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Edge and Cronin Interview – Part 2

Continuing from where we left off from part one, we begin at 1980 when Steve Edge first came to Parramatta.


Steve and Mick talk to us about the legendary run from 1981 to 1983 (where we got “greedy” winning three in a row …. watch the video and you’ll love yet another Jack Gibson quote about “getting greedy”), memories of the 1981 Grand Final break through, then not being not far off the pace in 1984 and 1985, as well as their thoughts on playing Canterbury and Warren Ryan coached teams.


Steve and Mick also get to share some good natured observations on other Blue and Gold greats.


We hope you have as much fun watching the this as we did being there.


So sit back, grab a comfortable seat, your favourite beverage and enjoy the next twenty minutes as The Cumberland Throw presents “Part Two” of the Edge and Cronin interview.



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17 thoughts on “Edge and Cronin Interview – Part 2

  1. DK Eel Post author

    We just want to say again what an absolute pleasure it is , especially on the eve of a new NRL season to be able to continue to deliver to you all, these interviews.

    We can’t say enough, just how generous all these LEGENDS of the game have been in giving their time to us.

    We have THE BEST sport in the world with Rugby League and we have such a rich, vibrant and vital history attached to this game, OUR game, that it’s a true honour to be able to bring these guys to all the blue and gold faithful, so , for those old enough to remember them running around, we can relive those days , and more importantly, for those who weren’t around, to know and see the history and legacy that exists within our club and our game.

    Hope you enjoy the video

  2. DK Eel Post author

    and before I forget, again I just want to send a special thank you again to “Parrathruandthru” (Geoff) for assisting us with some archival images that I’ve been able to insert into these videos. I really appreciate your passion and assistance with all this mate 🙂

  3. sixties

    After sharing time with these two blokes on the shoot day, it’s wonderful to watch the interview all over again. Nothing was too much trouble for these blokes. Mick drove up from Gerringong for the interview and Steve made the Kogarah dressing shed available as the venue. We were also privy to more great stories before and after the shoot.
    Besides DK’s great edit, and the camera work of Forty and DK, I’d like to make mention of Miatch. It’s his voice that you hear in the interview. He doesn’t want to feature so you don’t see him on screen. We begin the interviews with our question script but you will hear Miatch use the players’ answers to frame the next question. Very skilled work that he will hate having me commenting about. Just accept this compliment mate.
    However, back to the players, it is all about them and what they mean to the fans of our club. They wrote our history with their on field exploits. But importantly, they are also legends off the field and it has been an honour for all of us to share some time with them.

  4. Clive

    Another unbelievable video boys. I get goose bumps when I watch these guys talk and I reckon it would be a great idea if the current team watched them as well. It would really help them “Buy in” to what made this club so special.

  5. Clint

    DK, Forty & Miatch you continue to impress – absolutely love this content, please keep it coming!

    And Geoff, great image collection my friend!

  6. DK Eel Post author

    I just want to say that it’s a real team effort these videos.

    All the core “throw team” contribute to the questions, Sixties, Chris, Miatch, Forty and myself.

    Sixties spends the time to make the questions flow with a script and with Chris is often instrumental in setting up the first contact with the players.

    Miatch has a great interview manner and his ability to “go with the flow” of the interview and not be stuck to a formula and script really helps not only with the content we get from the players but making the players feel at ease.

    Forty does what we call in the industry, the “B Roll” footage, which is essential in helping me get great footage to cut to with different angles so the edit. While I can improvise different shots with some creative editing from the main camera I operate, getting great “B roll” cannot be under estimated in getting me the footage that helps make a memorable edit.

    Without the first few steps in this process , without everyone playing their part, utilising the skills that they bring to the table, the final part of putting together the edit wouldn’t be as smooth.

    Really have to say again a huge thanks to “Parrathruandthru” (Geoff) who helped me out with some great cut away images. My own library, scanning in older magazines (and the old extensive google searches!) can only go so far, so having someone who has quite a collection of Eels memorabilia has been a real help for me in the edit.

    Thank you everyone for your kind words and positive feedback. Glad you’ve has been enjoying the videos.

    and Annon ….. Sixties is certainly not “chump change” !! 😀

  7. Jack

    Jack Gibson would have been a wonderful bloke to know.
    What an era of football for the eels. Unforgettable!

  8. Anonymous

    The thing that I enjoy about listening to these blokes is the genuine responses. Great answers to questions about the feeling of winning a gfinal, fitting in to a new team, the fans. Refreshing stuff. No cliches.

  9. Parramatta Tragic

    That was thoroughly enjoyable and I am looking forward to the next two parts. One of the highlights in the 1981 GF for me as a fan was Cronin’s first kick at goal. The conversion of Kenny’s try from the sideline into what was basically a hurricane strength swirling wind was the best goal I have ever seen and has never been equaled or bettered.

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