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Live Blog – District Representatives Round 5 vs South Sydney Rabbitohs

Harold Matthews kicks off at 10:00AM. Stay tuned for reports from then on.


SG Ball

1 – Joshua Tuipuotu

2 – Christian Savaiinaea

3 – Viliami Penisini

4 – Samuel Loizou

5 – Matthew Komolafe

6 – Tyler Field

7 – Jakob Arthur

8 – David Hollis

19 – Kyle Leonard

10 – Taylor Mauala

11 – Penioni Tohi

12 – Trey Mooney

13 – Albert Etuati-Favaae


9 – David Tui

14 – Jontay-Junior Betham-Misa

16 – Toni Mataele

17 – Peter Taateo


First Half

The Eels are kicking off to start the game. Good run and tackle on the opening hit up.

OH MY LORD! Komolafe has cut the centre in half and forced an error with a brilliant defensive read and shot. Penisini catches the ball after it pops up in the air and makes 20m against the run of play but it has cost Komolafe dearly with a suspected ankle injury. He is battling to stay on as the Eels look to attack the South Sydney goal line. Tuipulotu nearly creates something out of nothing but it barely turned back. Two tackles later Trey Mooney does the same thing but goes one better to actually cross next to the posts. Solid individual effort there.


Try scored by Trey Mooney. Conversion successful by Loizou.

Eels lead 6-0

4min gone


Oopsies. The Eels are caught betwixt and between from the kickoff as it floats near the posts and deep in goals. They let it bounce hoping that it sails dead but it just falls within the field of play and Souths get a drop out. Parramatta then concede a penalty early in the following defensive set.

Sloppy passing from the Bunnies leads to an error as their halfback tries to reel in a pass on his ankles. Parramatta survive their first goal line test as a result.

The Eels work the ball downfield and run it down their left edge via Tyler Field on the last. A blatant forward is missed but the Rabbitohs scramble well to kill the play. They counter-punch viciously as well as their hooker breaks through down our left edge. He comes to Tuipulotu at the last line and links up with his own fullback but the pass is every bit as forward as the one before from the Eels. Naturally the touchy misses this one as well and Souths go over to peg back the deficit to two points.


Try scored by the Rabbitohs. Conversion unsuccessful.

South Sydney trail 4-6

10min gone


Both teams produce errors from the kickoff after points as the Bunnies drop a midrange kickoff to gift the Eels a shot. Hollis gets them to the goal line with a big charge but the Eels are hit with an obstruction penalty on the next play when Mauala breaks the initial tackle and ends up running behind his hooker Leonard trying to head back into the line.

Souths get successive penalties when the Eels are pinged for infringing inside the 10m mark and in a flash the Rabbitohs are on the attack in the red zone. And…as I type that they turn the ball over. More twists and plot turns than an episode of Game of Thrones there.

Penisini earns a penalty when he is collared high on an inside run. Mauala leads the charge at the start of the next set but the Tuipulotu grasses the ball when he sweeps down the left edge. Both teams coughing up possession pretty loosely here.

Another penalty for Souths now as Mauala is done for holding down in the ruck. Souths resume play a bit short of halfway and quickly break Parramatta’s defensive line – this time down our right edge. Jakob Arthur desperately gives cover chase to aid Tuipulotu but it stills only creates a 3-on-2 and the Parramatta custodian can’t beat the final pass to the outside winger as Souths hit the lead.


Try scored by the Rabbitohs. Conversion successful.

South Sydney lead 10-6

17min gone


A potentially good set after points for the Rabbitohs unravels on the last when their are hit with a penalty for an incorrect play-the-ball. The Eels get a big swing in territory as a result.

Tohi and Ablert Etuati-Favaae take the early runs this set, Ablert’s was especially solid. A penalty then comes to the Eels down their right edge when Tyler Field is held down after switching sides to create numbers.

The Eels then switch halves with young Arthur attacking down the left edge. He is tackled running to the line but on the next play Field takes the ball down the left edge short side and hits Penioni Tohi before the line. The backrower fends off a defender en route to the try line as the Eels hit back on the scoreboard.


