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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 62 : The Good Word From Gurr, Eels Look To Break Bunny Hoodoo

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With finals footy around the corner, Bernie Gurr returns to The Tip Sheet to give the good word on how the Blue & Gold are travelling. Bernie joins Sixties and Forty20 to look at how Parramatta bounced back from a tough loss to the Brisbane Broncos to produce some sparkling footy against the Panthers and Sea Eagles.

Now with a massive clash against the Rabbitohs this week, Gurr details to the boys how and why the Eels can prevail and which players on both sides hold the keys to victory.

As always, Sixties and Forty20 go through the grade-by-grade action with the NSW Cup in an eerily similar situation to their NRL brethren this week. The postseason might be out of reach for the Jersey Flegg but there is still plenty to play for as the fellas look at what is still on the line for the Under 21s this year.

The shows finishes on a sombre note with the shock passing of Paul Green at the age of 49. Green, a former Eel himself, was well known for coaching the North Queensland Cowboys to a breakthrough NRL premiership in 2015. Our thoughts go out his family and loved ones.

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8 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 62 : The Good Word From Gurr, Eels Look To Break Bunny Hoodoo

  1. pete

    Thanks for the podcast.
    Great to hear from Bernie. He’s always a wealth of information. The inconsistent narrative was really when we lost to Tigers and then Bulldogs but beat Panthers etc. Now we have 4/5 and aiming for top 4. So I guess we can all but put that to bed.
    South’s – I think we underestimated their pack last time and they got on top. Latrell is nearing Hayne 2009 influence on his team. We really need to take his space away.
    Reg and Junior to dominate and Gutho hits his 2nd +200m running game.
    Ogden – Really looking forward to seeing him.
    Paul Green RIP too young

    1. Milo

      Well said Pete. Our forwards need to fire up again and limit south’s go forward. Then we can build some pressure.

    2. sixties

      Thanks Pete. It was a bit numbing to get the news about Paul Green just after we finished speaking with Bernie. Bernie would have been stunned himself as he knew Paul Green well from his Roosters years.
      I haven’t had the chance to catch any training this week, but I’m sure that the mindset and prep for this week would have been very positive.

  2. Milo

    Great tune in fellas and thanks for having Bernie on. He’s a smart man and in some way I miss hearing him from a club perspective. It was enlightening to hear his views on Parra and on the game and he backed it up well with some v strong and analytical views on where we attack and defend them. I Think his comments abt us attacking with our defence in terms of getting off our line quick is imperative. If we do this for the game and kick well we will win.
    I think kicking well to Latrell Mitchell is also a no brainer, kick long to him. And also bomb and belt him. Simple. Hey in his face as we would say and rumble their halves.
    Some of their backs and halves are also inexperienced so no doubt we will run some plays there.
    As always our forwards need to aim up from the start.
    Sad to hear abt Paul Green. He was a tough player and I enjoyed watching him and also his limited time with Parra. The GF win was a superb game. Gone way too young, and thoughts with his family and close friends.

    1. sixties

      Milo, I have said it multiple times but I always feel more educated about the game after speaking with Bernie. There were a few occasions during his tenure that I was able to do so during lower grade and junior rep games at Cabramatta and Ringrose Park and it’s even more enlightening to hear his observations as a game unfolds.

  3. Ken 70,

    Need to be aggressive in there face defence ,slide and talk , niggle walker and cook,off there game and slow Murray play the ball ,

    1. sixties

      Controlled aggressive defence will go a long way towards putting them off their game. If we can keep it up they’ll get frustrated.

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