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Bob O’Reilly Interview – Part 4

In the fourth and final part of our interview with Parramatta Eels legend, Bob O’Reilly, “The Bear” chats to us about life post football, his thoughts on the modern game and his hopes for the mighty Eels in season 2016.

Still a bit of a larrikin, Bob wears his heart on his sleeve as he shares his opinions (and humour) with us all.

If you haven’t watched the first three parts, go back and watch them …. several times over!!  You’ll be left with no doubt in your mind why  “The Bear” IS STILL one of the most beloved characters and greatest players of our game.

We hope you enjoy watching the interviews as much as we enjoyed making them for you.

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6 thoughts on “Bob O’Reilly Interview – Part 4

  1. Mitchy

    Absolutely brilliant – I really enjoyed all 4 parts with the Bear. Superb insight and nicely done mate. He sounds like a true character and also a true gentleman of the game…great work TCT. And well done DK

    1. DK Eel Post author

      much appreciated on all accounts.

      Bob is one of the great characters of the game and I’m hoping that as we continue to showcase more of the legends of our great club, we all get the chance to appreciate not only the history of the game and the great players who have played it, but more importantly, the rich history that OUR amazing club has.

  2. Rowdy

    I’ve just watched Bob O’ Bear part 3 and part 4 again. Excellent, natural, funny and quite humble for a legend. Nothing overstated, but you can feel his desire for more success and his quiet confidence in our club that has clearly been building over the last few years.
    Thanks heaps DK. These interviews bring back great memories.

  3. James

    A true legend of the game. In the interview you touch on what Bob doe’s post retirement, at which he responds “in the trucking industry ” what he doesn’t say is that he works his bum off, at least 10hrs a day Climbing up and down his old truck delivering timber building products around Sydney, better than most men 40 years his junior. As a side note, Eastern Suburbs could have saved themselves a lot more than just money with Mitchell Pearce after his last indiscretion,instead of sending him to “rehab” overseas simply, send him for a day’s work with Bob.

    1. sixties

      Glad to see that people are still watching our great interviews. We are really proud to bring these legends to you, as either a memory or an introduction.
      James, you obviously know Bob and what a humble, friendly bloke he is. I’ve felt honoured to be welcomed into his home by both he and Coral for the interview and a couple of times after.
      As for work, those knees of his no doubt do it tough every day but still he works away for those long hours.

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