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The Tip Sheet – 2024 Ep 59: Instant Reaction – Roosters Shut The Gate On Eels Feat. Michael Buettner

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The Eels fought hard to overcome a 16-point deficit against the Roosters but ultimately ran out of gas as they fell to a 28-18 defeat. Sixties and Forty20 delve into the loss as they look at where and how the Blue & Gold challenged the Tri-colours and where they let themselves down.

There were victories in the NSW Cup and Jersey Flegg as both squads continue to surge up their respective ladders. The boys quickly recap both results and where that positions both teams as they begin the long run home.

The second half of the podcast goes back in time to the Pre-Game Show with Michael Buettner as the boys preview the Round 15 clash against the Roosters. The show also looks at a wide range of topics including the technicalities of playing centre, Origin and the possibility of the Bears coming back into the NRL.

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49 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2024 Ep 59: Instant Reaction – Roosters Shut The Gate On Eels Feat. Michael Buettner

  1. Cardinal

    Just goes to show that some people thinking Brad along with O’neill had left the club in a great position- think again.
    Brad left us in a similar situation to where he started – an aging pack of 30 to 31 aged players, not much choice in the outside backs , back up players who mainly were unwanted by other clubs like lumi lumi, Cini, Harper, Ogden , Makatoa. Asi. . – the only person keeping us in matches is Moses’s kicking game atm.

    Good luck to whomever signs Brad arthur……. they’ll need plenty .
    We are in this position because of lack of foresight…

    1. Edward

      Your a poor sad little fellow aren’t you , my guess is low intelligence and a complete under achiever in life , virtually friendless and disliked except for a few morons of similar intelligence and a total embarrassment to whatever family you may have , my condolences to all.

      1. Steele

        I thought personal attacks were moderated on this site? Agree or disagree with Cardinals thoughts – that’s a lot of epithets thrown at someone for an opinion on a fansite…and the last thing fans need at this time is to turn on each other.

  2. Parra Pete

    The Eels bombed at least 3 tries… last ditch Roosters defence.
    I thought the players had a red hot go. They got rolled by a pretty good team.
    All I expect from players is to give it their best shot. and I thought they did that.
    Just not good enough on the night..

  3. Ron

    That’s a take that is as misinformed as it is unfair. It’s not unsurprising from you as you know full well a head coach such a brad wouldn’t be asking for a short roster year on year or Morgan Harper as the only outside back addition in this off-season. He wouldn’t have asked for momesia, cini etc after losing opacic, mahony, marata, Oregon etc. that’s on the recruitment and retention committee who were unable to identify better replacements/get deals over the line and instead chose to make brad go into year with less than a top 30 and perennial problems in the backs.

    Which ever way you try to spin it against brad, it is an objective fact that there is/was a recruitment and retention committee – so that’s at least three voices that have input re: squad composition. There is the Hof and mcedluff who generally do all the negotiating with players/player agents. There is brad who no doubt has input. But for reasons above, to ascribe the shortfall in talent to him is silly. What coach wouldn’t be asking for more talent to help them perform? What coach wants a short roster? It’s up to other two to get deals done and let the coach focus on coaching. They failed miserably year on year in that regard

  4. Avenger

    Mark O’Neill and whoever makes the calls on recruitment and their continued reluctance to broaden the squad is negligent. Their lack of strategy has killed this season.

    They need to be held accountable for this mess. BA should not be the only one blamed. Other Heads need to roll.

    1. Ronahi

      The sacking of Brad is window dressing unless it is followed by: 1) the Hof being sacked and new (competent) one being hired, 2) the recruitment and retention committee being exploded and restructured, 3) a meaningful restructure of junior pathways and 4) and mcedluff being put under the microscope. I don’t have faith in the current mob to do this – it’ll probably just be more arse covering from them as they try distract the fanbase and point to the new centre of excellence and new coach. The new coach will fail unless there is meaningful change to set the FOOTBALL TEAM up for success.

  5. B&G 4 Eva

    The comments re recruitment and responsibility are there for all to see .

    What was the most obvious on Saturday night was that despite taking the lead, the crowd expected the inevitable loss , and it happened to a degree of silence. Going to a home game and the less than huge Roosters crowd continually being louder than the home fans spelt it out ,

    How was the team supposed to win with a short roster, 3 of the 4 backline position being covered by players out of position , hello R&R what’s your job again.

    The 2 best wingers in the club outside of Sivo and Simmonson are scoring tries in Flegg every week, but unlike other clubs we tend to shield our young players for far too long.

