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Edge and Cronin Interview – Part 3

In this third part, Steve and Mick recount their favourite memories from their time with Jack Gibson.


This part was very much the inspiration behind our earlier tribute video, and while many of you may have already seen many of the memories brilliantly recalled here, we thought it would be only fitting to show you, the fully uncut section in which Steve and Mick recall with great fondness and affection, the great man that was Jack Gibson


I’ve cut some new footage into this one too, so I hope this brings back many special memories for all Eels fans.

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6 thoughts on “Edge and Cronin Interview – Part 3

  1. sixties

    “If you’re gonna make a mistake, make it at a hundred miles an hour”. It showed in the play of the 1981 to 1983 Eels. And didn’t Gibson have the team that he could apply that mantra to!

  2. Trapped in the 1970's

    Great work again and really enjoy hearing from these eels legends. Very much appreciate the time you guys put in.

    1. DK Eel Post author

      Many thanks “trapped in the 70’s”. I loved being able to listen to these guys, the stories they had to tell almost as much as being able to put these interviews together for everyone.

      The final part, part 4 will be online next week, so we’ll have some more blue and gold goodness to come as we wrap up the “Edge and Cronin” interviews.

      Glad you’re enjoying the work


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