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The Tip Sheet – Round 15 Review

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After dropping a game to the Dragons last week the Parramatta Eels needed to enter Round 15 fully focused on a tricky battle with a wounded Melbourne Storm. Their 14-0 victory over the Storm wasn’t a complete return to form but it was a game full on intent and aggression – two of the pillars of their awesome early season form.

Nathan Brown played the house down once more while Maika Sivo make a timely return to form as Sixties and Forty20 discuss both men as well as the rise of Ray Stone after his most polished showing at hooker yet.

The Match Review committee rap sheet is out and it reads as a surprise for all the wrong reasons. Nelson Asofa Solomona has escaped his gruesome attempted decapitation of Marata Niukore with a $700 fine while Niukore himself faces 1 or 2 weeks on the sidelines for a crusher tackle. Forty fires up at the inconsistency of the MRC and the Judiciary and the insinuations that the Eels are coached to dive.

It isn’t all NRL this week! Forty has been watching some baseball and outlines a bizarre scenario featuring an unwritten rule and some brilliant karmic justice that occurred this week. He asks the question, what unwritten rules exist in the NRL?

The boys score an exclusive interview with the real guru behind Parramatta’s 2020 success – their dance coach. Finally, they look ahead to the clash against the Rabbitohs on Thursday night and take guesses at who could provisionally replace Niukore.

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21 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – Round 15 Review

  1. Michael

    Loving the Tip sheet podcast, guys! Keep them coming! Very intelligent reviews and a great listen. Any chance of introducing a preview pod for upcoming games each week? Cheers

    1. Forty20 Post author

      Sixties and I are definitely keen on expanding the podcast content. We can definitely angle for a preview pod.

  2. Prometheus

    Unusual to see you trot out those colloquial “french” expressions Sixties. The other mob search and destroy anything positive,they are not really deserving of comment.

  3. Anonymous

    I think its absolutely apooring how a defender can hit a player late and high after he passes the football sends him in a cartwheel spin and nothing is said or done by the nrl if moses is injured and stays down they (the nrl) have to react fortnately he wasnt so come on mark oneil the parra supporters want a answer why it is a dicrase and in my view nuikores tackle was not a crusher the vete tackle was the nrl are an absolutely a JOKE stand up PARRA

    1. sixties

      Correct, Moses could have stayed down but didn’t. If we are to believe Bellamy, Moses will probably be chastised by BA for getting up!

      1. Anonymous

        The NRL favours bellemys storm owned by murdoch and news limited thanks for taking time to read my comment well done sixties

        1. sixties

          Cheers Anon. Conspiracy theory? I do like the attitude that BA takes with regard to things – we have to aim to be better to overcome things that don’t fall our way in games. I guess that applies to all teams at some stage.

  4. Anonymous

    Agree any whingers about the Eels win should consider following some other team or sport. The win is a psychological boost and first time in 6 years the Storm have been held to nil.

    1. sixties

      The critics can say what they like – it was a win with plenty of upside to it.
      The supposed supporters – the deathriders who try to validate themselves via self descriptors like realists – they really need to find another team. If you can’t find some joy in this year then Parra is not the club for you.

      1. Anonymous

        Im not whinging against parra i have supported the eels for 40 years and i do support ba s attitude to move on with business but the FACT the nrl missed that high shot is not good for the game well done parra having the win over the storm and were got to move on

          1. Gazzamatta

            Good job Niukores mouth wasnt open when NAS’s shoulder “accidentally” smashed into his face or else he would have been suspended for 4 weeks for biting.

          2. sixties

            🤣🤣🤣 – actually I shouldn’t laugh when the truth might be somewhere there.

  5. BDon

    Enjoyed the chat, tks. Has there been any MRC comment on Olam? Maybe Annesley will attempt an explanation on Monday.
    If anything Niukore was trying not to crush, his upper arm was behind the neck but he places his weight to the side, both the Storm ones were straight down on the head/neck,the Johns one was light, the Vete one he simply piled on as third man in, just for the heck of it,a bit of careless, reckless and intentional.

        1. Anonymous

          I know and 3 of there players on report 1 fine and a sin bin poor nuikore who had a great game has got a broken nose and a 2 week suspenion that late high tackle 3 weeks atleast

          1. sixties

            Agree Anon, compare NAS tackle to the one Nathan Brown was suspended for – not in the same universe.

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