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Parramatta Eels Junior Representatives – Round 3, 2023: Illawarra Steelers At Wollongong

Quick Lower Grades Update From Night

The Eels NSW Cup and Flegg played last night against the Knights.

NSW Cup 18 all

Jersey Flegg won 14-12.

Junior Reps Reps

Today, the action from Parra’s Junior Reps comes to you from Collegians Sporting Complex, Wollongong.

The opponents will be the Illawarra Steelers, and they represent one of the strong junior rugby league heartlands, feeding into the joint venture Dragons NRL club.

Heat will again be a factor, though conditions should be a little kinder than last week with the location of today’s matches being closer to the coast.

Parra will be looking to score another treble of wins, and with the Gale and Matts teams both sitting at a win and a loss from the opening two rounds, neither can afford to drop another early round game.

The Ball team have secured victories in each of their matches and will aim to consolidate their place near the top of the ladder.

This will be a score update blog, with more match details added later.

Tarsha Gale Cup Team List

1 Alysha Bell
5 Hayley Bell
3 Caitlin Peadon
4 Lindsay Tui
23 Siulolovao Vave
6 Charlotte Cawthorne
7 Debbie Doueihi (c)
8 Laila Dimech
9 Ashlee Pottinger (c)
15 Mele Akau’ola Laula
19 Leila Black
12 Kyanna Lokeni
13 Makaah Darcy
14 Kasey Quye

10 Kanye Maru

16 Nella Lima
19 Leila Black
17 Bella Sandford
21 Alliyah Ghannoum


First Half

A raft of late changes here, with the big out of halfback Tallara Bamblett. Debbie Doueihi shifts from fullback to half, with Alysha Bella moving from wing to fullback. The new player in the backline is Siulolovao Vave who comes in on the wing. There are also changes to the starting pack and the bench.

This first half has been a very physical contest. The Steelers probably have a slight edge due to the Eels incomplete sets. Illawarra are probably just as guilty of loose play but the calls and the bounce of the ball seems to be falling their way.

Parra have invited the Steelers into their end of the field just a little too often and in a repeat set, Steelers centre, Ahio, gets across for an unconverted try.

20 minutes gone – Steelers 4 Eels 0

The rest of this half has been a very even contest. The forward exchanges have remained very physical and both teams have occasionally looked to advance the ball via second phase footy.

No further first half points.

Half time Steelers 4 Eels 0


Second Half

That’s some way to start the second half! Parra’s kick chase has forced a Steelers error close to their line. From the ten metre scrum, the Eels work a backline play to the right. Lindsay Tui gets the ball and links with Hayley Bell who heads infield, stands in the tackle then offloads back to Tui. The Eels centre sprints to her right and touches down to put the Eels on the board after two minutes of the second half. Conversion unsuccessful

Eels 4  Steelers 4

The game has opened up with faster play the balls and a few penalties creeping into the play.

Oh no. The Eels have invited the Steelers back into the red zone with an error in attempting to field a clearing kick. The Steelers keep the ball alive and their halfback Yeo scores with 16 minutes gone the second half. Converted by Handcock.

Steelers 10 Eels 4

The Eels have created attacking opportunities with positive play but dropped ball and poor passes are letting them down. The Steelers are really peppering the Eels line in the closing five minutes but Parra are scrambling well.

What a finish! With time for just one set, the Eels have a scrum feed on their own ten metre line. Peadon takes the ball to the left and carries it to the 30 metre line. Two hit ups and the Eels are on halfway. A shift right now as Bell and Tui link to unleash Hayley Bell on a dash to the 20, but she offloads now back to Tui, then gets the return pass and now she’s tackled on the 20. The siren is about to go, Alysha Bell gets the ball on the fifth and kicks left across the posts. The ball hits the in goal and bounces sharply towards the left corner.  replacement winger Siulolovao Vave dives on the ball and the try is scored right on the buzzer. Can Bell convert from the sideline?

Can she what!!! She nails it and it’s complete delirium here as she’s swamped by her team mates.