Try scored by Penioni Tohi. Conversion unsuccessful by Loizou.

Eels lock the scores up at 10-all

22min gone


David Tui is on at hooker from the bench and earns a penalty with a dart from dummy half. Mauala has a good carry to centre the Eels from the penalty restart before Arthur nearly puts Peter Taateo over with a gorgeous inside pass – only some desperate goal line defence keeps him out. Field opts to grubber kick instead of using a loaded right side back line and Souths get the ball back into the field of play and then pick up a contentious penalty when they lose the ball trying to promote an offload.

Oh dear, how quickly that turns…Christian Savaiinaea makes a terrific defensive play to reel in an attacking stab-chip from the Rabbitohs, beats the kick chase to make 20m but then has the ball pop out after he is ankle tapped from behind. The Bunnies are on the attack as a result.

Good tackle from Komolafe at the start of the set as the Rabbitohs attack the right edge of the Eels. Parramatta hold out until the last where they go to sleep at marker to let the dummy half burrow over on the last play. Really poor mental lapse there.


Try scored by the Rabbitohs. Conversion successful.

South Sydney lead 16-10

28min gone


The Eels are finally back in possession as Tuipulotu cleans up a neat kick from the Rabbitohs 5m off his goal line. Tough set coming up for the Eels before a surging carry from Penisini leaves a Bunny strewn on the ground in his wake. Time is quickly blown up for what looks to be a shoulder injury.

A terrible kick from Arthur on the last sails out on the full to put the Rabbitohs on their own 40m mark to start their set. Big test for Parramatta here.

Some solid second phase play for the Rabbitohs nearly opens things up but Parramatta scramble to shut it down. A sloppy play-the-ball is adjudged to be a penalty against the Eels and South Sydney capitalise on the call as they crash over next to the posts. Momentary lapses in defence are killing the Eels here.


Try scored by the Rabbitohs. Converison successful.

South Sydney lead 22-10

34min gone


Parramatta will do well to survive this last set as our ruck defence goes to sleep. Souths make a couple of near-breaks before turning the ball down their right edge with seconds left on the clock. The Eels desperately need half time today, the question will now be how they respond after the break.


Half Time

South Sydney Rabbitohs 22 lead the Parramatta Eels 10


Second Half

Parramatta receiving the ball. Champagne footy! What a start from the Eels as Trey Mooney stars with a galloping charge and offload that finds Penisini who in turn links up with Komolafe. The big winger dives over in the corner and the Eels are opened their second half account.

Commentary from my offsider Hamsammich suggests the Eels clearly had some Chicko rolls in the half time break and are finally ready to play.


Try scored by Matthew Komolafe. Conversion unsuccessful by Loizou.

Eels trail 14-22

38min gone


Oooh that is a close call. I have bagged the referees a bit today but that is a genuine 50/50 as the Eels are done for a second effort to get the South Sydney winger into touch from the kick chase. Could have gone either way as the winger looked to be adjusting himself before any second effort in defence but I see why the penalty was blown.

A second penalty then comes when the Eels are done for infringing inside the 13m, I mean 10m mark and the Bunnies burst through the middle as their hooker attacks up the guts. The Eels somehow rally to kill the dangerous play before everything comes to a halt for an injured Bunny.

Stiff defence from the Eels forces an error from the resumption of play. Penisini gets the Eels started with a good carry down the right edge. Taateo augments that carry and the Eels drive the ball downfield early on the back of that momentum. Loizou gives a terrific chase, trapping the fullback centimetres inside the field of play and the Eels are rewarded with an error from the winger picking up the ball the next tackle.

Alas it quickly amounts to nothing as the Eels look to have the ball reefed out in a two-man tackle…both teams seem surprised by the lack of a call as play momentarily pauses. Some fantastic work from Tuipulotu at the end of the following set seems him get back into the field of play with a green and red defensive wall in front of him.

Field manages to kick downfield and complete the set but it is a chip-shot kick that doesn’t get the air time it should have. Fortunately the Rabbitohs cough the ball up into the hands of Toni Mataele who fights for a 15m gain before the Eels earn a penalty.

