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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 61: NRL Enters Feud-al Era; News, Drama, Stuart Vs Salmon, Panthers Vs Storm

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Another week of high drama in the NRL means another loaded edition of The Tip Sheet! Sixties, Forty20 and Spiro convene to wade through the stories behind multiple feuding parties in the code.

Firstly though, the show kicks off with Spiro’s involvement in the coverage of the Commonwealth Games with a neat little reminder of how small a world it can be at times. The boys look back at an important win against Manly and the upcoming club debut for Ofahiki Ogden.

Then it is all accelerator and no brakes as the trio tackle the seemingly one-sided feud between Ricky Stuart and Jaeman Salmon as well as the spicy exchanges between the Panthers and Storm that have added an edge to their clash this week.

We finish off by checking in with the latest on ‘Ice’ as a New Zealand twist emerges while the RLPA also enters the fray.

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3 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 61: NRL Enters Feud-al Era; News, Drama, Stuart Vs Salmon, Panthers Vs Storm

  1. pete

    Great podcast guys.
    Verrals to Titans – good pickup
    I’m happy with Hodgson – he’s going to be our Townsend next year. Signing of the year 2023!
    Ricky Stuart – just really showed his true character. The punishment should have been harsher given his track record. If we remember how personal information got leaked to the media about George Williams and John Bateman when they wanted a release. If we can imagine the media always protect their source. That’s probably why they have ‘died on the hill’ for Stuart. Stuart wonders why he cannot attract players.. I would never send my kids to play for a coach like that!
    Panthers v Storm – bring it on. Smash each other.
    Isaiah – We should have been better with this it shouldn’t have taken him signing with Tigers to realise we needed him. I hope he stays and we offer Nathan Brown as a substitute. The longer it’s left the harder for us. Why would Tigers want someone who doesn’t want to be there?
    We need to get rid of signings too far in advance. Its been a joke having so many players running around this year when we know they won’t be here next year.
    Go Eels!!

  2. John Eel

    We have talked about this before but I will go there again.

    It is pretty rich for the RLPA to advise Ice to honour the contract when it is there insistence that players should be allowed to sign with another club with 12 months remaining on their contract.

    This in my opinion is the biggest reason for players wanting to get out of their contract.

    Papali’i signed his contract with the Tigers in November. At that point the Eels were uncertain about what there 2023 roster was going to look like.

    Some clubs seem happy to spend over the cap and worry about offering players around in the off season so they can be cap compliment.

    The way it is setup now is error provocative because players do not want to miss out on a big contract and player managers do not want to miss out on their big commission. This is especially so when changing clubs.

  3. Shaun

    Oh, I can believe that some journos are defending Stuart. It is the least surprising thing about this debacle. Speaking of press conferences, if an adult in a professional sport cannot be professional post game they need to find another job. Yes, I know a loss can be hard to take but they are adults. Behave like one.

    Look forward to Ofahiki’s debut on Friday. I hope he has a good stint in a winning team .

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