Eels 10 Steelers 10

Full time


Harold Matthews Cup Team List

1 Corey Leigh
2 Dom Farrugia
3 Jack Nicholas
4 Josh Patrick
5 Lorima Rokosuka
6 Junior Fagalele
7 Lorenzo Talataina
8 Ocean Vaivela
9 Zaidas Muagututi’a
10 Jordan Uta
11 Mark Williams
12 Anthony Abdow
13 Tyson Sangalang

14 Lachlan Coinakis
21 Lewis Saad

16 Mikayel Tito
17 Maison Ong

18 Lincoln Fletcher

First Half

The Eels are completely dominating the first 15 minutes of this game, but despite testing the Steelers defence with every run or every offload, Parra can’t get on the board because they are struggling to complete a set.

The deadlock has finally been broken after 17 minutes. The Steelers have charged down an Eels kick and Lachie Coinakis has swooped on the ball, found Lorenzo Talataina  in support and Eels dummy half Zaidus Muagututi’a has backed up to score under the posts. Conversion from winger Dom Farrugia.

Eels 6 lead Steelers 0

The Steelers reply has come too easily, via a crash ball to the right of the ruck in their first visit to the Eels quarter levelling the scores after 22 minutes.

Eels 6 Steelers 6


There’s a reminder about the perils of allowing a kick to bounce. Talataina’s kick into the red zone has found the turf and Eels winger Lorima Rokosuka has pounced on it and raced ten metres to the corner right on the stroke of half time. Converted by Dom Farrugia.


Half time – Eels 12 lead Steelers 6


Second Half

That is disastrous! In a repeat of the first half, the Eels are winning the physical battle but despite having the Steelers under pressure, the poor completions are not allowing them to advance the scoreboard. One of those errors has just cost them dearly.

Parra have thrown great shape to their left in the red zone and Illawarra’s defence looks beaten. But the ball has been dropped with the try line begging and the Steelers winger has run 95 metres to score. After ten minutes of the second half the margin has been narrowed to 2 points.

Eels 12 Steelers 10

There’s been some desperate Eels defence holding out a resurgent Steelers here. We’ve had a couple of held up calls that could easily have gone the other way. Fortunately after repeat sets to the Steelers the Eels have forced an error.

The Eels middles are really overpowering their opponents in this set. The Steelers have survived a held up call of their own and Parra now spread right. Leigh is caught just short of the line on the fifth and Muagututia thinks there’s a chance for Dom Farrugia as he sends the pass from dummy half to him. They’ve got him marked but Farrugia pushes through the defenders and plants the ball down in the corner. The lead is now back out to 6 with around nine minutes to go.

Eels 16 Steelers 10

Parra’s second phase footy is tearing the home side to shreds here and they’ve really applied the pressure to force the line drop out. Muagututia has shot out from dummy half and found Leigh in support for a terrific try under the posts. Three minutes left and Dom Farrugia adds the extras.

Eels 22 lead Steelers 10

Full time

SG Ball Cup Team List

1 Apa Twidle
2 Cody Parry
3 Tuvaka Palu
4 Devonte Vaivela
5 Mohamed Alameddine
6 Ethan Sanders
7 Josh Lynn
8 Sam Tuivaiti
9 Matt Arthur
10 Saxon Pryke
11 Dom De Stradis
12 William Lewis
13 Charlie Guymer (c)
14 Pat Spence
15 Sebastian Piukala
16 LeBron Tuala
19 Lance Fualema
17 Raf De Stradis
18 Sam Squire

First Half

Wow. That’s some sort of start. In the Steelers first set a tackle from Arthur and Tuivaiti has forced an error. From the scrum, the ball shifts left through Arthur, Sanders, and Twidle to try scoring machine, Cody Parry and the big winger carries two defenders over the line for his seventh try of the season. Conversion missed.

Eels 4 Steelers 0

Just five minutes later the same combination produced Parry’s second try, gifting him an unmarked five metre stroll to the line.

Conversion successful.

Eels 10 lead Steelers 0

Not quite ten minutes and gone the Steelers are having an early implosion, kicking out on the full from the restart. The Eels aren’t mucking around here. After finding touch with the penalty they’ve spread the ball from the tap at the left wing all the way towards the right wing. Centre Tuvaka Palu breaks clear of defenders and then links with Mohammad Alameddine who improves the position before touching down. of the day. Ethan Sanders converts.