Hollis crashes into the line and is barely kept out before the Eels work right to Penisini who similarly is barely repelled. The Eels run it late in the count where the ball is pulled out in a 1-on-1 tackle but the defender lost it forwards into the ball carrier.

Tuipulto nearly goes over from the scrum win down the left edge and on the second tackle the Rabbitohs are done for a flop. Hollis is sent towards the posts and nearly goes over. Left to Loizou now who is quickly pulled down. Penioni Tohi goes to the short side from dummy half and uses Savaiinaea who is pulled down. A fourth penalty comes and finally the referee issues a warning for repeated infringements.

Naturally the Eels shoot themselves in the foot two tackles later as they lose control of the pill in the play-the-ball. Brutal stuff.

Hot potato for South Sydney in the following set. Lots of offloads and tip ons as they enter the Parramatta red zone. The Eels hold on an eventually the ball ends up in touch, 10m out.

Oh deary me, just a shocking kick from Tyler Field at the end of our possession. On the back of a monstrous 18m carry from big David Hollis, Field has all the time in the world and sends his kick a good 10m over the sideline. Souths back in possession on their 40m line.

The South Sydney dummy half is carving us up the middle with some light-stepping and ball playing before the defensive line. The Bunnies rumble into our red zone on the back of it and force a line drop out when Komolafe has no recourse but to ground a grubber kick from their halfback.

A penalty comes against the Bunnies, evidently outside the window for a sin-binning, as Tyler Field is hit late and off the ball. Hollis again storms into the defensive line and sets up the Eels for the next play! Arthur runs down the right edge and dummies passed the front line. He almost does a double take looking for support before realising he can dive over himself and the Eels finally put some sloppy play behind them to get within striking distance of the Rabbitohs.


Try scored by Jakob Arthur. Conversion successful by Loizou.

Eels trail 20-22

57min gone


Loizou does brilliantly early the kickoff set as he comes in-field to run in the wake of Hollis and draw a penalty. Some great runs from Jontay-Betham and Tui get the Eels surging to the South Sydney goal line and a confident Jakob Arthur attacks the defensive line by swinging down the left edge as the slices through for a quick-fire double! The Eels are finally back in front.


Try scored by Jakob Arthur. Conversion successful by Loizou.

Eels lead 26-22

61min gone


Good run from Albert Etuati-Favaae to start this set. The Eels are over halfway with plenty of tackles to spare and Arthur completes the set with an excellent stab-kick that forces an error! The Eels are on the attack 10m out again with a set scrum.

Wide left to Penioni Tohi from the scrum win. Hollis is directed to the posts on the second and he is held out before David Tui works from the quick play-the-ball to dive over! Parramatta secure a two-score lead with 6min left on the clock.


Try scored by David Tui. Conversion successful by Loizou.

Eels lead 32-22

64min gone


The game isn’t over yet though. On the back of a penalty from the Eels the Rabbitohs push downfield and their excellent #9 opens us up again. He is awake to the moment the markers aren’t square and slices through the middle. Cover defenders converge on him at the goal line and look to have him wrapped up at one point but he rolls through the contact to get the ball down.


Try scored by the Rabbitohs. Conversion successful.

South Sydney trail 28-32

68min gone


Oh dear, poor discipline from the otherwise outstanding Trey Mooney as he drives the ball carrier to the ground very late in the tackle attempt. Easy penalty.

Souths will get one last crack here but they spill the ball trying to execute some derivative of a mouse trap at dummy half. Phew, what a let off there.

30sec on the clock for the Eels to run out and their backs come in-field to cart the ball up. Komolafe, Loizou and Penisini work the clock out to zero and a second half surge, followed by a scare, prove to be enough to get the Eels home – thus remaining undefeated on the season.