    Junior recruitment is on the up, NRL recruitment has hit the wall, until that is corrected we will see more of the same.

  6. Ron

    There’s a rumour that dyl brown is not taking up his option after 25 and is heading to the warriors for 26. It was repeated by the talking parra podcast as apparently credible. I think this is the tip of the iceberg – Dylan leaves, hopgood leaves and we overpay for talagi and are stuck with some old forward pack and a broken gutho at fullback. Hopefully rumour is wrong but it’s not good news at all (esp as dyl owes the club a fair I would think – not doing a runner as soon as times are tough)

    1. Avenger

      Brown hasn’t been the same player since the incident last year. Nobody should lose their personality but I constantly see an immature player hamming it up to the cameras at training. I hope a new coach gives him some perspective, maturity and consistency.

      1. Muz

        I reckon the club should have placed focus on sanders over brown, brown is never going to be a half back and sanders is probably going to be a better half back than brown.

        Moses will be old in a few short years (or constantly injured like most old halves)

        And they’ll likely have no quality half backs in the top 30.

        The thing with Dylan having a pack with teammates to have a quiet weekend,

        Then going out getting drunk and charged with sexual touching / assault etc.

        If that’s the roosters or Melbourne be would instantly be almost on the outta for doing that.

        Browns awesome but that thing that happened last year was a huge let down, I would rather see Sanders 6, moses 7, Young blaize at 4, Boods at 9 or 14, throw brown at fullback.

        Give them a mix of young & old talent to work together and see our team rise over the next 4 years.

        I think that would have been a slick outfit to develop moving forward.

        We need to have a plan post gutho, and I reckon that would have been a sweet team list? IMO

        Ethan sanders, Boods, blaize, all 3 will probably play SOO one day.

        Imagine if we thought long term and slotted them all in and built the new team around those young stars.

        So far we still risk loosing Boods too unless they make a move for his contract upgrade.

    2. Brett A

      There are plenty of rumours flying around about Dylan at the moment, not just about his contract but some of his behaviour off the field and maybe not many lessons were actually learnt last year – the least of which included him being put and on it on ANZAC Day when we played the next night.

      I’ve been pretty disappointed in Dylan. I thought he would step up and all we have had are moments. Even his never give up on a play in defence isn’t quite as desperate as it used to be. I can’t imagine saying move on from a player with his talent, but sheesh he makes it hard…

      1. Muz

        Brett brown is an amazing talent as you mentioned I agree, maybe those 1% efforts aren’t there anymore because the team is losing.

        Once losing consistently and expecting negative outcomes becomes the norm, you can see his confidence or desire has reduced.

        Losing consistently has a significant impact on some players – I don’t believe Dylan brown has lived up close to his potential yet.

        Imagine brown at Melbourne or the roosters, he would be forced to hold a standard and probably become an elite 6.

        Atm, I probably wouldn’t consider him an elite 6.

        Maybe a year or two ago, I would have considered Dylan brown as being (close to) or becoming one of the best 5/8’s in the comp.

        In 2024’ I know we’ve been losing – but those 1% defensive efforts or games where he’s been consistently the best or one of our best players…

        Don’t seem as common anymore.

        I don’t want to believe rumours 100% until it’s made public & confirmed.

        But if he’s looking to check out of the eels, he might of mentally already clocked off so to speak.

        We can’t blame him – he probably thinks the Clubs gone down hill.

        It’s also hard to imagine being as motivated when you know the team is of not chance of playing in the finals let alone competing for a comp anytime soon possibly.

        I rate brown, but to me he looks like he’s barley scratched the surface on what his potential probably is.

        He could be a bit like Jarryd Hayne for our team getting in open space to move as a fullback.

        But we will never know – but can you imagine him getting open space constantly with his speed at full back from kick returns etc?

        He’s lightening quick and has a good step.

        where’s gutho defends well but is slow and has no step whatsoever.

        Ppl say brown can’t be fullback because he isn’t vocal enough,

        But can you imagine him tearing up from the back?

        And he’s a brilliant defender too.

    3. Joseph

      Rumours have been circulating for a while. His contract is worth nothing to the club beyond 2025. The average idiot knows how ridiculous player options are.