Eels 16 Steelers 0

You’re not going to believe this! The Steelers have kicked off over the dead ball line yet again. The Eels work play to the Steelers quarter and that is some sweet pass. Matt Arthur has sent play back to the right across the face of the posts. He’s cut out the first runner and found Charlie Guymer who crashes over between the sticks! And it’s four tries inside the first 15. Sanders converts.

Eels 22 Steelers 0

If you were the Steelers coach you’d be ready to hand in the clipboard right now because they’ve just kicked it dead again. And now I’m lost for words. After holding out the Eels attacking set, the Steelers win the penalty. They then fail to find touch!!!

This is crazy stuff! Fortunately for the Steelers, the Eels let them off the hook with a stray pass. The home side get back to back penalties and stem the flow of points with a try of their own at the 18 minute mark.

Eels 22 lead Steelers 4

The Steelers seemed to have steadied the ship. There have been some scoring chances for each team but there’s been no addition to the score in the final minutes of the half.

Half time – Eels 22 lead Steelers 4

Second Half

The Eels have wasted little time adding to their try list. After earning a penalty in the first set, they’ve worked their way into the Steelers quarter. Big prop Lance Fualema takes the hit up off Matt Arthur and he’s carried defenders across the line as he plants the ball down between the posts. Converted by the Colonel.

Eels 28 lead Steelers 4

It’s a quick reply from the Steelers as they open the Eels up down Parra’s right edge. The ball is now deep in Parra’s quarter and the fast stepping centre beats about three Eels in his scamper to the line. Conversion again unsuccessful.

Eels 28 lead Steelers 8

Boods Arthur has just drilled a 40/20. Make that a 35/15. The Eels are pressing the line. After faking to send the play right, Arthur goes left to Sanders who finds Dom De Stradis running a great line and the workaholic forward crashes over for a try.

Conversion successful

Eels 34 lead Steelers 8  about 12 minutes gone in the second half.

The Eels have made a mess of fielding the kick off and a scrum has been set. The Steelers shift left off the scrum and the winger gets over in the corner. Again the kick is unsuccessful.

Eels 34 Steelers 12

The Steelers explore down their left edge again in the Parra quarter and have come up trumps as they str the Eels for numbers with another try to their winger. Again unconverted.

Ees 34 Steelers 16

The Eels are having some difficulty completing sets and the Steelers are on a roll. They work play to the Eels quarter and take a drink from their left side well yet again. And for their winger the taste is sweet as he dives in for yet another try.

Eels 34 Steelers 20

Thats an important defensive passage for Twidle. The Steelers open the Eels up after the kick off and Twidle makes the all important one on one tackle. When the home team get to the last they roll it in goal and Twidle bounces out of a high tackle and dives back into the field of play.

The Steelers give away a penalty in possession and Sanders kicks the penalty to finish the scoring.

That’s full time in a six tries to five victory for Parra.

Full time – Eels 36 defeated Steelers 20.

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18 thoughts on “Parramatta Eels Junior Representatives – Round 3, 2023: Illawarra Steelers At Wollongong

  1. John Eel

    This has been a good start to the year for these three teams.

    Especially so for the SG Ball side going 3 and 0. However the coach would probably not be too happy letting the Steelers back into the game in the second half.

      1. Milo

        Gees mate, please tell. Can you elaborate on how bad the discipline is?? I gather you mean Matt’s and Ball teams

  2. Anonymous

    Cody Parry, wow, try scoring machine!
    Thanks for the junior updates, please know they are always appreciated.

  3. Anonymous

    Appreciate the score updates for NSW cup & Flegg Sixties!! Are you guys planning on doing an article on the Flegg squad and players to watch? Seems like there is very little information coming from the club about this grade over the last few seasons.

    1. sixties Post author

      Last I checked it’s still a big squad. The other aspect is that there will probably be a number of SG Ball players elevated when their season finishes. When the first round team is announced, we’ll give a run down of who to watch in the early games.

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