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The Tip Sheet – 2024 Ep 58: The Round 15 Preview

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Round 15 sees the Parramatta Eels trading blows with the Sydney Roosters across the Jersey Flegg, NSW Cup and NRL. Sixties and Forty20 are back in action as they preview each grade in a Saturday triplet out games.

The Jersey Flegg and NSW Cup both lodged important wins last week and now have serious opportunities to close the gap on the Top 6 in their respective competitions. Both squads have been impacted by the NSW 19s squad, so how do they shape up and how can they knock over the Chooks?

A bounceback win is needed for the NRL squad but a talented Tri-colours line-up stands between them and that goal. The boys look at how the two teams stack up and what the Blue & Gold need to do in order to contain a fearsome backline featuring Manu, Young and Tupou.


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8 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2024 Ep 58: The Round 15 Preview

  1. Muz

    What does everyone think of Fox reporting Baz as our head coach for next year moving forward?

    I support him this year & like him – but strongly believe parra needs new direction moving into the future.

    A strong coach who’s not emotionally connected to the current players,

    Someone that won’t hesitate to cut the dead weight, and DEMANDs a full roster and (some serious outside backs).,

    Are we Asking for too much a eels supporter? 😅

    1. Muz

      Jason Demetriou also met with the eels today.

      Interesting. I Don’t know if this is good or not.

      1. Spark

        In that he interviewed for the position?
        Jason can coach and knows football but he couldn’t stand up to Latrell and Walker and that was his downfall.
        We honestly need to get away from players dictating the direction of the team and the coach being a fan.

        1. Spark

          If he did interview for the job it shows that the media have absolutely no idea who is on the short list or not. That is very refreshing.

          1. Muz

            Hi Spark, yeah that’s true. Also some ppl are suggesting JD might also be being considered for an assistant coach role for next year.

            It will be interesting to see who the club ends up hiring for next year.

        2. Muz

          Hey Spark, Jason can probably coach pretty well.

          It’s also more than just Lattrel and what not issue I think, they also lost cambell graham and what not too..

          He was a crucial part of their team, obviously must of been many other issues going on at south’s as well like you said.

  2. B&G 4 Eva

    The disparity in squad quality, particularly in the backs is stark and underlines how vulnerable the side looks to speed and height. Anyway, we can hope that we at least hold them in the forwards to give our halves some scope, which is the only area of the team where we look stronger.

    Even given the advantage someone like their chairman brings , we shouldn’t be this far away. Cap management and eye for recruitment talent seems to be an issue.

    Will be there with more than hope than expectation, so go you Eels and bring home the unexpected.

  3. Namrebo

    Thanks fellas,

    Interesting as always, albeit a bit depressing. I’m perplexed with how Asi is being listed on the eels site. Did you mention he is now listed as a centre? It is something Shelley picked up on in a recent post.

    Starting to look a bit like a treasurer’s jiggery pokery around budget time.

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