      1. Ron

        We need to cut player options – it’s a symptom of oneil and mcedluff being weak in negotiations. They overpaid for lane and Matto. They gave options to matto and dyl. A mutual option to sivo. It’s all pathetic in terms of how it leaves the club at the bargaining table

  7. 56 years an Eel

    Same problem every week.
    Caught short on the outside.
    We start every game 2 tries down until a new coach can develop a working defensive structure.
    I just watched Lomax against Manly and he has the commitment in defence we need.
    I held out high hopes for Russell but he’s had a bad run.
    The first try was a shocker
    Win, lose or draw we have to find some form.
    We have as good a month coming up as we could hope for.
    The combinations have to settle in over that time.
    Players will come and go.
    Plenty have since Arthur took over and we adopted the most fragile wings in the comp.
    If we get things right we could pick up 16-18 points
    We need to beat 2 of the Roosters,Storm Broncos and Panthers to equal last year’s 30 points.
    Of course Arthur had to go but there was and still isn’t available succession plan.
    Now it’s time for the board to go.
    That’s where the problem has been, ever since Denis Fitzgerald.

    1. Muz

      The Eels have had really bad defence for a few years. It’s probably just worst now because depth has gotten worst and players older.

      It may take a new coach who’s strength is defence + a mini roster clean out.

      Over at bulldogs Ciraldo didn’t have his preferred players at the start, and his defensive tactics & culture didn’t really work.

      Once he got his own roster of players he wanted, they suited his defensive philosophy & work rate.. he was able to get them to buy into it.

      Once they cut off the old players who weren’t suited for it and replaced with fitter & stronger players.

      Now in 1 year the bulldogs have one of the best defences in the league.

      Got to remember even tho I respect BA his teams never had good edges defensively they always were fragile.

      All the players in the team were coached under those systems (most of them) probably for years.

      It may not only take a new coach next year, but new players who are not coached poorly in regards to defending.

      A new coach may have trouble with old players set in their ways comfortable at the club,

      This is why many of us believe the club can’t go with baz long term (even if we respect him for now)

      Because the club truly needs new faces and new ideas.

      Unless there’s some major changes to roster + coaching for next year:

      We are most likely going to have all the same issues like piss weak edge defences and zero speed in our backline.

      How hard is it to hire some fast wingers and some mid range decent centres?

      Even the Manly reserve grade backs look better than our NRL backs half the time.

      Young Hoppa who’s only played a few NRL games now (and at fullback)

      Looks more capable there than any of the current eels backline roster except gutho and his had like 2 games.

      The eels need to stop sitting on their hands.

      Go out and aggressively sign some young backs who look good even at reserve grade at other clubs.

      Stop this obsession of signing old players and slow forwards on big contracts and wondering why we leak length of the field trys every game.

      The clubs apparently so financially successful they keep telling us, but Daejarn Asi is now our centre who’s a reserve grade half at best with notoriously average defence and barely played centre in his life in first grade.

      Then we’ve got sivo who lets in 2-4 tries every game like his betting against his own team on sports bet, to ensure that we lose.

      I’m half ranting & joking here – but it’s honestly a joke they brag about the financials and literally only buy unwanted rejects from other clubs then face off to the media lying to us all saying they believe we have the roster to win a comp.

      How can they look at the roster with no back up half back, no fast backs, no depth in backs overall, a infilled roster, old players who are years past it, leaking length of the field trys on every game – and lie to the media saying “we have got the team to win a comp”

      It was legit comedy when our CEO or whoever it was was saying this with a straight face to the media.

      We don’t even have a back up specialist fullback or a proper back up half back back who can fill in on NRL duties.

      I think when Moses or gutho doesn’t play – we lose something like 90% of games.

      The leaders of the club are either morons or liars – they let go of our good players and signed a bunch of unwanted rejects and wonder why we are possibly going to be fighting for w wooden spoon in 24.


  8. Muz

    How come we start every game 2 tries down it seems like?

    I feel like every game we let the first tries in. It’s unbelievable how good our team can attack even now when we are on for moments, but what’s been the issue for years (and worst atm), is our defence.

    I feel like some solid defensive backs and possibly new coach whoever it is next year who’s got a good defensive mindset could help us a lot.

    With Hands, brown, moses on the team I feel like we can score against any team – just our edges defence it looks like we leak a try every time a team attacks our centres & wingers near the try line.

    Baz said recently “defence is a attitude”

    I dont completely understand what he means but maybe he is hinting it’s something to do with our player’s attitude as opposed to defensive structures.

