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Score Updates – Jersey Flegg & NSW Cup Round 8 vs Canberra Raiders

It is a home double-header for the Parramatta Eels in the Jersey Flegg and the NSW Cup this week. They will be playing out of Kellyville Park as both teams host the Canberra Raiders on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The Jersey Flegg will be looking to rebound from a narrow 7-point loss to the Newcastle Knights last week but will be without the services of a number of middle forwards as the NSW Cup draws deep on playing reserves.

The NSW Cup on the other hand will be looking to build on an excellent win over the Knights as they continue to impress despite the limited resources available. The Jersey Flegg will kickoff at 1:15PM while the NSW Cup take the field at 3:00PM.


Jersey Flegg Team List

1. Corey Fenning (c)
2. Josh Tuipulotu
3. Charlie Guymer
4. Jabriel Kalache
5. Turoa Williams
6. Dantoray Lui
7. Ethan Sanders
8. Peter Taateo
9. David Tui
10. Taylor Mauala
11. Felix Niutili-Schmidt
12. Lachlan Blackburn
13. Brock Parker

14. Nicholas Lenaz
15. Nikau Wrathall
16. Larry Muagututia
17. Reece Alderton

First half

An early escape for the Raiders after Guymer is ruled to have lost the ball over the line. The Raiders get a penalty and from that set a simple play on the edge of the ruck results in a try. Conversion from next to the posts hits the post and misses

Raiders 4 nil

From the kick off the Raiders March the length of the field and score too easily in a simple shift to the fullback on the right.

conversion from out wide successful

Raiders 10 nil 8 gone

The Raiders are in complete control here. After a short arm wrestle they get a 7 tackle set and work play into Parra’s half. They like their opportunities to their right and strip Parra for numbers 40 metres out. They bring the ball behind the posts to make the conversion a certainty.

Raiders 16 nil 17 minutes left in the first half

The Eels get a penalty and Ethan Sanders cuts through the Raiders defence and is brought down a few metres out. A couple of tackles later the ball is turned back on the inside to a charging Larry Muagututia who plants the ball down just to the left of the posts.

Conversion by Fenning

Raiders 16 Eels 6,  29 gone

After pedantically calling for Eels players to re-take tap penalties, the ref allows a quick Raiders tap away from the mark and they crack the Eels wide open. The Raiders look to pan gold again on their right just ten metres out from the line and they throw a harbour bridge pass to their winger. After beating the first defender the Eels scramble and push him into touch.

Half time

Raiders 16 Eels 6

Second half

Eels have early possession in Raiders red zone with penalties coming their way. They respond with a succession of errors.

The Raiders get possession and bust the Eels open from inside their own quarter, going 85 metres for the try.


Raiders 20 Eels 6  41 gone

Raiders drop the ball over the Eels line and their reactions to the call lead to a penalty and sin bin for dissent. Silly stuff, they have been verballing all match but have all momentum without resorting to it.

The Eels are on the attack and earn repeat possession via a Raiders knock down. They lose possession on the second and the Raiders break down field. Only a dropped pass prevents them from scoring.

They don’t have to wait long to make amends. They kick to the Eels left corner and win the race to touch down.

conversion unsuccessful

Raiders 24 Eels 6  62 mins gone

Parra turn the ball over yet again and a couple of tackles later the Raiders score a soft try

Conversion successful

Raiders 30 Eels 6 67 mins gone

Full time Raiders 30 Eels 6

Quick comment – this was the by far the Eels worst game of the season. They are a much better team than this but they just didn’t compete or complete today.

NSW Cup Team List

1. Jordan Rankin (c)
2. Matthew Komolafe
3. Zac Cini
4. Samuel Loizou
5. Joshuah Minhinnick
6. Brendan Hands
7. Jack A Williams
8. Tevita Taumoepenu
9. Mitch Rein
10. Wiremu Greig
11. Elie El-Zakhem
12. Dan Keir
13. Ky Rodwell

14. Jayden Yates
15. Keaton Walkington-Meads
16. David Hollis
17. Ryan Jones

First half

Eels kicking off

Both teams get an early attacking opportunity but have poor finishes to sets.

Eels get another chance but this time force a drop out from a Rankin kick. This time they don’t complete the set as Rankin spills the ball on a left side shift.

Early possession from the Eels is very clunky.

The Raiders reel in a bomb and the Eels dodge a bullet when the pass to an unmarked winger is dropped.

The Raiders prop breaks the line through the middle and is brought down by Rankin.

Its the fifth and they immediately shift it left and the Eels can’t recover.

Converted from the sideline

Raiders 6 nil 17 gone

Another error from Parra as they kick into touch on the full. Rankin is blasting his team, telling them to get their heads into the game. It’s all to no avail as Croker takes on Loizou and delivers a peach of a pass in contact to his winger.

He converts his own try from out wide. Not sure how he’s in this grade.

Raiders 12 nil 26 minutes gone

Raiders get a penalty for the Eels getting up too quickly in defence and march downfield. A kick along the ground into the in goal is chased by Croker and the try is awarded. Conversion added.

Raiders 18 Eels nil  30 minutes gone

Parra gets a repeat set in the Raiders quarter but Canberra have all the answers in defence.

Let off the Eels as the Raiders have a try disallowed and are penalised in the process. A piggy back penalty for the Eels who complete a comedy of errors to turn it over early in the count.

The fellas are as flat as the NRL and Flegg teams – common theme for the weekend.

Half time

Raiders 18 Eels nil

Second half

The penalties and errors are flowing both ways in the second half but the Raiders are still looking the most likely to score.

Piggy back penalties take the Eels deep in attack and they ask zero questions then run a nothing play on the last.
Scrum to the Eels in the Raiders red zone and Cini nearly does it all himself. Next play Grieg drops the ball in the collision and the Raiders are off the hook. Awful stuff

The Eels are finally on the board. Repeat possessions once more in the Raiders red zone . It appears to be going nowhere when Greg unloads in the tackle to Loizou who crashes over in the corner.

conversion unsuccessful

Raiders 18 Eels 4 (clock impossible to read maybe15 to go)

Oh no! The Eels fail to complete the set after kick off!

The Raiders let the Eels off the hook with a turn over but the Eels return the favour a couple of sets later.
Raiders are on the attack in the Eels quarter and their right side shift is executed with precision setting the winger up on the outside of Komolafe and he’s too fast for the Eels winger.

Try unconverted Raiders 22 Eels 4

(not long to go in this weekend of misery)

Another try to the Raiders through the ruck this time.

conversion next to the posts successful

Raiders 28 Eels 4

And the siren brings sweet relief

Full time Raiders 28 Eels 4



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6 thoughts on “Score Updates – Jersey Flegg & NSW Cup Round 8 vs Canberra Raiders

  1. BoredWithBandwagonCritics

    Oh please. The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Nothing to see with the injury list… Sack the board! Sack the coach! Sack the team!

  2. Gianni

    Geez sometimes I wonder why I support our club.We have just imploded this weekend.There is nothing at all positive out of this round.

    1. sixties

      Gianni, you’ve seen it before. I think we just put this weekend behind us and move on. The lower grades have done well to either win or compete during the injury crisis. Just today, there were late changes across the teams – a couple of them too late for me to update the team lists.

    1. sixties

      Cheers dDay- I’m no Forty20. I can’t type play by play off my phone nor am I interested in doing so. He can have that to himself😁.
      But I know people are interested in the scores so I try to give the best run down of tries that I can.

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