Full Time

Parramatta Eels 32 def. South Sydney Rabbitohs 28


Harold Matthews

1 – Tutonu Junior Wright

2 – Hayden Orley

3 – Francis Faaofo Tuitino

4 – Patrick Spence

5 – Joshua Lealaiauloto

6 – Jabriel Kalache

7 – Tobias Lewis

8 – David Langi

9 – Vlado Jankovic

10 – Larry Muagututia

11 – James Malauulu

12 – Maximus Tupou

13 – Hayden Reti-Mcclintock


14 – Joshua Russell

15 – Spencer Tuala

16 – Oseni Kaufusi

17 – Zadourian Nevili


First Half

The Eels are receiving the ball to start the game. Good run from Langi to start the game. Big Larry follows him up to take the Eels to 30m off their line. Right edge shift to Malauulu before the Eels complete the set by finding touch on the Rabbitohs’ 20m line.

It looks like the Bunnies have some dangerous runners around the ruck as they threaten to break open through the middle a couple of times in their opening set. They work from 20m to 20m on the back of that aggressive ruck work and send a bomb to the right edge of the Eels. Hayden Orley can’t out leap his opposite number, allowing the Rabbitohs to come down with the ball and score the opening points of the day.


Try scored by the Rabbitohs. Conversion unsuccessful.

South Sydney lead 4-0

4min gone


Better defence this time around, even if South Sydney still made strong metres. A midfield bomb is taken by the Bunnies but their star fullback is swiftly pulled down for the turnover on tackles. Jabriel Kalache nearly punches through the right edge of the Bunnies and earns a penalty for his efforts as he is held down.

Langi has another excellent carry to start the set as he brushes off tacklers and the Eels earn their second penalty in short succession as Vlado Jankovic is infringed upon in the ruck.

Parramatta work from right to left and nearly create an overlap as their fullback sweep to the left but some quick defence shuts the play down. A third penalty comes as the ball is reefed out with multiple defenders in the tackle.

Unfortunately the Eels can’t capitalise on the surge of possession. Kalache plays the left edge short side with quick hands and there is a narrow sliver of space for Lealaialoto to try to squeeze over in the corner but he can’t control the football in his grounding attempt.

Oooh, an excellent 40/20 from Tobias Lewis in Parramatta’s next possession! Puts them right back on the attack. Kalache nearly dances over only to be held up at the last moment. He is the option on hte last play as well as he angles a grubber kick down the left edge. All he needs is for the ball to pop up at any point and it is a try but it just rolls on and Patrick Spence tries to bat it back to no avail.

Souths work the ball downfield on the back of the 7-tackle set in reply and force a line drop out to put the Eels under considerable pressure.

Some great goal line defence early on in this set by Kalache and Tupou. Each making try saving tackles in consecutive plays before Kalache features again at the end of the set to clean up a grubber kick and get back into the field of play. Alas the Eels put the blowtorch back on themselves shortly after with an error in the play-the-ball. Huge set here.

Souths go for it all from the scrum win and create a brief overlap before the Eels collapse on the play. Still, it allows their winger to go for broke for the try line but he makes a clear double movement in his grounding attempt and the Eels survive.

Tidy set for the Eels and they kick early via Lewis but the Bunnies are awake to the kick this time and clean it up on the full. Parramatta are put on the back foot early on this set with some powerful running through the middle by the South Sydney big men but it quickly turns into a try against the run of play! Souths shift the ball to their right but hit their centre with a crash ball that is thrown far too hard as he heads into the teeth of the defence. The ball ricochets into the hands of the ever-present Kalache and the five-eighth streaks 70m downfield to score!


Try scored by Jabriel Kalache. Conversion unsuccessful.

Eels lock the score up at 4-all

20min gone


Big shot on Oseni Kaufusi from the kickoff. Big Larry is driven back on the second tackle but his late offload allows the Eels to make 15m on the play. A dangerous lifting tackle on the third brings a halt to play as the referee has to calm players down from both teams and issue a caution to the Rabbitohs.

Three passes wide to Big Larry on the first tackle and he bumps off the first defender to offload once more. He gets the carry on the second tackle and earns another penalty for the Eels.

