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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 93: Underdogs & Underperformers Stand Out In RLWC Round 1

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The Tip Sheet is back! Sixties, Forty20 and Spiro return after a short break with a full round of Rugby League World Cup action to digest. The boys walk through the results that ranged from Samoa’s shocker against England to Italy’s triump over Scotland and PNG’s heartbreaking loss to Tonga.

The show takes a moment to reflect on the tragic passing of Liam Hampson who lost his life in Spain recently.

The Manly Sea Eagles and Des Hasler have finally parted way and there has been a barrage of news and rumours since. The panel discuss the names linked to the Sea Eagles in the wake of Des alongside some significant player retentions.

We finally have some clarity on the salary cap moving forwards with a figure of 11-million dollars set as the baseline for every club moving forwards. Alongside that the NRL have proposed a framework for a transfer windows to the RLPA who in turn have rejected the initial draft. The boys talk through the big aspects of both the cap and the transfer window and what it means for the Eels.

There is a whole lot of bad news for the NRL after that with the 2022/23 offseason kicking off with some ugly headlines. The show punches through the latest in that regard with Craig Young, Jamil Hopoate and Josh Curran all featuring this week.

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11 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 93: Underdogs & Underperformers Stand Out In RLWC Round 1

  1. pete

    Great podcast guys.
    Some great performances at the worl cup.
    What is Lucas’s Moretti’s status at Parra? Is he still with us ?
    Sad news about the young Liam Hampson RIP.
    Manly – the power struggles continue. Trying to remove the old Faction with Fulton’s. I think Seibold is just a stalking horse for Jason Ryles in 2024. Seiblold will come in and set things up short term and Ryles can then be given clear air after Des being already gone for a year 2024.
    The RLPA- is just saying NO because they don’t know how to say yes. It’s really a no-brainer. The dogs breakfast of off contract players Must be fixed. The player agents just like to extort clubs during periods of the season using the most leverage they can. If that is taken away it decreases the player agents power. As I said it’s a no-brainer.
    Hopefully we stau out of the headlines (unless Signings).

    1. Anonymous

      If the RLPA isn’t prepared to talk regarding contract windows then they have zero regard for the good of the game. I completely understand that their role regarding player rights doesn’t necessarily consider other parties, but if stakeholders can’t work together with some level of concessions for the good of the game, then their selfishness will lead to the product not being everything it should her.

      1. John Eel

        Nailed it Anon. Player agents are taking a short sighted view. Everyone should be playing the long game.

        Everyone benefits when the game grows and prospers.

        1. Brett Allen

          Player agents by their very nature are short term thinkers. It’s the players themselves who need to stand up for the future of the game here, they need to stand up to their agents and to that wombat Clint Newton. Has there ever been a less qualified person to lead a players union ?

          1. John Eel

            I agree Brett the players are the face of the game. They should be standing up to the player managers. Not standing behind them.

            I have had my say on here about player managers many times.

          2. Brett Allen

            Agents sometimes get a bad wrap. They have an important role to play if they do it properly

  2. John Eel

    On what planet would you pick a Blues SOO team and not include Josh Addo Carr.

    Probably the same one where you didn’t pick RCG.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s great Spiro has a connection with Flanno but does he always have to continue with the push for Flanno to be a head coach?
    It’s now clear after the bulldogs, Tigers, warriors and now Manly all sacked their coaches that he is not seen as a head coach again after his suspension at the Sharks.
    Hopefully Spiro also puts his hand up and say he got this one wrong and Flano has signed with the sea eagles and will leave the comedy commentating routine that is 2gb.

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