have names and forms up my sleeve. In fact, I had more dropped in this afternoon. Forms continue to flood in every day. We will be ensuring we have enough (signatures) if there are questions on any member’s legitimacy.”

Losco confirmed he had been in discussions with representatives of the other group pushing for an EGM. That group is being led by another member Andrew Eagleston with the backing of former Macquarie Bank boss Bill Moss.

“I have been urging them to join with me to fight for a board selected on merit,” Losco said.

“I am continuing to have those discussion with those people. If their team is as good as they say it is, they shouldn’t have any problem.”

The move to unseat the board comes as the NRL prepare to make a final decision on sanctions against the club and directors over salary cap rorting. Three directors including chairman Steve Sharp and two officials have been provisionally suspended from the football club pending a final decision.

The club is also facing an investigation from NSW Police and the Office of Liquor and Gaming.

“My understanding is this is the first ever member-driven general meeting in the history of the club,” Losco said.

“This is hugely significant for the membership. This is absolutely critical we come together and make the right decision – it is to reject the factions, ignore the history and politics of Parramatta and select a board that can take us forward together based on merit.”

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2 thoughts on “Brent Read Report – Losco Launches Parramatta Director Move

  1. Brad

    Hopefully the remaining monkeys will vacate the zoo without too much resistance, as unlikely as that appears.

    Great to have such passionate fans and members who want to take this club forward

  2. Trouser Eel

    The first hurdle has been overcome with many more to follow, starting with having enough members turn up to the EGM and voting for the proposal.
    Good on you Chris for taking the initiative. I wish you luck in getting it through and seeing a professional approach to the management of our club.
    You’ve got my support.

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