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Edge and Cronin Interview – Part 4

In the final part of our Edge and Cronin interview, Steve and Mick talk to us about life after finishing their playing days.


From more hilarious stories about when Steve came out of retirement (briefly) after the 1984 Grand Final to Mick talking candidly about his shocking eye injury , this final part completes a set of interviews that’s surely some “must see viewing” for any Parramatta fans, or indeed, any Rugby League fans.





Sit back and enjoy this final part (16 minutes) from when The Cumberland Throw was given the chance to share some time with these two legends of our great game.


Thank you Steve.


Thank you Mick.

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5 thoughts on “Edge and Cronin Interview – Part 4

  1. DK Eel Post author

    Two absolute legends, not only of our game, but a couple of outright top people. Down to earth, giving and very happy to be a part of making these videos for the fans.

    When it comes to interviewing people, you couldn’t have wanted for any better than these two legends.

    Thank you again Steve and Mick, not only for your time with us, but for all you gave (and still give) on and off the field for this great game of Rugby League

  2. Trapped in the 1970's

    Its great listening to those club legends, thanks again for your efforts in putting these videos together. I never realised that Mick’s vision was so impaired. I realised it was damaged but not to that extent. Couldn’t help but smile over his assessment on the playing schedule of modern players.

    1. DK Eel Post author

      Cheers mate.

      My plan was to get these videos out earlier, but some malware that smacked my system meant that I had to make sure that the edit suite computer was well and truly clean before I uploaded these (didn’t want any hidden nasties jumping into your systems because of my video uploads for you!).

      I loved Mick’s line when he said “I’m sure if any of us old footy players were told = Look we’re going to pay you between half a million to a million dollars a year to play – I think we’d all say yeah I can handle that!!”

      Very funny guys those two. They bounced off one another so well.

      Anyone catch many of Edgey’s funny under the breath comments? Like when Mick mentioned that it had been nearly 30 years since the last win Edgey said “30 years? You know I’ll soon be turning 40?”

      Funny guys the two of them!

      The off camera stories, were just as good!

  3. JJ

    Thanks TCT, really enjoyed these sessions with some club legends. The Crow is my all time favourite Eel and was fortunate enough to be able to have chat with him at the ” Men of League” function last year at the Leagues club and Steve Edge as the MC of the event just slayed em and gave all the ex footy players there plenty of ribbing.

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