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The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 42: The Bye Week News & Blues Festival

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The Parramatta Eels have a much needed bye in the NRL but the news cycle keeps churning on regardless. Sixties, Forty20 and Clint take a final look at the tidy win over the North Queensland Cowboys before looking at the expanding responsibilities of Nathan Brown at the club. Brown, who actually revealed the news on The Tip Sheet weeks earlier, has joined the NRL as a coaching consultant and will aid Dean Widders and his new look squad in the 2023 season.

Jason Ryles has left the Dragons stunned with an all-time backflip. The highly sought after coaching commodity has inked a long term deal with the Melbourne Storm where he is set to become the heir to Craig Bellamy. The boys discuss how St George can pick up the pieces and where they need to go from rock bottom.

The tragic circumstances behind Daniel Anderson’s beach accident have finally been revealed with the former Eel now a quadriplegic. The boys pay their respects to Anderson, who is showing truly remarkable character in the face of this trial, and let everyone know they can help via .

State Of Origin, NSW Cup and Jersey Flegg Previews and NRL Tips close out the show as the disastrous fallout from NSW’s capitulation against a 12-man QLD outfit intensifies.

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18 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 42: The Bye Week News & Blues Festival

  1. John Eel

    Forty summed it nicely. NSW were appalling. I went to bed just after halftime.

    Why did Jr get only 31 minutes off the bench. Tevita Pangai Jr is not a starting prop. Further he is not SOO quality. Has no self control. When Junior came on he owned the game.

    DCE of all people showed up NSW. Nathan Cleary is a good club half but SOO is not club football. Halves in SOO (DCE, Munster) play eyes up football. We all know the Panthers play book.

    1. BDon

      JE, a couple of things. Qld’s scramble was at elite level, in the lead up to the game I heard the words ‘just do my job’ from NSW players so many times that I reckon that was their level. I dont rewatch games these days, but Warren Ryan visited NSW didn’t he? Because it looked like Qld employed the classic Ryan umbrella defence, The Hammer was always pushing well forward to take ground off the NSW wide shifts, we rarely made ground but Qld did.

      1. Milo

        QLD defence was tough and to me they picked the right forwards. Guys who are mongrels and no backward step. Some of our guys go missing in club games…
        Fittler and co have made errors again.
        QLD wanted it more. It’s simple. We played like it was a club game.

  2. John Eel

    The best that Cleary has looked in SOO was when Jimmy Maloney played outside him at 6. Maloney did all the creative work, Cleary merely followed his lead.

    Based on that argument I would put MM at 6 and let him lead the team.

    1. Anonymous

      Cleary is a quality NRL player. There’s no shame in that as he guided his team to premierships. But Origin isn’t for him at this stage.

      1. Spark

        Cleary isn’t up to Origin ???
        Nathan is close to the best player in the world, certainly the best halfback in the game at the moment by a long stretch and you don’t think he’s up to Origin at this stage ???

        1. sixties

          1 On form, is Cleary the standout halfback in the NRL, and therefore the world? Absolutely.
          2 Has his Origin form been as dominant as club football? Definitely not.
          3 Are there better options? Possibly not. But we won’t find out due to changes from injury or a reactionary axing.
          This might seem strange given my takes in the podcast, but I don’t want big changes following an Origin loss. If you select players for Origin 1, you move back to square one if you dump them and introduce new faces for Origin 2 or 3. Cleary being injured and another player like Hynes coming in now, isn’t doing him justice, and I’d much rather Cleary prove me wrong over the three game series.
          I also believe that Rep football should be about rewarding/selecting the best players.
          And yet it’s not.
          Freddy has shown that form means nothing in his selections.
          Finally, there have been classy players who haven’t measured up to the same standards in Origin, simply because they are playing against such a high quality opponents. The best of the best together. It happens. So if there is a key player whose performances in Origin don’t measure up, maybe alternatives should be considered – from the start of the next series.

  3. MickB

    Loved the SOO analysis gents. Spot on. Just an infuriating game to watch. Fittler is a boob. Zero regard for form, position, or anything else relevant to winning a game of footy.

    Personally I think the whole thing is an exhibition event to keep QLDers interested in footy, particularly when they aren’t winning much at club level. Central to this is the coaches having gigs on Ch9. There’s a massive conflict of interest in being a commentator and Origin coach. Fittlers selections are 100% tied to the media cheer squad nonsense that goes on, where they pre-anoint “superstars” of the game. If we actually wanted to win the thing because it’s important, you’d never choose a bloke who has no genuine coaching credentials.

    The Penrith lads largely out of depth in SOO. Playing against inferior opposition week in week out, running down hill off the back of Fisher Harris, Leota and Leniu is totally different to playing against 13 fit, quality players. Tedesco and Turbo also past it. Addo-Carr shouldn’t have missed that tackle on the Hammer …. The issues are endless.

    1. Anonymous

      It says it all when the broadcaster has access to the coach’s box during the game like Nine have. It crosses the line from a coach giving inner sanctum perspectives for viewers into a media organisation leveraging their employee.

  4. John Eel

    I just watched the Warriors Dolphins game. Warriors outstanding, Dolphins scramble OK but very little in attack.

    The Dolphin’s have only played four games South of the Tweed for one win.

    Will be good to see how they go against Manly next game.

  5. Spark

    And all of a sudden the NSW players are lacking….
    NSW bombed at least three tries, two of them by a couple of centimetres.
    If they had scored one of those tries, we just wouldn’t be having these conversations and most would be patting Freddy and the boys on the shoulders for a great win.
    Things like this happen in Origin. NSW, if they keep the same team, have the potential to click and smash QLD in Brisbane.
    Im a QLD supporter so I hope it’s a clean sweep but NSW will probably sack half the team !
    Bloody hilarious !

    1. sixties

      You’re a Queensland supporter Spark? I hope you are from Queensland or live in Queensland. I’d hate to think that anyone born and bred in NSW would go against their state.
      The thing about Queensland is that more often than not, they select players who can find those extra centimetres to score. They find players who scramble and fight in matches. Those moments that you’re describing aren’t unique to Game 1, 2023.

      1. Spark

        I’ll let that rather disingenuous opening go through to the keeper Sixties. Sigh ..
        it’s been well recognised that the main reason that NSW don’t compete as well as QLD Is the uncertainty in thier selections. It’s true they have let some big moments pass by but hearing some say for example, that Nathan Cleary isn’t up to Origin standard goes to the very heart as to why they sometimes struggle.

        1. John Eel

          Nobody is saying that Nathan is not a good player. What I am saying is that he is more suited to working with the Panthers structured system.

          The games the Blues have won with him at 7 is where players like Maloney, Turbo, Michell and Tedesco have been dominant in the game.

          In my recent criticism of Cleary I suggested that he and MM play as 7 and 6.

          In football the measure of success is winning. That is not a good stat for Fittler and Cleary.

          1. Spark

            I’ve got no issue with what you said now or in your previous post and that’s why I didn’t reply to you.
            Personally, I’ve got Nathan as the alpha player in the team and I would build the team around him. If that requires a MM then that’s fine but to suggest in any way that he shouldn’t be there is plainly rediculous.

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