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The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 97: Preseason Is All Hands On Deck

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Sixties and Forty20 get to work in another busy edition of The Tip Sheet as the Eels finally have everyone reporting back for the preseason.

The show starts with a breakdown of a tough week of training including a cheeky joke from the coaching staff. The Kellyville precinct is undergoing its transformation into Parramatta’s Centre of Excellence and Sixties brings the latest on the process.

Canberra have re-signed Jamal Fogarty. What does it mean for Parramatta and Ethan Sanders? Elsewhere, Curtis Scott has finally had the door shut on him for a return to the NRL ending any chance of a career revival with the Eels.

The Bulldogs dominate the NRL news once more. After trading for Connor Tracey they have turned their eyes towards Jarome Luai and Addin Fonua-Blake. They face a stiff fight for the services of the Penrith five-eighth with the Wests Tigers sitting in the box seat to sign Luai.

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17 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 97: Preseason Is All Hands On Deck

  1. Shaun

    Great listen gents! I do think the club has a good idea of certain player movements/salary cap shenanigans that may be happening that may open up opportunities to snag a player.

    Speaking of snagging players, I’m glad the Cotric rumour was only that. The NRL can be too easy to forget allowing redemption without proper atonement.

    And that was very cheeky by the training staff.

    1. sixties

      You mean the Scott rumour? Yeah, my feedback was that it wasn’t happening and that was before the NRL made its call, so not sure whether Parra got an early tip or not there.

  2. Annoymous

    Are the bulldogs really under the cap ? So you guys think they will go well next year if they don’t phil gould will be in big trouble .

    1. sixties

      I still think that the Dogs are lacking in the spine and have overpaid on some. But they are somehow in discussion with many players on the market. The form seems to be on the board that they sign players up and then make it fit later. If that’s the case, is that ok?

  3. Milo

    The Curtis Scott one is laughable- I just hope Parra made a strong case for the kid. If we were after him.
    And I hope we can keep Sanders as per Fogarty at Canberra. We need a good back up and a half to come on in two yrs or so.

    1. Hamsammich

      Why is the Scott one laughable? The report out of the NRL was that they wouldn’t register him because no club offered him a contract. How can the NRL approve a contract that hasn’t been put forward?

        1. Hamsammich

          Being interested and offering a contract are different cases. I’m happy we haven’t put a contract to him, he was an average player who now hasn’t played an NRL game for 2.5 seasons. We have juniors who are more worthy of train and trial or development contracts.

          1. Milo

            Hi again Ham, that’s a fair call mate and I agree abt juniors. But I also see it as a potential bigger gain for small cost. Offer him a train and trial deal. Simple and tbh his toughness for me is what our team needs. We have no stand out mongrel type forwards for me besides Hopgood. I want us to have more mongrel in the pack and Scott albeit a back has that.

      1. John Eel

        Ham I think the NRL response is PR speak for “don’t bother trying to submit a contract for Curtis Scott because we won’t register the deal”.

        1. Milo

          And I know it’s not the same but Easts have reportedly got M Jennings on a train and trial type deal. Yet he’s had drugs and ex partner issues.
          But Lodge is the best one

    2. sixties

      Milo, I think the destination for Sanders won’t be determined by Parra. I think it will be all about the deals offered elsewhere because we can’t offer what he wants – which is a first grade half back spot in 2025.

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