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Bob O’Reilly Interview – Part 1

The Cumberland Throw continues to salute the legends of our great club, this time, we were privileged to be able to sit down with the one and only Bob “The Bear” O’Reilly.


In this first part, Bob talks to us about his first stint with Parramatta, from his grading, playing along side legends such as Rayner, Thornett, Lynch, Hambly as well as being the first Parramatta junior to be selected to play for Australia.





Stay tuned …. we’ve got more of Bob to follow soon


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Superb work DK. Brilliant mate. Well done. And thank u


Edited strong, done good!

Parramatta Tragic

I would keep The Bear and his wife in any alcohol and food of their choice if I had the opportunity to sit down and talk about 1975 with him. I probably would have given him my highlights DVD which took me 40 years to get. If ever you read these things Bob, thanks so much for the great memories and for that great one on one fight with John Donnelly in front of the old Cumberland Grandstand. Outstanding stuff Bob! As Bob was getting up to play the ball, Dallas was jogging back on side and delivered a sneaky… Read more »


Hi mate. I’ll tell Bob to make sure that he reads these comments.

Parramatta Tragic

Much appreciated SB and congrats to all again on a wonderful site. Tell The Bear I cook a mean Laksa or Risotto!


The great man might just be reading this himself right now.

Karen O'reilly

Any chance DK we can get 3 copies of dads 4 interviews sent over ?


Hi Karen,
I’ll organise it with DK and drop it around.


Your Dad’s a great man Karen. Thoroughly enjoyed spending time with him, though I only seem to be able to catch him on his mobile when he’s at work!


Thanks for that, mum just told me you have organized them to be dropped in today. He is a great man, you did an amazing job with the interviews.


Dropped them in today. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed talking footy and other matters with your dad.


Hey there,

My Dad is an old friend of Bob’s and has been trying to get in touch with him is there any chance you could pass on my Dad’s mobile to him (my Dad played for Easts back in the day). Please email me if possible so I can send you Dads mobile. cheers, Amanda


Hi Karen

My Dad has been trying to get in contact with your Dad. Any chance you could pass on my Dads mobile?



DK this is terrific editing mate.

really great stuff.


Best yet DK. The bar is getting higher mate.

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