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Eric Grothe Snr Interview – Part 2

In the second and final installment of our interview , Eric candidly reflects upon his career and what he may have done different, with the wisdom of hindsight.

Eric also reveals the truth behind the rumours regarding his training ethics and about his life post Rugby League.




Always entertaining, always honest and always, “The Guru”, we hope you’ve enjoyed our interviews with the one and only, Eric Grothe Snr.

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5 thoughts on “Eric Grothe Snr Interview – Part 2

  1. Anonymous

    We were truly blessed in that golden era of the early 80s. Great reflections from Eric in this interview.

  2. sixties

    Our thanks to both Eric and Eric Junior for Part 2. Like all of the previous Parra greats that we’ve interviewed, Eric was both humble and welcoming. I truly believe that we have been able to hear some insights from Eric that I’ve never heard before. How great was hearing his thoughts about Semi!

  3. Anonymous

    you fooled me with the static interrupting the interview for a moment. Very good guys, loved it

  4. DK Eel Post author

    It was great spending time with both Senior and Junior. Seeing that both of these two Eels are still passionate about the club was great to hear too.

    Both were generous and giving of their time and a pleasure to listen to.

    Hugely thankful for the time these guys give TCT.

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