    1. sixties

      Defence requires the greatest fitness. Imagine going on a 10km run where at certain intervals you had to slam an object into the ground, then get up and run again. The effort in that is exhausting. It’s why teams run “Malcolms” in their training, especially in their preseason – running 10-20 metres, hit the ground, run back, hit the ground, over and over in a line. Defence is effort on effort, finding something more when you’re exhausted because your extra effort might stop a line break, or cut one down. You have to want to make that difference. And that applies individually and collectively

      1. Muz

        Thanks 60’s, good way of putting it. I just don’t understand why we always let first tries in and it’s usually very fast like it takes us a bit to wake up. It’s interesting how it tends to take place most games.

      2. Joseph

        100% Sixties, that’s what the top teams do year after year. Melbourne have been doing it for decades, they don’t win comps every year but they always put themselves in a position to at least challenge.
        We know what it takes to be “that” team, you have clearly spelt it out but why can’t our club instill a Melbourne like culture? What and who creates this winning culture that other clubs can replicate year after year? Is it the coach, the board, certain player types? Is it corporate big wigs in the background lining the pockets of their roster, money is one hell of a motivator for success.
        BA did an admirable job considering he inherited Chernobyl to build his resort but at no stage have I trusted the roster during his tenor to be consistent. Each and everyone of our seasons in last decade have had diabolical thrashings, wins against the odds, inexplicable losses against teams we should have thrashed, wooden spoons, missing the top 8, making finals and a grand final in no logical order. I can’t remember the last time we had a for and against we could be proud of.
        I wish we had a team we could trust, trust to be competitive in every game, knowing that if we lose, it’s because we’re beaten and not because our team couldn’t be bothered that day, trust that a loss is not an embarrassing thrashing, trust that we put ourselves in a position to challenge for a premiership every season. Our current situation is not a today problem, it’s been lingering in the background for years, let’s be real.
        It’s embarrassing for a massive club with endless resources and a massive loyal supporter base to be in the position we are in now.
        If you want to know how the mother of a serial killer still loves their child, then become a Parra supporter. 38 years without a premiership and here we are, still loving the club, still buying memberships and season tickets and still giving a shit about our club.

        1. Muz

          Hi Joseph, it’s unbelievable as you said it’s been 38 years.

          It still seems like the eels are making many of the same problems even many years later.

          Maybe it’s easy for us arm chair experts to see it.

          But somehow it must be harder for the people who are making the big decisions to lead us down a new path.

          We still have the same old DNA the clubs has had for a long time it seems like.

          Willy mason said after our grand final win in 22’

          That he wouldn’t be surprised if we got a wooden spoon the next year or the year after.

          He mentioned we had done this before and part of our dna.

          As an eels fan I thought he was mad and wanted to comment that’s stupid.

          But here we are – clearly our clubs still not truly shaken it’s old identity.

          The wooden spoons, the shocking decisions on paying overs for big slow old players, letting go of our younger stars and employing rejects no other NRL team will take.

          As much as it hurts us to hear this.

          It seems like we’ve fallen back into our old ways.

          Financial gains for eels leaders who pay under for players and limit the spend on roster get bonuses for saving the club money.

          This is only the tip of the ice berg – this is what us fans only know about.

          Imagine the sketchy greed ridden culture that must be littered through the place.

          The eels execs apparently pay bonuses to head of football to incentivise spending less on the 30 man roster.

          This gives you an indication as to why maybe our roster + R & R has been diabolical for years.

          The club is ran like a money spinner.

          and the NRL teams success is being held back by a bunch of parasites.

          If you look up the term Parasite:

          “A parasite is an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense.”

          Sounds like the Eels execs & HOF, etc.

          Sucking all the members & ticket buyers money dry whilst not reinvesting the money into an actual 30 man NRL squad.

          If the Eels execs & R & R committee don’t sound shockingly similar to the description of parasites?

          I’ll stand on my head 😅

          1. Joseph

            Interesting insights there Muz.
            It’s infuriating as a supporter.
            I don’t comment much on the inner workings of the club because I don’t have knowledge beyond what I hear and assume.
            You would think bonuses would be paid based on success on the field.
            Few organisations have the luxury of failing and still attract customers.
            Eels fans are loyal, they support the club both emotionally and financially through thick and thin.
            I could never bring myself to cancel my memberships or boycotting games but sometimes I wonder how the message will ever get through.

          2. Muz

            Hey Joseph, the noise needs to get loud enough online and then eventually in the media how the eels refuse to sign a 30 man roster like other teams.

            And has likely caused a significant part in our NRL teams destruction.

            It’s not like they don’t have the money, the eels clubs success is being hampered by a limited roster.

            Even if we had Wayne bennet or Craig Bellamy as head coach.

