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Forum Folly – South Sydney


Forum Folly returns this week and has a look at the Rabbits, a team who are almost in as much trouble as the Eels – almost ! The Rabbits have fallen fast from premiers in 2014 to a team that has turned into rabble, losing their last four games in terrible fashion. Their fans are spewing. Their fans are looking for scapegoats. Everyone is under pressure, the coaching staff, the stars, the also rans and even the new boss Shane Richardson who is on his second tour of duty with Russell. Speaking of Russell, the fans still love him, but they love Packer and his folding stuff even more. Any billionaires out there want to come and rescue the Eels?


Major topics on the forums this week are as follows;

  1. Team selection
  2. Chris Grevsmuhl getting punted and the thoughts on their coach
  3. Recruitment



Team Selection

  • Parra are playing well,really well. They are one tough ass football team,even without Foran
  • With the way Souths have been playing and the the roster we have ( Sam or no Sam) those big powerful hungry Parra forwards will eat us alive
  • I hope they prove me wrong, but can anyone honestly say they think we can win after watching parra and us over the last 6 weeks??
  • Parra are a great team,lots of mongrel and power across the park. They will eat our forwards alive apart from Sam. Norman will keep motoring forward and creating havoc for out wide and Semi will steamroll the poor buggers on his side. Just being honest
  • I knew Madge would get sick of Cook pretty smartly—he’s Issac minus the toughness & smartness in attack & defence.
  • Madge found Issac hard-going so Cook has no chance. McInnes fits Madge’s style so there he is!!
  • AJ – He’s proven again and again, at Fullback. He’s nothing but a Welcome Mat for try scorers. He’s a good finishing Winger. Nothing more.
  • Walker – His only down side apparently is how he kicks the ball towards the opposition legs. Well, it’s called a grubber kick! and he doesn’t always kick it towards their legs. Heck, It happens to Reynolds too, How come I don’t hear fans complain???
  • I’m guessing if AJ doesn’t work then keary can come into 5-8, inglis fullback, aj wing and one of nielsen, goodwin or auva’a to the bench. If AJ does work then I’m guessing keary might play a bit of hooker
  • I hope this AJ at Fullback, Keary on the bench, Clark on the bench, McInnes starting is temporary until we find suitable replacements.
  • Still don’t understand why Nielsen remains in the side. The only thing I like about this team is that Nathan Brown gets his deserved starting spot and Gosiewski gets a go. Other than that it’s a bit everywhere.


Chris Grevsmuhl and Maguire

The news that the Rabbits released Chris Grevsmuhl immediately to the Panthers hit the news this week. You may have missed it with all the Eels stuff. The only people happy about that would be Dyldam. How many times has an Eels jersey been in the paper????


Back to Grevsmuhl and the thoughts of his sacking

  • hallelujah
  • Thing that sticks out is that he feels that he was singled out for criticism when others haven’t been performing. That would tie into the rumours the playing group is fractured. He also believes he is limited to what he can and can’t do on the field as it doesn’t fit in with the souths structures and styles, that would tie in with the talk that players are losing faith/respect in Maguire’s coaching. Very interesting article
  • I’m not saying Grevsmuhl didn’t deserve to be criticized, but this style of criticizing certain players publicly and humiliating them in front of the team while other players seemed to be spared seems to create resentment, not only for the coaches and officials but towards the players who are seemingly getting preferential treatment. I know guys like r20 will screams and shout that they are getting paid amd should just grow up, but i bet if he was at work and orders weren’t getting out on time and customers were complaining and his manager upped him in front of everyone for not getting the fries out on time, but didn’t get up jono making big macs slowly or tina for taking to long handing out orders he’d be pissed. He’d have resentment to the others and resentment towards the boss, especially as his stuck next to the deep fryer all shift while jono and tina can move about a bit.
  • He has not been commited wasting his money gambling sleeping at other players houses making a pest of himself he is one of the players whining and winging destabalising the group as i said rules should be you cant sign until last 6 months of your current deals expiry a good idea he should of been punted when he signed.
  • All I know for sure is any player that wants to leave the Cardinal and Myrtle,can f**k off,the Telecrap can dissappear off the face of the earth ,and I will be at Parramatta on Friday night in my cardinal and Myrtle screaming my head off!





Like most teams who have been performing poorly, many fans are attacking the recruitment and retention strategies of the Rabbits. At the Eels, we have become experts at this over many years and we seem to finally have solved this problem this year.



  • Wouldn’t be surprised to see Peats back & Cook rissoled!!! McInnes would than assume the role that Peats had when an understudy to Issac.
  • I’d get rid of Cook to take Peats. Throw Cam out while we are at it.Keary/McInnes – Does Richo have the kahunas to send them both to the Dragons?
  • Perhaps do a trade for De Belin or Frizell?
  • Clark – I am not a fan of a player who runs towards the opposition defence, stops and looks for another forward to pass to. If he thinks he will prolong his career by doing that, He’s nothing but a Chicken!
  • I have a feeling won’t make the 8 this year. Also, as long as McInnes and Keary are in the 17, we will not win another Premiership.


  • I can’t get over Madge saying he’s got 2 good dummy halves and he’s happy with McInnes and Cook.
  • Mitchell Pearce would fit in to your club and culture quite nicely.
  • I want Peats back. Where do we sign. Throw out Tyrrell while we are at it.
  • Souths must go hard for Tedesco. We must. Fire up guys. I am.
  • Grevs tick. Throw Cook and Tyrrell out next. At the end of the year I can do a dance when we throw Keary out. Clear them out!!!!! Here boy, here boy, out the window you go!!!!!!!


And a question that might become more and more of a talking point particularly next year

  • I will be furious if Tamou goes to Penrith. How the hell are Penrith under the cap? Tamou and Grevsmuhls deal next year is around $1million for the 2, plus Merrin on huge money let alone Segy, Moylan,Cartwright,Mansour 4 kiwi internationals in Hiku, Dwz, McKendry and Whare. Peachey. Campbell-Gillard and thats not even including Soward, Wallace and youngsters like Blake, 2 Jennings, Yeo etc. Absolute joke.




I was shocked to find an incredibly smart Souths fan. Must be an Eel in disguise.

  • Hi all,I want to say that I don’t use the Telecrap as toilet paper,let alone read it.The News limted scum will do anything and have been for years, to destabilize the mighty Rabbitohs. All their stories are fairy stories,how do their scum journos know what goes on between the players and Madge.



Go the Eels !!!!


Photo courtesy of the internet and meme generators

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5 thoughts on “Forum Folly – South Sydney

  1. John Eel

    The South Sydney supporters clearly do not think that they can win on Fri, wonder what the players are thinking. Usually where there is smoke there is fire.

    I am confident about tomorrow night

  2. Clint

    Loved the memes and Forum Folly as usual Chris. The Madge one in particular made me actually ‘LOL’

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