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The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 37: CHAOS BALL REIGNS UNDEFEATED As Undermanned Eels Stun Rabbitohs

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Up may be down and left looks a lot like right in season 2023 but for this week all is good after Parramatta Eels buried a 3-year hoodoo against the South Sydney Rabbitohs in a 36-18 epic. Down to 15-men just minutes into the second half, the Blue & Gold delivered a rousing team wide effort to storm home against the form team of the competition.

Sixties and Forty20 celebrate the surprise result with a gaggle of players delivering spectacularly for the Eels. Mitchell Moses and Dylan Brown were at the heart of the win but plenty of credit is given to a lion-hearted middle rotation who refused to bend or buckle under the pressure of injuries.

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32 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 37: CHAOS BALL REIGNS UNDEFEATED As Undermanned Eels Stun Rabbitohs

  1. !0 Year Member

    Being a parra supporter is challenging… Especially this year. Nice to bath in the win this weekend. More of this please 😁

    1. Tanky

      Mate it’s been 58 year ride loved every minute of it and never ever tipped against Parramatta despite some mates let’s kick on from this go parra

  2. Chris K

    Wow! Missed the game due to a work commitment interstate, but I got to say low/no expectations rule when the previously perceived impossible comes to pass. Can’t wait to watch the replay. Just going to enjoy the moment for now.

  3. MickB

    Great stuff guys. Satisfying weekend ahead.

    I agree on Carty – he’s going about his business effectively, threatening in attack, and not losing his head trying to over play his hand. Really deserves a lot more praise than he is getting. He’s been our most consistent player all year I think.

    Also thought Hopgood was fantastic, his offloading was miracle ball stuff.

  4. Big Derek

    Great summary , believe your comments on Hodgson and the timing of Hands entering the play make sense and I’m one of the many who tend to pump the tyres up prematurely on Hands.

    I know it’s crazy to have a major gripe about anything after that game, however the commentary on both Fox and Nine were so one sided , like most. I wasn’t sure the Eels actually won the game. Ennis, Ginnane and Alexander were just awful , and Nine apparently were similar. Their script to worship at the feet on Latrell , Cody walker and Campbell Graham continued through the game and basically into the post game comments. How you both managed to complete the Tip Sheet ignoring that unbalanced commentary was stellar.

    1. sixties

      Trying to focus on the positive was the how Derek. Plus, I try to focus on what I see. If the commentary disagrees, I note what is being said, pay more attention, but trust my eyes.

      1. Big Derek

        As my wife was interested the sound was on! I watch non Parra games often with no sound for war and peace reasons. During the game last night the better half said more than once , can you put the game on the radio as the comments are nuts. That’s not from a fanatic , just someone watching with interest , last night was more than bad it was unprofessional .

    2. John Eel

      Agree with your comments Derek. I do not know what has happened with Ennis but he now seems to be dirty with the club. No residual compassion for the club at all.

      I have not seen Latrell’s stats and he did a couple of good things. However based on my memory of the game he had really low involvement.

      1. sixties

        Latrell picks moments in the game to impose himself. Those moments were very limited last night

    3. !0 Year Member

      Agree with commentary…… They shut up when there was only going to be one winner 🏆

  5. BDon

    Tks men, unlike the Titans game, where the old adage got spear tackled, the forwards decided the game, the backs by how much.
    I thought Hopgood was the standout, you’ve somehow got to throw Souths off balance and his first half in particular led the way there.You don’t just create the outcome in grabs here and there, you have to lay a platform, he was all class and others like Wiremu lifted big time. The thing with Hodgson, he is now getting the basics right consistently, another platform building example for himself and the team.Interesting point you make about using one interchange rather than 2. Cody Walker needs to act like a class player and leader, the silk and the sook just don’t gel.

    1. sixties

      BDon, I really wanted to give the three points to a forward because of that platform laid but it was near impossible to ignore Dylan. Imagine us not being able to find a point for Hopgood or Carty or even Moses for that matter!

      1. Prometheus

        The four big boys set up that win, make no mistake. Let’s hope that’s the standard not an exception going forward.

    2. John Eel

      Love your comment on Walker. Sums him up perfectly. They are pretty grubby as a team.

      I have always thought Woody would come good. He has the size and has the mongrel. His defence is getting better.

      I like him more every game.

  6. Anonymous

    Absolutely amazing. Was electric being there! Honestly felt like a finals match. Can say more than a few tears were shed especially being outnumbered by south’s supporters all round😹. Man how good is rugby league, and How good are the mighty eels! 🙌

  7. Shaun

    Here’s to reckless optimism! Though I expected any win to be a close one not a comfortable 20 point margin. This is a very good side when it wants to be. Still enough of the season left to make the eight.

    1. John Eel

      Shaun you made a good call backing the Eels to win.

      The ladder is very congested. Teams in the top 4 have 8 and 7 wins. The next four rounding out the eight have 6 wins. We are on 5 wins.

      Based on points for and against we are fifth. Ahead of all the teams in the bottom half of the eight.

      It is now all up to the players. If they want to make another run at the finals, keep winning and they are close enough to get there.

      Of course all of this could change by the end of the weekend depending on results.

  8. John Eel

    Nice story by Pamela Whaley from Code on Dylan and Woody being childhood friends and playing together as schoolkids.

    Pity we can’t read the whole story.

  9. Milo

    Excellent win; now we need to dig deep for next week. No reason why we can’t win. Can recall yrs ago at Campbelltown the Baby Broncos won with lots of players out…our backs are fine and fwds just need to defend well and hold own.

    1. John Eel

      Milo it would be hard to see the Cowboys come back from such an horrendous defeat on the road and beat the Eels on the road.

      Despite our injuries and possible SOO losses we must find a way to overcome an out of form Cowboys.

  10. John Eel

    Looks like the Raiders to join a long list of teams to be beaten in the next game after playing the Eels.

    Will be interesting to see how the Bunnies go next week when they meet the Raiders as it turns out.

    1. BDon

      I watched this to see what Canberra might do that was different to last week. Not much at all, they played a similar game, they just didn’t get the same leg up from penalties. Manly made the same number of errors as we did.

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