            Those things would help but at the end of the day we don’t have a back up half back or any specialist centres, wingers, fullbacks, who are NRL quality.

            It’s like going on an outback rally accross the desert of Australia without a backup spare tyre or two.

            Our team relies on 100.% of the roster being healthy at all times and in perfect form

            (Which doesn’t seem to happen across the NRL for any team)

            Even though we love footy and want to ignore this stuff because it can be unpleasant.

            We will be supporting a rally Driver, going across the desert for thousands of miles, without a spare tyre, and no stored water…

            So to speak.

            If we keep quiet and support this team without letting our voices be heard.

            People who work in the club
            read this column, they see the comments on social media.

            Media + fan pressure eventually will get taken notice of eventually.

            Especially when the clubs in free fall in real time.

            The eels fans deserve better, and the more people who start letting their voices known the better.

  9. BDon

    Tks guys. Yes, I noticed the Roosters punching away at the ruck and edge of the ruck in the second half. Quite a few times at 3 passes wide they didn’t send the ball further when one more pass looked a reasonable play. I can’t recall if it was 2 penalties or one penalty and a 6 Again later in the 2nd half, but it seemed to swing momentum, I think the Chooks actually got the final 3 penalties (after being 9-1 in our favour), which played right into their resurgent finish.

  10. Brett A

    I would love for Penisini to talk me through his thinking in defence on the Tupou try from the scrum. If Jennings as the decoy actually got the ball, he would have been tackled by four players! – The two coming across from the scrum and the one standing infront of him. What could possibly be the logic in that scenario to think I have to crash in, when all the defenders are running toward you?!

    Throw in players like Cartwright, Lane, Matterson Kelma and basically everyone who has worn a jumper 2-5 this year, and It highlights the lack of high football interlect players we have at the club presently.

    1. Cardinal

      He has ba’s charge in defence still lingering in his ears. Take 12 months to fix him and many others

    2. 56 years an eel

      Cartwright has made some smart plays this year.
      The problem with the defensive structure is the outside backs coming in.
      Good defence forces the attackers to the sideline to corner them and make them easier to stop. We do the opposite.
      The best structures come up in the centre and hold back at the edges to use the sideline as a defender.
      We score enough points to win games. We would score more if we held our line.
      Asi at centre is a fail. He’s not a bad player, he’s just not a centre.
      I know it’s easy to be critical of Sivo but he is just doing the same as everyone else.
      At least we can get 2 tries a game out of him if we use him properly.
      2 weeks for the niggling injuries to heal.

      Mathematically we could make the 8 but it would take a better finish than Jason Taylor’s 9 straight.
      That’s not happening.

      1. Joseph

        Jason Taylor really wanted the Coaching gig. He went on to coach Souths and Parra signed Hagan.
        Thanks to my then boss, I watched Parra and Souths play in a corporate box at the old stadium. Parra just won and at full time, Hagan and Taylor crossed paths and almost came to blows. Daniel Wagon was there and seperated them.

  11. Joe Vass

    From challenging for the premiership as Grand Finalists in 2022 to now challenging for the wooden spoon in 2024. Someone needs to be held accountable other than Brad Arthur.

    1. Hugh Marshall

      The board sold off a gf team its that simple , actually look close and they sold of the future and kept the past , reedy, stone, kafusi ,marata .

      1. Muz

        Hugh, we definitely didn’t replace those players you mentioned either …

        I think all the forwards we’ve employed in the last 2 years have gone to super league already 😂

        Except hopgood.

        So 1 good signing and we lost about 5 good players.

        All the other forwards and backs we signed have left the club or stuck in NSW cup,

        Unbelievable – and not only that, all the players we seemingly signed were bargain cheapies / unwanted rejects.

        So we exported true NRL talent and replaced them with Mostly Tomato cans (as some would say)..,

    2. Muz

      Hi Joe, it’s become unfortunately embarrassing.

      What I’m Most worried about is our CEO & Mcelduf got on TV saying they believe we have the roster to win a competition.

      This and them throwing BA under the bus to the media without showing any self accountability in regards to our roster & zero depth…

      It showed a few big red flags for me.

      If they don’t take any accountability for our lack of depth, old roster, lack of balance, lazy players who should have been let go of a long time ago.

      Then no coach they employ will make a significant & lasting difference.

      Let’s hope we are all wrong – and they sign an amazing coach.

      And do a complete 180 and start signing fast outside backs for depth, and bring in some youth.