Kalache is the man right in the thick of things again! He shows the defence an outside shift before taking on the line and delivering a late inside pass to the fullback Tutonu Junior Wright. Wright still has some work to do as he steps past his opposite Joseph Suaalii before placing the ball down.


Try scored by Tutonu Junior Wright. Conversion successful.

Eels lead 10-4

24min gone


Oh, that is so damn close! Lewis nearly laces his second 40/20 of the half but the touchie has marked it half a metre short. Contentious call there, it looked over the 20m mark from my angle but that is how it goes.

Souths look to be fired up this set before their momentum is halted by an off-the-mark pay-the-ball. They send a bomb towards Orley on the last but he redeems himself with a sensational leaping take!

Lealaiuloto is over zealous in defence on his kick chase of a Lewis kick and is pinged for a second effort in the tackle. Souths make the Eels pay full freight for the lapse in discipline as they attack our right edge and create an overlap outside of Orley. Wright has to contend with a 2-on-1 and is baited by a dummy to let the Souths winger streak over and centre the ball.


Try scored by the Rabbitohs. Conversion successful.

South Sydney lock the score up at 10-all

29min gone


Souths get one last possession before the end of the half but even with a hectic competition for their last kick of the first stanza, there is no change in the score.


Half Time

Parramatta Eels 10 locked up with South Sydney 10


Second Half

Parramatta kicking off in the second half. Early line break for the Souths from their hooker but he loses the ball when accosted by the cover defence. He loses the ball in a 1-on-1 tackle and the referee initially indicates an error before looking around hesitantly and blowing a penalty.

It proves to be a costly call for the Eels as the Bunnies dive over from dummy half right next to the corner post on our right edge. Markers got greedy working to the open side and got caught with their pants down there.


Try scored by the Rabbitohs. Conversion unsuccessful.

South Sydney lead 14-10

34min gone


Monster set after points by the Rabbitohs. Some second phase play around the middle gains them chunk territory and a neat kick form the five-eighth results in a line drop out as Orely bats the ball dead.

The sheer weight of possession is crushing the young Eels early in this half as South’s star fullback Suaalii crashes over down our right edge. The defenders were on the flat foot after racing out to combat a potential overlap and he rolled through the tackle to get the ball down.


Try scored by the Rabbitohs. Conversion successful.

South Sydney lead 20-10

37min gone


Three tries on the trot here as the Bunnies storm into a commanding position early in the second half. Threatening ruck running once again lays the platforms as our right edge buckles under pressure late in the tackle count. Quick hands on the short side raid get their winger over for his second or third of the day. The Eels are yet to touch the ball in the second half if I am not mistaken.


Try scored by the Rabbitohs. Conversion successful.

South Sydney lead 26-10

41min gone


The Eels finally get their hands on the ball and Langi streaks through a hole to make a burst. He is tackled perfectly by Suaalii at the last line but the fullback concedes the penalty and somehow is miraculously not sent to the sin bin for the professional foul. That is an awful decision.

Chaos reigns at the end of the next set as well as the Eels claim a try following a messy scramble for the ball. The Eels regathered a grubber kick only to have to ball knocked out in a 1-on-1 tackle. It ricochets backwards from the Eels where it is touched by a South Sydney defender before the Eels scoop it up and plant it. The initial indication is a penalty for the Eels but after a delay in the game the call reverses.

Justice immediately prevails as the Bunnies lose the ball on the penalty restart. Ball don’t lie.

Souths survive the red zone raid but the Eels strike again once more against the run of play and who other is at the heart of it but Jabriel Kalache? The ball spills out and it is gathered up on the run by Kalache who quickly flicks the ball out to Lealaiuloto who beats the cover defence to score in the corner.


Try scored by Lealaiuloto. Conversion unsuccessful.

Eels trail 14-26

48min gone


A penalty for Souths now as the Eels are too slow to clear the ruck. Souths are immediately on the attack before an excellent read form Kalache brings and an end to their early raid down Parramatta’s left edge. Souths roll the ball along the ground but for once it rolls dead and the Eels get a rare 7-tackle set.

A penalty follows for the Eels as a facial is caught by the official. Langi storms onto a ball and breaks the line for the second time this half. Suaali cuts him down at the last line again and unfortunately Langi produces an error trying to fight to his feet for a quick play-the-ball.

Some light precipitation falling now as Langi compounds things by conceding a penalty in defence. Looks like frustration from his earlier error boiling over there.

Souths with a chance to ice the game here.

Scratch that, some solid red zone defence forces an error and the Eels will have 6min on the clock to work an improbable comeback.

Ooph. The Eels quickly produce an error of their own and tensions blow up and both teams have to be separated. The touchy is on the field to consult with the referee. Unreal, after a lengthy talking to with the South Sydney captain and two more players he refuses to penalise them and the Rabbitohs will get the scrum feed.

Predictably, the Rabbitohs score after being gifted the red zone possession. It looked like their interchange utility darting between some fatigued defenders there.


Try scored by the Rabbitohs. Conversion successful.

South Sydney lead 32-14

58min gone


An error from the Rabbitohs coming out of their half means the Eels should finish the game in possession. I lied. The Eels produce an error trying to crash over down their left edge and with neither team interested in setting a scrum, that will do us in the Harold Matthews.


Full Time

South Sydney Rabbitohs 32 def. Parramatta Eels 14

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15 thoughts on “Live Blog – District Representatives Round 5 vs South Sydney Rabbitohs

  1. John Eel

    Disappointing result, See how the SG Ball go. I understand that the Ball team is only young.

    What is happening with Sam Hughes, Only seen him play once and was very impressed. I understand that he was suffering a concussion .

    1. Forty20 Post author

      I guess the team are managing his concussion very seriously. Hughes is one of our blue-chip talents and given that he played Flegg last year, they probably don’t want to take any risks rushing him back into the SG Ball currently.

  2. Fuuuuuuui

    Who is number 16 in the game after Harold Matt’s? He is a monster!!! I stood next to him as a 39 year old and he is absolutely huge. What age are they?!

    1. Fuuuuuuui

      Looks like it’s Toni Mataele.
      Wish I could have stuck around to see him destroy the opposition.

    1. sixties

      At 16, Jake is a very young SG Ball player. Doesn’t turn 17 till late in the year. He’s an excellent game manager and does not shy away from the physical contact, despite being nearly two years younger than many opponents.

    1. Forty20 Post author

      They squeaked the win out. A strong passage of play in the second half proved to be enough to gun down the Bunnies but the boys definitely need to play with more consistency. Even though they sit undefeated after five rounds, the decision making and completion rates have nearly cost them a win or two.

      1. John Eel

        They are unlikely to get seriously challenged next week but time together is probably what they need most.

        Is it true that they have a number of young players in the team?

        1. Forty20 Post author

          Yep, a huge chunk of the team consists of 2018 Harold Matthews graduates. Josh Tuipulotu, Matthew Komolafe, Viliami Penisini, Jakob Arthur, Peter Taateo, Kyle Leonard, Trey Mooney, Samuel Loizou, Jontay-Junior Betham-Misa and Taylor Mauala are all first year SG Ball players.

          That makes 10 of the 17 players that took part in today’s win junior eligible SG Ball players. Quite the handicap really so to go undefeated (4 wins, 1 draw) after five rounds is a credit to the team.

          1. Anonymous

            I agree Forty that is impressive for a young team. I feel with the way that they are pushing players thru the age divisions is a good thing. Given that the end game is to produce NRL quality players this is good player management.

            All players want to win every game that they play but the club would have their focus on producing quality NRL players.
            Should be John Eel

  3. rowdy roddy

    Thanks Forty, without these game-day live reports most of us would have little to no knowledge of how our junior reps are going as a team. I am also recognizing some names and performances of these young fellas being repeated for which makes their efforts personal and rewards them and their proud families.

  4. Achilles' Eel

    I was at McCredie Park watching the other 16s game for the Joey Johns Cup. Didn’t stay for the 18s Lozza Cup game. Aho and Mafoa look like special players. Readon was probably the player of the match. Martin and Al Hazim looked very busy.

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