  12. Joseph

    Thanks for the podcast gents. I enjoyed the chat with Michael. He was also part of the best Eels team since the 80’s to not win a comp.
    Our current situation, boy it’s dire.
    Our season was at boiling point and finally exploded with the sacking of BA.
    It feels like the club is floating in pieces with no one cabable of putting it back together. Each week the pieces are floating further away.
    We have no coach, our best young talents, Blaize and Arthur remain unsigned, our aging players are signed while our best young forward, Hopgood is testing the market, we have a short roster with no possibility of signing players without a coach, rumours are now circulating that Brown wants out and we sit equal last on the ladder
    The players are showing effort in recent games but I don’t see the passion in the jersey, it feels like the players don’t want to be there and the only reason they show some effort is because they have to and not because they want to. The fans are sensing the mood, the handful of Roosters fans out cheered us, you just don’t see that at Commbank.
    Even the ground announcer felt the need to play the artificial chant to shut the Roosters chant down.
    Our board are going to make or break this club in the next few weeks, the next coach must be a strong man manager and leader. The only option in a sad list of candidates is Michael Cheika. I laughed when his name first came up, I’m not laughing now, I think he’s the only chance of bringing this group back together, retaining our young talent while attracting new talent.

    1. Big steve

      There not rumors ,its not parra or his team mates he hates its mcelduff the weasel and Jim the rat, kiss him goodbye 26 if not sooner and theres now complete distrust among the players towards the board and loyalty-is no longer on the table believe me , Dylan’s the tip of the iceberg and not just nrl level its sweeping the club, well done to the board !

  13. pete

    What the club should look at is a joint venture with Sydney University or Western Sydney University. To set up A sports medicine and allied health training campus at Kellyville. Encourage the University to invest in state of the art labs and training facilities using software to improve athletic performance and injury prevention/management Open it up for all athletes and aspiring sports medicine professionals.
    Imagine an innovative approach to fitness and cutting edge technology. It would be a great asset to the club and region.

  14. Muz

    60’s & 40/20 should be working in the recruitment & retirement committee.

    He probably has more common sense and knowledge than all of them, even after 20 beers.

    Maybe someone needs to FWD 60’s report on the lack of depth he published before the season even began, outlining the issues we had.

    CC it to the CEO and the Mcelduff 🤣

    Don’t CC it to MON though..

    He would dismiss the claims and probably reply suggesting Morgan Harper is better than Lattrell Mitchel or Joey Manu…

    All because he costed probably $2.50 per season instead of $850,000.

    Just kidding, but I would be interesting to see if any members have sent our CEO & other executive leaders 60’s original article highlighting the outside back & depth problem before this season even took place.

    Has anyone sent it to them?

    I wonder sometimes if other members have contacted them regarding about any of this.

    A good CEO would see this and take massive action to rectify the issues that are currently taking place during the last 24 months you would think.

  15. 56 years an eel

    Finally got to listen to the MB half of the podcast.
    It’s a goldmine of inspiration.
    I’m glad he agrees with what I posted above about staying inside the attackers in defence as he knows more about football than me.
    I agree with him about the Matt Seers tackle on Brett Mullins. Mullins ran through the line at full tilt with 30 to go and Seers turned and caught him.
    In my opinion the best defensive fullback ever.
    Maybe we could hire him to teach our backs how to tackle effectively.
    That was another key point that MB made. He thought he knew how to tackle until Brian Smith started coaching him.

  16. Namrebo

    Thanks fellas for another interesting production. Sounds like you’re a bit more optimistic about our performance than me. I was really disappointed watching this one.

    Interesting during the week seeing RCG discussing the coaching situation. Sounded, and looked like he had the irrits with the administration. I wonder how much of a strain there is on the relationship between the playing group and admin side of the house while the coach selection process continues.

    Really enjoyed listening to Beuttner. His take on things was refreshing and knowledgeable. Another ex player showing me how little I still know about the game even after all these years.

    1. Namrebo

      Forgot to mention that I can feel Sixties pain around the canned chant being produced during the game. I don’t understand the need for it. As you said, supporters know when to get the chant going to support the team without some Americanised arrangement.

      I vividly, and fondly, remember sitting at Cumberland Oval on the quarter line, scoreboard end, opposite the grandstand during close games when the Parra chant would just start organically in the crowd and get louder and louder. The dust would start to rise around the grandstand with the suns rays streaming through. If there was a bit of a breeze the dust would sometimes float across the ground towards us. You could see the players lift in response. It was great and no forced canned chant can ever replicate that.

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